Posted by: Erbse | February 3, 2010

Voluntary Exiles has crumbled

Just now the alliance ‘Voluntary Exiles’ on Gorfang has crumbled.

The alliance was originally founded by 3 Guilds which consisted of Death Dealer, Strife and V’los Vel’drin. Out of the listed guilds it was only V’los Ve’drin that was left as one of the founder guilds in the end. Towards the end the alliance consisted of Vigilant Addiction, Russian Mafia, Knights of Valor, Knights of Sepulcher. Vigilant Addiction has caused a lot of tension between themselves and the other alliance guilds, to a point the other guilds saw no other choice but withdrawing themselves from the alliance and re-grouping, having a new, clean, fresh start.

Considering the recent troubles that have been endured I’m certain it will only result in a more relaxed atmosphere and a generally tighter knit alliance it was before. The new upcoming alliance listening to the name of ‘Juggernaught’ will consist of Knights of Valor, Knights of the Sepulcher and V’los Vel’drin. That is not all however, as we’re looking for good matches that will want to join a solid alliance to fill up the remaining open spots, so don’t hesitate to apply or get into contact with the alliance representatives.

On that note I wish Vigilant Addiction the best of luck in the future and hope they find a new home, in which they hopefully behave better or simply find guilds consisting of their equals where they won’t be quite as outstanding or suffer from the misbehavior of a portion of their members like they have in their current alliance.

As far as Russian Mafia goes, they’ve decided to stay with Vigilant Addiction at this point, I too wish you the best of luck. If things don’t go well or to your liking for that matter do not hesitate to hit us up again, you guys are a good bunch of people and will be more than welcome at any point to once again group up with us. Even if it wasn’t as direct allies, feel free to contact our members (me anyway) anytime you’re in need of help, I’ll gladly be helping you guys out.

Overall it can be said that this move was overdue, necessary and the right step to take, for the individuals, as well as the realms’ health.


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