Posted by: Erbse | February 3, 2010

Show destro how it’s done, twice on top!

Last night order used their underdog points to burn through the pairings to show destro who wields the real whips, after they killed our King again yesterday. Well, that didn’t end too well, though it was well done. The attempt was futile and the city flipped back to save right as two instance wins were about to come in, which would have locked the city down in our favor. Everyone fought tooth and nails and it was probably the most beneficial city siege in terms of Renown I’ve experiences up to now.

Still, not being all too discouraged order just went at it again, pushing to IC late night. This time destro didn’t stand much of a chance as the giant steamroller rolled through their city gates into their city and over their bodies. The city was clearly dominated and there wasn’t much struggling to get into the Kings instances for a change. There was a total of 3 to 4 groups that attended the palace instance, who winded up granting 2 King kills in the same night.

One victory was archived by Run like Hell who previously made it to the King with us the week before, but we failed at the last few % of health due to a wipe and being short on time. Not this time. One King died after approx. 30-60 minutes into the lock, the other one a bit later. Run like Hell in combination with Legion of Sorrow killed theirs and mix of people with help of a few of the Juggernaught alliance. The alliance only warband of Juggernaught made it to the King but didn’t have the resources to down him, granting a triple King kill in one night, which would probably been a Warhammers first. I’m confident it only takes another 2 two pushes tops to make that happen though 😀

While the other instance finished off the King and got some pieces of Sovereign out of it we at least got someone (me *cough* *cough*) a brilliant shiny weapon to roll face some harder in the future. According to my information the other instances weren’t lucky enough to get any of their weapons, but I’m sure they’ll come eventually.

On that note I’d like to congratulate everyone who has helped and participated in the push, we all stood as one unit and mobbed the floor with what dared to show up in front of us. Good going, and most definitely a course worth keeping up 😉 Considering we’re confident and pumped now destro can expect us to visit their city a bit more often in the future.

Here’s a little gallery and screenshots I happened to take from yesterdays attempt.


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