Posted by: Erbse | February 3, 2010

The battle of colossuses has begun

So then, the first illiterates from Dark Crag server managed to find the Gorfang server section, to my surprise I must add as it seems to have been more of a random shot considering their spelling, mindset and comprehension abilities.

As expected it was a wave of retards who basically couldn’t have much more of a self-centered (e-)view of themselves and their great own being in a game playing a fotm class. To everyones entertainment they aren’t even holding back in any way and start shit all over the place making themselves hated by both sides before the actual merge, which will take place next week. On the other hand you can see Gorfangs fairly mature (in comparison anyway) community being one and fighting the evil source of illiteracy together sourcing out what does not need to to be paid attention to beforehand.

It shall be fun to see Dark Crags bad awakening noticing they will no longer be able to roll players 20 Ranks below their own on just any spot of the world map. It will also be fun when their brags will be shoved down their throat in such a brutal manner it causes them gag reflexes in real life. Since I’m a good natured however I would not do such things but only observe and enjoy what can and will be seen.

Of course, so I hope anyway, Dark Crag too had individuals on it that can be dealt with without having ones own brain decaying in a flash of having ‘conversation’. Region chat right after the merge can expected to be a blast though. On that note, how many titles are there for putting people on ignore? For those that feel treated unfairly and/or offended by this message, you must be the exceptions I been referring to in the first sentence of this paragraph, but as a fact of life the only things you see are the obvious, outstanding ones, which normal people in this case would not be, at all.

On this note I wish destro as well as order mergers a warm welcome and hope you bring some nice stacks of crests with you I can roll on, as I’m still in need of plenty Warlord crests.


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