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Comedy Gold!

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The crawling has been redefined

Who of you doesn’t remember the good old times of dungeon crawling and getting whacked in the face for only a less than a hand full of times to roll over dead? Those that don’t certainly have missed out.

Last week my order finally arrived, consisting of Mirror’s Edge, Final Fantasy 13, Valkyria Chronicles, White Knight Chronicles and the titles I yearned for the most, Demon’s Souls.

I was unfortunate the point that Demon’s Souls was only sold by a 3rd party shop on the Amazon market place, hence arriving a few days later than the rest of the package. Then again, that gave me enough time to dip into the other titles until Demon’s Souls finally reached my hands.

I’m not really a console enthusiast anymore, haven’t been for a long time and I still swear on the good old NES times where a lack of skill got you killed brutally and without mercy. Well, of course time has advanced, but fast forwarding to this day it is obvious that most games got so piss easy that you should earn a trophy for actually dying. The age of the one shot wonders and/or healthbars seems to have come to an end.

Luckily not so much with this title, as it’s quite hardcore, if put into comparison to the rest of the available titles anyway. Firstly I’ll get into the games’ bad points that turned me off.

Mainly my only complaint lies within the HUD. It’s buttugly and rather annoying to handle as far as equipment and inventory is concerned. I’d think that a nice GUI should be the give and take in this age, you’ll want to at least please the eye of the user rather than turning them off. While you certainly get used to it eventually you’re still about to shed a tear for the sake of its horribleness.

Further point of complaints is the lack of a tutorial / introduction. I’ll be frank, this game doesn’t have much of a story, or at least none I listened to. It doesn’t have to either, because its gameplay is brilliant and totally meets my taste but dear lord, it’s outright crappy. The only thing you’re technically told is which keys do what.

No one tells you that you need minimum stats in order to even learn magic / wonders, nor does anyone tell you that you cannot level up before having defeated the boss of the first world. Lastly, if the occasion arises and you’re send to a certain NPC within the ‘town’ don’t get frustrated and just simply search till you find it, or google it, because you don’t get much of a direction.

Lets get to business then; The game consists of 5 worlds, each world consisting of at least 3-4 major bosses (Demons) and partially of optional ones. To advance to the next part you’ve to kill the boss in charge, obviously. You’re however free to explore and tackle any world you desire once you’ve beaten the first boss in the first world.

While enemies for most part remain the same during the 3-4 parts of the same world they get significantly stronger in each part and learn new abilities, which causes you to adjust your approach. For example will they start to kick in you starting with part 3 of the first world, causing your guard (shield) to drop and then proceed to rip you a new one.

Demon’s Souls is famous for its hardcore difficulty, which certainly is given as a newcomer. My first run on my first toon with a tad of farming took me solid ~40ish hours. When I decided it was time for a second toon it was a breeze by comparison, only taking ~20 hours. The game certainly gets easier as you know how the things work.

The difficulty arises from a very simple thing. You remember Diablo II, do you? How you had a chance to reclaim your corpse for your gear after having died? This applies to Demon’s Souls as well. You don’t lose your gear upon death, but you do lose you earned Souls, which in the same run is this games’ currency that is used for everything. Souls are earned by defeating monsters, and here’s the deal, if you die you’ll leave a mark of blood on the floor and respawn at the beginning of the map. All mobs will have respawned and you’ve to fight your way through to your corpse again. There’s only one blood mark at a time, meaning if you die again on your way to your original corpse it will vanish and be overridden with the one you just left by dying again. Meaning everything you may have had originally will be gone, completely.

Gear is less of a factor, much like level. Of course upgrading your weapons becomes a necessity eventually but gear only gets you so far, inevitably it will boil down to whether or you’re capable of operating your controller correctly. Even apparently weak monsters can put a hurting on you if you took them too easy and they ended up landing a streak on you. Bosses are likely to one shot you a lot of the times or you barely survive it for that matter. Hence be on your toes, know your enemy better than yourself and start dodging like champ. In Demon’s Souls it’s likely that if something looks kick ass and threatening will kick your ass. I for one never feared Dragons as much as I did in this game and I have played Dragon Age and Might and Magic VI as well as Gothic II.

The game, while initially really hard and unforgiving, will eventually get easy though, as it all boils down to know how and knowing the perks, however the way to get there most certainly is incredible amount of fun. However, if the game turns out to easy you can just keep on playing through, for every time you finish the game you’ll start a new cycle (New Game+(++++)) for which your foes gain larger multipliers to all of their stats. So while the game might have been easy or moderate at best at NG, or NG(+) you shouldn’t be too surprised if NG++ and above will have a comeback and make you cry.

When playing online it gets even more trickier as you can be invaded by others (PvP) who appear in your world as Black Phantom, or play with friends, who appear as Blue Phantoms. The PvP can be very delicate, tricky as well as frustrating I imagine. So far I didn’t get the chance to dip into it, but certainly will, eventually.

The only real short comings I see with this game, except those aforementioned up above are the lack of item disparity – while there certainly are a bunch of weapons to deliver damage they all wind up resulting in the same unique weapons for most part. Though, those unique weapons are likely to not carry you through a NG++ anymore, but you’ll need to craft yourself some build suiting ones.

That gets me into this games’ crafting. Each weapon can be upgraded, basic weapons can vary from +0 to +10. On the way to +10 you encounter various stages where you can alter the weapon’s path. Lets take a Sword for example, a +3 Sword can be turned into either  a +4 Sword, a +1 Dragon Sword, or a +1 Quality Sword or a +1 or a Crushing Sword. While weapons slightly downgrade from +4 if altering its path it in return gets bonuses dependent on the path you choose. While a Sword +4 would only deal slightly increased damage over a Sword +3, a Dragon Sword would deal less damage but in return deal additional fire damage, while a quality sword would balance out the stats contribution of Dex and Strength while the Curshing Sword would eliminate the Dex damage contribution for a larger Strength modifier. While basic enchants go up to +10 the optional paths only go up to +5.

Generally enchanting costs souls (money, so to say) as well as stones. Splitters, chunks and pure stones. They can be farmed and in fact must be farmed if you want to build yourself specific weapons. Once you know how they’re easy to come by, as a beginner however you’ll make quite a lot of mistakes which you don’t realize until later. That’s about the perfect time to start a new character I’d suggest.

Unfortunately I ultimately considered the arsenal as too little, meaning that if you put in some brain and thought into it you’ll quickly figure out what the strongest weapons in the game are. I’d have wished for further variety, but that’s really about the only thing I could rant about.

I do hope for a sequel or other games of the kind, as crappy it may looks on the outside and as harsh it may be to the casual gamer it is a great title for the PS3 and may be cherished as a unique diamond for a long time, even if possibly only by its small hardcore crowd the game is aimed for.

Whoever isn’t up for a serious challenge and several, possibly painful and stupid deaths should avoid this title at all costs, everyone else should most definitely grab it and enjoy it for what it is, awesomeness inside of a box.

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Undusting the black devil

Ah well, truly something only fate could be responsible for! Remember how I mentioned that my life has gotten busier given that I picked up a new hobby, the hobby of interpersonal relationships with the opposite gender? Guess what! Yes, it paid off!

We went out of our way to get Christmas presents for each other and to my surprise I was handed this neat little box of ultimate pleasure, a PS3 copy of “Resonance of Fate”. While not the most personal gift in history of mankind I can’t say I’ve been left dissatisfied one bit. Quite the opposite really, there has hardly been anything as awesome as this game. It definitely had a reason it has been on my ‘must-play’ console gaming list.

The list is long, last but not least because MMO’s used to take majority of my spare time, which admittedly been too much for my own good. The list pretty much consists of Final Fantasy XIII, White Knight Chronicles, Demon’s Souls, Tales of Vesperia, assuming there will be a PS3 release as well as the aforementioned Resonance of Fate along with Shadow of Colossus.

Well, Shadow of Colossus isn’t exactly a PS3 title as it’s a PS2 game but I didn’t buy my PS1/2 compatible PS3 for nothing, now did I? Oh yea, screw you Sony for eventually disabling downgrade-ability for whatever stupid reason.

With Resonance of Fate being off the list now I still have a lot to catch up on, obviously.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, this title made me undust my PS3 which has been in hibernation for a solid 2-3(+) year span and what can I say, removing the chunk of dust was the most worthwhile physical time investment I have done in a very long time. While I literally swallowed the titles as such it still offered me the biggest challenge, fun and feeling of accomplishment I’ve had in a very long time in an offline game. This is also the reason I quit console gaming for most part, due to lack of entertainment value for me.

My first complete run, including Neverland (where all the real bad mofo’s await your arrival just to tear you a new one within a turn) took me solid ~70 hours. I can’t even remember the last time a game that wasn’t as ridiculously non-streamlined such as Oblivion gave me that much things to do. Granted, the Arena grind can be somewhat tedious for some, but with the right Terminals it’s going to be a breeze as well.

The fighting system is in a league of its own and the tactics required can be harsh on the player multiple times in the game. Brute force only gets you so far and if you fail to get a solid grip on the battle system you will never beat the game, as brute force will not carry you farther than actual player skill, though it can be helpful on occasion. The system is unique and most likely was a risky approach in terms of revolutionizing the standard JRPG genre, but it’s nowhere short of brilliant and a complete success in my eyes. Of course there are always things that could be improved, but who knows, maybe we’ll get more Tri-Ace products eventually.

Overall I can only recommend this title to every owner of an 360 or a PS3 that is up for a challenge, the way I see it however is that you either will learn to hate or love the game, there is no space for a middle ground, really.

Now, I only hope that Demon’s Souls will also live up to my expectations, because if it does I’m sure I can kill another 70(+) hours due to absolute awesomeness.

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I know I said I quit…

Honestly though, I just can resist sharing this with those that haven’t seen it yet.

So much for the unachievable RR100, or however that story was told pre 1.4.0.

Still, I haven’t exactly returned, and won’t. I wish everyone a happy new year and hope your Christmas was a worthwhile time investment, cheers!

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If you haven’t guessed yet…

Yes, I have quit Warhammer right before 1.4.0 hit. There’s numerous of reasons, some of you may care and I shall not disappoint you.

First and foremost it’s due to the shadiness that happened with the release of 1.4.0, specifically the stat diminishing as you proceed past RR81 to keep things balanced. While there are apparently have been some sheets that show how it all may bounces at in the end they couldn’t exactly get the enthusiastic end of me. Actually it was the opposite. While it states that additional bonus damage at RR100 outweighs the loss ArPen ever so slightly I don’t feel like grinding just to remain where I am because frankly, that isn’t what I call progression.

Granted, it’s my own vault for having stuck to the Shadow Warrior career this long when it’s long been evident that non physical classes are vastly superior, ultimately however I just didn’t feel like paying $15 bucks a month for something I have already completed.

Well, you could have played and alt, or level another toon up, especially since RR and what not got boosted for sub 80’s! Perhaps you are correct. While the Swordmaster strikes me as a certainly better choice than my Shadow Warrior he’s just the same. The epitome of useless in its archtype if put into comparison.

Inevitably it was just one idioticy too much by Mythic, even though I should have seen it coming.

There are other reasons however, one being that I got a life as of late (if I knew that girls only came in combination of having a life I perhaps would have reconsidered my actions) while on the other hand this years energy bill made me drop my jar yet again.

The first thing being completely manageable I decided on working effectively on the latter. This means I’m spending most my time on my Netbook, which is not capable of running anything semi modern due to an Intel GPU chipset. My desktop PC only gets turned on these days as the need arises, which practically is close to zero.

Another thing is my friend and I decided to revive our old project. As were quite successful with it in the past I do believe we can pull it off again. Feel free to drop by and participate. Since babysitting is hard and draining the project will of course take quite a chunk of time in my normal schedule, which effectively would reduce my MMO playtime.

To underline my concern however, this underlines my point further. Last but not least because the requests there are a lot more likely to be granted than paying a shred of attention to physical (R)DPS classes with no solid armor bypasses.

In the same run I want to apologize to my probably ex guild Midnight for not informing you earlier, though I trust in you guys’ common sense and I’m sure I was not disappointed by doing so.

On that note I also want to thank everyone that came here to read the crap I spewed or even commented on it. As long as there’s been some liking it it has been well worth my time. The Blog itself will not disappear but I may decide to move it away from Warhammer Online to something I’ll be playing in the future. I will also leave the Blogroll active, so I suggest everyone that would like to read something about Warhammer to check the Blogs on the list, as they’re likely to satisfy your needs.

It’s been a decent run, or so I’d like to think myself, on that note I wish everyone to find fulfillment in whichever paths they will decide to take.

So long.

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An interesting read

Apparently an insider of Mythic Entertainment let go of some steam, which is more than worth a read if you played Warhammer for the past years. The post can be found here. How much of it you’re willing to believe will in the end be your choice, it’s needless to say however given how Warhammer as operated in the past and still does to this day in terms of decision making it’s far from far fetched but quite dead on.

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Full retard #2

A while back I commented on the Sovereign changes as well as the upcoming 1.3.6 changes. Now Mythic went out of their way to actually suggest this for the RvR Packs. The only question that pops in my mind is, whether or not we are allowed to phone Mythics hotline and file complaints about Sean B. for absolutely having no clue what he’s doing and destroying the game. I won’t even go anywhere discussing anything in regards to the defensive versions, as they’re just a lot more retarded defensive Sovereign is. Apparently Mythic still didn’t get the memo: Defensive Sovereign on MDPS classes is already stupidly broken and game breaking. That said, I’m quite amazed by the amount of ignorance and idioticy that’s being publicly displayed here by announcing such ridiculous changes. They may be subject to change still, the sole fact that this is a serious rough template however is beyond outright bad and sad, especially given the copy pasta involved in all of it.

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Fine, keep your guards!

After 21 pages of which 18 were probably pointless whining of Chosen, IBs and others Andy announced that the changes are to be removed for now, with valid reasoning that is. The decision is rather unfortunate as such, but as he stated they’ll tackle the issue again in the future, which I can only hope for. Until then, keep your guards – but mentally prepare to not get hammered when it’s really your time to make sacrifices for playing outside of your Archtypes role. It shall be a glory day for Warhammer, despite the nerds hammering /unsub into their chats, that is if they could convince themselves to drop the game in first place, rather than boast threat about it on the forums.

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I don’t even know where to start

Yesterday Mythic went out of their way to enlighten us with further information in regards to 1.4.0 and the RvR Packs. Not only that, but they also activated the PTS, which directly confronted players with changes that had not yet been announced and possibly wouldn’t have been. These are the things I’d quickly like to go over and comment on, lastly because I consider some of them to be so crazy that I wonder where Mythic sees its own game, as it obviously differs quite a nice chunk from the players views.

First I’ll get to speak of the ten ton hammer the devs dropped onto us, merely by announcing not yet existing armor sets. The original post, in case you haven’t see it yet, can be found here. I’m quite surprised there’s only 6 pages at this point, without everyone going completely crazy and demanding more of Warhammers staff to be fired. Granted, this was a tad mean to say, but you should be used to it by now. Lets have a look at this, though.

Doomflayer (Defensive)
Tou – 289
Wou – 182
Init – 170
Str – 141
7% reduced chance to be crit
5% block
80 hit points every 4 seconds
4 AP per second
4% reduced armor penetration
80 fortitude
Set Bonuses
2 piece – On Being Hit: 10% chance to increase Fortitude by 238 for 10 seconds.
4 piece – On Being Hit: 10% chance to Heal yourself for 1030 health over the next 5 seconds.

This is the RR90 defensive tank set. As you can see the sets only consist of 5 pieces anymore rather than 7 to 8 what we got used as we progressed towards sovereign. You also notice that not every set piece gives a bonus, as it’s no longer streamlined, so in this case only 2pc and 4pc will give you a bonus. While stats boosts are missing you get the chance to still take in 2-3 if not more pieces of older sets (e.g Tyrant / Invader) to pad your stats. Here’s the clue however, and I’ll make it as bold as WordPress allows me to. Those 5 pieces have MORE stats on them 8 piece defensive Sovereign has. Yes, you read that correctly. I honestly can’t do much but remain silent about it, as the retardation factor is far beyond what I’m able to take and comment on. The funny thing is however, this is merely the suggested RR90 set – obviously the RR100 set has even more stats on its 5 pieces than the RR90, as shown below.

Warpforged (Defensive)
Tou – 374
Wou – 228
Init – 212
Str – 178
9% reduced chance to be crit
7% block
120 hit points every 4 seconds
5 AP per second
6% reduced armor penetration
120 fortitude
Set Bonuses
2 piece – On Being Hit: 10% chance to increase Fortitude by 308 for 10 seconds.
4 piece – On Being Hit: 10% chance to Heal yourself for 1325 health over the next 5 seconds.
5 piece – 2m cooldown – Your group becomes immune to Stagger, Knockdown, Root and Knockback effects for 5 seconds.

I won’t even bother getting into the offensive sets, as my point should be so incredibly obvious by now that even a blind person could clearly see it. No matter what grind one would have do endure to get his butt to RR90 / 100, or the gear for that matter, it’s absolutely game breaking on a lot of levels. Sovereign was already a huge game changer in favor to those being able to wear it, in fact to a point I already considered Sovereign borderline game breaking. To be fair and helpful here, I’ll spell it out for Mythic, in bold letters even: Warhammer does not need more overpowered stuff to keep people grinding, but it needs its mitigation and stats system checked as well as the gap between newbies and veterans lowered. That said, you shouldn’t waste resources in RR90 / 100 sets that completely turn people into demi gods that would even kick your toons’ butt if they had godmode on, but start redesigning the old PvP sets. Yes, Annihilator,  Conqueror, Invader and Warlord and their PvE counterparts – those are the things that need reworking due to being extremely outdated.

Obviously the new sets aren’t carved in stone yet, the fact that Mythic focuses on the wrong ends and walks into the wrong direction doesn’t change one bit. I do not know what they are thinking, if at all that is – to be honest however, I don’t get the impression they’re playing their own game at all, at least not legitimately.

Well, lets move on to something else here. Some of you may have noticed the new stat: Fortitude. Much like Meele Power is additional Strength Fortitude is additional Toughness, Toughness Power so to speak. While the idea is nice in itself, Meele / Range / Magic / Healing power was introduced to move beyond the soft caps (1050) in the first place, while also offering offense which cannot be debuffed or altered. However, how realistic is this even? Toughness for a non tank class is the most pointless stat in Warhammer. Reason being the damage it mitigates has close to 0 impact unless to have the armor, initiative and resists to back it up. Toughness also has no secondary effect on it. As a personal protip: Maybe make toughness lower the crit damage reduction as secondary effect, that definitely would make it very worthwhile – possibly overpowered on tanks though. Here’s the real thing however. As stated Powerstats exist to push beyond the softcap while not really pushing beyond it, at least without penalties applying. Who in this game is toughness capped and/or would do so given what you lose in terms of damage or other survivability stats? The scaling is completely off. The only tanks to realistically reach the toughness softcap with ease are likely to be the Blackguard, KotBS and Chosen – I don’t ever see a Swordmaster pushing the Toughness softcap, even if he tried. So while the idea itself is nice it leads me back to a comment I made above, I don’t think Mythic plays their own game at all.

Lets get to the last game changer I wanted to speak about. Guard has been altered on the PTS and now needs a shield in order to be used, which means that 2H Tanks can no longer guard people. All in all I’m supportive of this change, as Tanks are pretty crazy in this game as far as damage goes, especially if considering their damage tied to the utility / CC they bring. Exception to that is the Swordmaster somewhat, especially having an ability such as Wall of the Darting Steel the class was definitely designed to be tankish with a 2H on. Forcing a SM (or BO) in their current state (utility + CC wise) will kill the classes completely, as they’re already bad enough as it is. However, there’s been hints and remarks on BO’s getting some love, so I’ve hope there might be something in it for SMs as well. What remains unknown is whether or not some abilities will lose their 2H requirement, for example Cave-In, the IBs bread and butter.

On the bright side they added new, faster mounts. While their look can be argued I won’t complain, but at least pray that Mythic eventually fixes the mount sync issues. It’s kind of disappointing that even two years into the game everyone runs with the same speed but eventually either teleports further ahead or behind dependent on whether or not they have a faster / slower mount.

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The concerns

Yea, who’d I be if I wouldn’t point out worries and/or flaws. Right! Not me.

As everyone should be aware already, there was plenty information given today in regards to the upcoming expansion(s). If you’re not yet aware, check the post beneath this one out and browse through. I’ll only take my time and peck on a few points, mainly those of relevance to me. Skaven are non of those, if that disappoints you, well, glad to be of help!

So then, I’ll first take a look at the (so far) known micro transactions. I’ll use quotes from WAR Aura, so credit goes the original author of course.

  1. Server Transfers: Your going to be able to transfer toons from one server to another for a fee, theirs not going to be any cooldowns on it although their be putting in restrictions to stop over populated servers getting increasing any further. Normal rules apply so only Destro/Order characters on any given server.
  2. Mounts: Appears mounts will be available from a on-line shop, vanity style for a fee, the only one I could see from a screen shot were called started mounts and which, IIRC seemed to be +25% speed and 100% dismount change so seemed aimed at Tier 1.
  3. Pets: Again vanity type pets will be added. Andy mentioned some of these would have a buff associated with them, the example he gave was one that applied a +2 speed increase so other types are likely to be similar sized so very minor but there.
  4. WAR Tracts: Purchasable from an online shop similar to 2-5. Exactly the same as the in game item and you’d only be able to get one.

Lets what we got here. Mostly irrelevant things really, but for 1.) which most certainly is long, long, long, LONG, LONG overdue. Since I consider all irrelevant but for 1.), why bring it up? Well, the reason is simple. Warhammer is already a pay-to-play game, while now implementing things for real money that gives players an additional edge. If I pay $15 bucks a month I want to be on equal footing with everyone, as that is the fee. I don’t want to pay more, nor become inferior because some people decide to pay more. The last game doing this crap was EQ2, and I didn’t have much of an issue kissing it goodbye, as I’m only so tolerant that I accept fair play and not pay-to-win. Given that ranks in Warhammer Online mean crap unlike the renown I don’t truly care about 4.), however, what’s up with that? Many people by now got multiple toons beyond their 60’s if not higher, let alone 5(+) R40’s – would it be too much ask to throw them a bone rather than offer War Tacts up to buy? Now, the prices aren’t known, but even at a price of $5 I couldn’t help but laugh. While this isn’t gamebreaking just yet, it paths a way for more and more consumables, XP potions, RR potions, timed Mounts, teleport items, stat increasers etc. We all have seen cash shops of different kinds. Do you trust Mythic enough to maintain a fair balance between those that pay additionally to the $15 a month and those that don’t? Given the class balance I sure as hell would not. Same for their patch history.

Don’t get me wrong however, I’m not anti cash shop by any means, but I’m anti cash shop in pay-to-play games. All content that’s being produced for extra money should originally have been created and covered for by the monthly fees we’re paying. If they have time to design skins so you can be all funky looking if you pay $5 for them, then they, too, could have done it before without charging $5 for them. I consider micro transactions as a complete ripoff in pay-to-play games, at least those that have any impact on the ingame environment.

Well, lets get to the thing that got me really thrilled, the RvR overhaul. Before that however, please take your time to read my definition of what I consider a healthy server. To me a server is healthy if there’s something going on 24/7. It’s that simple. Of course there’s peaks and off hours, but even during off hours there should always be something going on, naturally less than during the peak, but still.

Ok this was the biggie as far as I’m concerned, you can keep your skaven this is what I was interested in! (Not really the Skaven look cool but yea RvR goodness!)

Right, Well first the domination system is going out the window all together.

Each open zone will have the two keeps and the 4 BOs still. When ever a zone “unlocks” one keep will belong to one of the sides automatically so even in Chaos Wastes Order will have one and vice-versa in Reikland.
You zone into the Keeps, NOT the Warcamps from here on in! You respawn after dying in Your respective Keeps as well! You lock a zone by capturing the opposing keep. That’s it no waiting no mess right? Well no it’s a bit more complicated then that. Taking a leaf from the new scenario’s their going for a far more dynamic take on controlling a lake involving the Battlefield Objectives.

These are still cappable as normal but there is no longer a cooldown on wresting control of them from the opposing side. So no capping and wandering off for 15 minutes safe in the knowledge it’s untouchable. You leave one unguarded and they’ll be vulnerable.

Why do you need them? Well once capped by either side they will start generating resources and when enough of them have build up a NPC spawns. (Think sappers from the city instances) Now when one spawns it will just sit there doing nothing…

They need to be triggered by interacting with them at which point they will scurry off with the resources and head to your Warcamp. Their gonna be fairly squishy and if the opposing faction kill one they will drop the resources which can then be ninjaed so they’ll need watching. (Resources are gonna be important so trying to watch four BOs while guarding the carriers, while attacking the keep and potentially defending your own should do a fair job of splitting zergs and forcing warbands to co-ordinate with each other across a zone, will also have amazing potential for smaller hit squads to run guarilla sabatage tactics!)

So you once you get resources trickling into your warcamp they’ll start leveling up your owned keep which will have 5 Ranks.

  1. Rank One: Resource carrier’s will become armoured and become far less squishy.
  2. Rank Two: Carrier’s will get a speed boast. (Hopefully one and two will mean once you get going ranking up will start escalating by this point)
  3. Rank Three: Offensive siege weaponry becomes available! These will spawn in the keep and can be picked up by anyone and deployed any where, no more siege pads! Siege weaponry in general is getting a massive boast with the single target ones doing around 4k damage unmitigated! (Not sure if they meant it’s Unmitigatable or 4k before armour/toughness etc is taken into account but a big increase either way!)
  4. Ram becomes available, more offensive siege weapons spawn, Aerial Bombers* unlock – (*)Patience!
  5. More weapons, more Aerial Bombers!

So should be mentioned that they are changing keeps so they CANNOT be ninjaed and doors CANNOT be harmed other then by Rams. Well Rams and one other think but that’s to follow somewhere below! So with keep doors pretty much unassailable untill the opposing keep hits Rank 4 you need to be out in the lake patrolling, watching out for the opposing side as they try and disrupt your well oiled resource gathering troopers!

Keeps are going to have a Anti-res aura within the outer walls untill the Outer doors are taken down so any attackers, usually MDPS ghosting in through the postern (But potentially any class) will not be able to get ressed EVEN IF THE *Insert healer here* IS OUTSIDE THE WALLS.

The keep CANNOT be taken until the Inner Doors are destroyed so no more ninjaing cos it aint gonna work. Once the doors are down its a case of charging in, piling up the stairs, bundling into the lord’s room but OH NOES: “Your keep lord is in another castle”. Yep Keep Lords are no more instead they’ll be a banner where they stood which must be interacted with uninterrupted for a full 30 seconds (timer subject to chance if its not realistic in practise). Now im not 100% on the ins and outs of this part but as the defenders spawn within the keep you are going to keep getting hit by waves of pissed Order/Destro while your trying this so should be fun!

Oh well, quite a read that might needs to be digested first. Oh well, moving on regardless, in case you get stomach ache, been my pleasure. So then, these changes are incredibly wonderful, in fact possibly what it should have been like from day one. The Skaven thing sounds like a nice plus, but whatever. The revamp sounds absolutely brilliant. Why am I bringing it up then? Simple. Remember when I talked what I consider a healthy server? Given that definition, how many servers in Warhammer Online (US) come to mind? Yup, it’s Badlands, and Badlands only. Funnily enough Badlands in the same run, to my own surprise that is, is the only server coming somewhat to what EU server have in terms of activity. This leaves 3 US servers bite the dust (by comparison), Iron Rock, Gorfang and Volkmar.

While the changes sound incredible, and probably are, they rely heavily on activity. We all played Snorehammer, Waithammer and Doorhammer long enough, that’s for sure. Given the changes however, and the RvR lakes being as awkwardly designed as they are (definitely the dwarven lakes), I can’t see the system rising up to a level one could refer to as epic unless there’d be two Warbands per realm in the same lake, meaning 48 vs 48. Given that you have to cover 4 BO’s, bomb stuff and work on a door down that certainly relies on a lot of numbers to really play it. It’s almost like DoTa or comparable WC3 strife mods. 48 vs 48 on Gorfang is pretty unimaginable at this point but for peak hours – then at least it may even be well more than just 48 vs 48 making it all the more fun. Also keep in mind that there’s still always 3 active RvR lakes at a time, so RvE still remains perfectly possible, and possibly is even easier than currently as you no longer get 2h nap times on keeps. This is my major concern really, as players will be responsible for the content they get. If there’s not enough people playing however, then at least they let you transfer now, which I guess probably regulates things eventually. Still, I’m still supportive of some US -> UK merges to ensure 24/7 War. Imagine the silly brits with their un-understandable accent!

Given the transfers I wonder if it’ll possible to transfer from US -> EU or EU -> EU and US -> US only, I for one hope it’s the first.

Time will tell how it’ll bounce out, on paper however it definitely looks superb, so nothing to criticize there, at least not until it goes live and we’ve to suffer from the bugs who will undoubtedly will make our Warhammer lives hell 😀

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