Posted by: Erbse | February 3, 2010

A small glimpse into the future

After being bored and having to spend aprox. 4 hours doing nothing just to ultimately have my brain messed with in the Physics class afterwards I took my time sniffing around the Warhammer forums and found something relavant to my interests. Needless to say I was surprised – not necessarily due to what I found but due to fact I found something in the first place.

“Looking back at past accomplishments is all well and good, but we’re not resting on our bloodied laurels here in the land of WAR! Next year is going to be an exciting one, and I am looking forward to sharing more of our plans during the frigid days and long winter nights of January. We’ll have exciting new Live Events, new weapons and cloaks earned by spilling the blood of your enemies in RvR, a new Scenario structure, economy and loot drop improvements, adjustments to the King and Warlord encounters to convert them to RvR-only battles, UI customization enhancements, Tier 4 RvR campaign improvements, daily quests and so much more – and that’s just our near term plans for 2010.”


It’s not too much, but in desperate times one takes what he gets. So what do we have here? Foremost I think it’s outstanding that new Weapons are coming. Knowing how the Shadow Warrior’s itemization is in the crapper already I’m not really holding high hopes here, though it might can only get better. Major points however; those Weapons will be coming through bloodshed. Possibly the long wanted RvR Weapons and possible mirrors to the PvE weapons we currently must grind hours or days for, if not longer dependent on your luck.

Also, note how the King battles are aimed to become RvR battles. Knowing how Adell at this point is unkillable with Destro around and Adell generally not being attuned to 500 points I only envision hilarious Scenarios happening going down that road in the future. Well, better keep on farming the Palast sub bosses while they last for Royals.

The rest is quite vague, but I’m sure there’ll be more information available when all the festives have ended, namely early / mid January, hopefully anyway.

What else did I find? Well, a real shiny jewel!

Don’t be afraid to click it!


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