Posted by: Erbse | February 3, 2010

There goes another one!

Well, isn’t that unexpected?

Warhammer will yet have another server merge! Good side of it however is that with that decision the open pvp servers have finally died out. I’ve hardly been more impressed by a more ridiculous rule set allowing overpowered high levels killing player 20 levels beneath them while being rewarded for it. Talk about lack of self esteem. Playing on Gorfang and Dark Crag having the possibility by December 2nd to move there will definitely cause a few changes, hopefully for the better – Ha, I should know better. Good things do not happen. Oh well, aside from that however it’ll be interesting to see the outcome. My personal overall view of the elitist brats and bodily over aged yet mentally under aged players isn’t exactly high, why would it be? Of course there’s exceptions to the rule.

Currently being rolled by Destro day in day out isn’t exactly frustrating me, as I get my fair share of renown and kills everyday I decide to let my wet tampon go lose on them. It wouldn’t be too shabby if balance would be obtained but since I don’t like fooling myself I foresee a shift. A shift not necessarily causing more balance, or less for that matter, but nerdragings all over the place due to elitism being thrown around, makes one question how easy it is these days to obtain school certificates and how they still hold any value in any society on this planet. I shall welcome them warmly, assuming they’re cool guys – if not, my ignore list will welcome them warmly. Matter of fact however is that there will be more destro and hence more kills, how could that ever be bad in War?

Oh well, we shall see how it goes – I at least hope for a short term blast before one of the sides decides to yet again ragequit or roll with the winning side.


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