Posted by: Erbse | February 3, 2010

1.3.4 Changelog released!

Yesterday the notes have finally been released for everyone to read. The PTS can be expected to be opened at the 3rd or February, by latest 8PM EST. The full changelog can be found here.

Now, time to shred stuff to bits? Very much so! Wouldn’t be entertaining to read through this if I did not.

So, I’ll begin with the Shadow Warrior changes.

Balance Changes:
  • * Flanking Shot: The build time has been removed from this ability.
Bug Fixes:
  • * Fixed issues with various tooltip descriptions.
  • * Acid Arrow: The debuff from this ability is now classified as an Ailment.
  • * Flame Arrow: Fixed an issue in which this ability would deal the incorrect amount of damage with the tactic “Enchanted Arrows” slotted.
So then, lets see. Flanking Shot is welcome change, not a massive buff however. In fact it was made worth spending a point on again, unlike before. I’m not keen about it’s 10s CD, 5s would seem a lot more reasonable, but why complain about that something that’s an actual buff, even if it’s a only a minor one. Obviously one couldn’t care less about tooltip corrections, especially since everyone seems to get these. The Acid Arrow change however is very questionable, especially since the Squigs equivalent (Wat Blocka) isn’t being changed in such a way.

This basically means two things for us now:
  1. Acid Arrow (our armor debuff) can now be cured / cleansed
  2. We do no longer need to use one of our Ailments in order to apply Shadow Sting (Heal debuff)
Obviously it’s quite bad that the armor debuff can now be cleansed, I don’t see why or how. Nor do I consider it a positive change any means as 2.) does not make up for the loss it is. Not for me anyway, but each to their own. Luckily however I hardly ever use it anyway considering the way I play this class.

Now the most hilarious part however. For months now Enchanted Arrows has been broken, and the only thing they mention in relation to that tactic being broke and not working as intended is Flame Arrow. Flame Arrow has been no ones issue at all during all those month, but Festering Arrow which has not been mentioned in the notes. Since the PTS is still down no one had the chance to verify whether or not it works correctly, if Festering Arrow however remains broken Mythic outed themselves having the worst listeners and devs in MMO history. Such arrogance and ignorance almost deserves to be punished by a death penalty. Some see it positive and hope the tactic is fixed and they simply forgot to mention Festering Arrow. Good luck to them. I don’t particularly care as neither is included in the way I play the class, but after months of complaints by the few SWs left on a dev forsaken class they can expect a large influx of rage quitters dropping the active SW numbers even lower they already are.

Lets move on to the Sword Shadow Masters ( see what I did there?)

Bug Fixes:
  • * Deep Incision: Fixed an issue in which this ability could deal critical damage. Also, the effect from the tactic will no longer refresh its own duration.
  • * Ensorcelled Agony: Fixed an issue in which this ability could deal critical damage. Also, the effect from the tactic will no longer refresh its own duration.
  • * Potent Enchantments: The effect from this tactic will no longer refresh its own duration.

So then, what’s this? Exactly! Bugfixes Nerfs! I’m all in for standardizing stuff to have a solid base to work off of, but a Shadow Master already always been a large lack luster at best. Those changes mean that:

  1. Their individual DoT ticks can no longer crit
  2. Their DoT can’t re-apply themselves while active
Both are a nerf to a Shadow Master as the DoT damage was already kind of ‘meh’ at best. Now it went from ‘meh’ to outright lolicon. The inability to re-apply a DoT while it’s active is another damage sink, as most their DoTs ticked the second they were applied, hence it was a boon and slight ‘burst’ at that. All DoT procs are bound to a 25% proc chance, meaning 1/4 hits by average. Being unable to re-apply while active this might means on a bad luck streak you’ll be stuck not having your DoTs up on a target for 2-3 global cooldowns if not more. Quite laughable, and that’s coming from a guy whose main is a Shadow Warrior still. Well, the boat of fail has plenty of room as there’s so little Shadow Warriors around to begin with. I’m sure Shadow Masters will find a place with us. At least White Lions got a buff, how big of a buff I would not know as I’m too unfamiliar with the class, hence I’ll also pass on quoting the changes they receive.

The campaign was changed in an apparent good way, so to speak. Now when a city hits stage II and gets locked down for 3 hours the RvR lakes will reset and people can begin to counter push. This also means that Scenarios will be up 100% of the time from here on, which most definitely is anything but a bad change. Speaking of Scenarios it’s time for another rant and change I’m not quite sure how to take yet.

Scenarios that will be available starting with 1.3.4 throughout all Tiers will look like the following:

Tier 1

  • – Nordenwatch
  • – Gates of Ekrund

Tier 2

  • – Nordenwatch
  • – Gates of Ekrund
  • – Mourkain Temple

Tier 3

  • – Nordenwatch
  • – Gates of Ekrund
  • – Mourkain Temple
  • – Phoenix Gate
  • – Highpass Cemetery

* Tier 4

  • – Nordenwatch
  • – Gates of Ekrund
  • – Mourkain Temple
  • – Phoenix Gate
  • – Highpass Cemetery
  • – Battle for Praag

Lets see. Throughout all 4 Tiers we will now deal with Nordenwatch! Isn’t that awesome and brilliant?! In my opinion it’s not and annoying in the extreme, as I’m not particular fan of that SC. Overall you can say that a lot of viable Scenarios lost their existence for some reason. My personal favorites were Battle for Praag, Black Fire Basin, Gromril Crossing, Howling Gorge, Serpents Passage and Caledor Woods. You probably noticed that all of them have vanished from aboves list. Well, I won’t shed tears for Logrins, Grovod Caverns, Blood of the Black Cairn, Dragon’s Bane and Thunder Valley, but still large chunk of very fun and playable Scenarios are gone. Looking at T4 specifically I cannot say how Gates of Ekrund made it there, even Khaine’s Embrace would have a been a far superior choice.

Most of the Scenarios in T4 in the future are old T1-3 Scenarios, partially not even designed for the AoE fest T4 is, let alone for mounts. Gates of Ekrund and Murkain Temple will a bomb fest of horror, better hope your bomb squad is the superior one. Least my beloved Praag remains where it was, as it hands down is the best Scenario in this game for me.

On a more delightful note Scenario guards have been standardized, which hopefully takes better care of spawn camping on both sides. Most definitely it should take of favoritism some Scenarios obviously had towards a certain faction.

A bit of a heavy blow, though justified, is that pocket items have now to be equipped in order to be used. If that also goes for cloaks we might have a sea of tears flooding us soon. Though it’s a nerf it’s a change at the same time I can back up with all intelligence god has bestowed onto me.

That’s it for now, I maybe decide to pick up on some more notes, but probably not. Read them yourselves and form your own opinion! There however can be another post expected about the newly introduced RvR weapons, at least by the time I finally gotten to see them and their itemization.

Peace out 😉


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