Posted by: Erbse | February 3, 2010

The Juggernaught only moves forward

Since the splitting with Voluntary Exiles we had a splendid start with our new alliance. By now we consist of 3 Guilds aside from the 3 founder Guilds. With that I want to welcome Isha’s Moon, Vae Victis Granarc and Russian Mafia in our alliance. The start went already smooth and I hope the journey that lies ahead of us will be too. On that note, I’m proud to announce that V’los Vel’drin has gotten a lot of potent recruits lately that seem to develop into a very fine crowd of players. It’s likely we might even get occasionally serious with our pre-mades in the future aiming for domination wins other than simply having fun and a challenge. Prepare yourselves, evil green foes as I’ll make sure to slice through you.

On a slightly unrelated note, my Slayer is almost RR40 and has been tearing stuff apart like crazy already. Can’t await having him up there in his RR60’s to finally pay people back for face rolling my Shadow Warrior without hesitation. Needless to say that he’s already dishing out more single target damage my Shadow Warrior possibly could. Be aware destro, if you lose sight of me chances are your healer are busy hitting the respawn button 😀


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