Posted by: Erbse | February 3, 2010

Warhammer 1.3.3 Patchnotes

The official patch notes can be found here.

So, what do we have here. Hurr durr, so much useful stuff.

Considering the current state of the game and the fact that destro is mowing through most servers and spending majority of their time in Altdorf other than the actual RvR lakes I find it amusing that literally zero game breaking issues have been addressed.

The Shadow Warrior’s Tactic ‘Enchanted Arrows’ has been broken yet again, for its aproximately 10th+ time within the past year. Revision overwritings are wonderful, thumbs up to whoever is in charge of that. Considering that bug has been introduced about 1.5 months ago and there hasn’t been a Hotfix for it yet, nor is it mentioned in the 1.3.3 patch notes it just proves how much Mythic is not in touch with its game. Game breaking? No, since everyone gave up on their Shadow Warriors, game breaking for the few Shadow Warriors who need their masochistic needs fulfilled by playing one, very much so. Why crave to the minority however if you can simply run everyones frames into the ground by adding HDR and Bloom instead. I for one will be sure to enjoy my lockup in Altdorf for a defense a lot more now with such epic game improvements, as its real ambiente is only to truly shine once these features are intoduced.

Shocking and mockingly phrased truth aside, Ravage is being nerfed fixed. To not however ever make a reasonable nerf fix without breaking something else unintentionally Mythic this time decided to act stupid and let us know before hand. Chosen and Knights now get an AoE AP drain aura. Having lost faith in Mythic I’m sure multiple auras will be able to stack for about the first month after patch introduction letting order and destro enjoy epic battles of auto attacks. Well, personally though, I’m fine with whatever it takes to have less Ravage spamm in my combat log shredding me into oblivion.

The underdog missed its mark personally, no one cares about the city from my impression, Altdorf is about equally boring IC is, but hey, it’ll be all bloomy and HDR like now. How fortunate for me to have ordered my HD5770 at the beginning of the week to see the constant wipes at the retardedly balanced Warlord stage II PQs order has to put up with in all its beauty.

Such great entertainment sure is worth to fork out another 15 bucks for, I hope it is too for you guys. I’ll be seeing you out on the battle field, be sure to make note of my glory, shiny being in the lake, as you’ll never know when they break HDR and Bloom again.

I love Warhammer 🙂

Have a good day.


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