Posted by: Erbse | February 3, 2010

1.3.3 and its impact in retrospective

Aside from the shiny features which actually surpassed my expectations (they weren’t exactly high admittedly) the game changes weren’t all too horrendous, though a lot of game breaking or disadvantageous bugs being around still or balancing issues for that matter.

Most importantly, the VP bug has been fixed. It may not be completely fixed but it’s most definitely a lot better it used to be pre-patch. Shadow Warriors for some reason didn’t get any more bugs and broken skills/tactics, maybe Mythic now decided to not even use the class for that purpose anymore. Then again, as stated on various place, 1.3.3 was never intended to be a balance patch but a polishing one.

The underdog system is quite bleh, most definitely helps our oceanic population to push stage II quite easiely, assuming the numbers needed can be rallied up. Underdog points are only granted upon a successfull stage II push, hence Altdorf will be in flames about as often it used to be. Stage II Altdorf pushes remain to be expected on either Saturday or Sunday morning, though it doesn’t exactly seem anyone cares anymore.

I don’t think 1.3.4 has been announced yet, let alone 1.4. With the latest layoffs and Mythics’ silence (maybe all their community managers been fired) the mood in the community is pretty gloomy as one can say War has reached ‘maintenance’ mode.

New content wouldn’t hurt, but EA likes to drive their stuff into the ground, may it be offline games or MMOs. Maybe someone should take their time and tell EA that. Not that I’d think it was a secret as it could hardly be more obvious and evident.

1.3.3 didn’t bring back many players, nor do I think 1.3.3 will hold other players that played with the though of leaving, as it simply had no real impact on the game itself other than visual effects. The future cannot be foreseen in this case, I cannot anyway. Estimations go from War is about to die to Mythic’s gonna drop a bomb on us and War comes back with a boom.

Whatever happens however, I don’t see a bright future for my Shadow Warrior 😀


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