Posted by: Erbse | February 3, 2010

Warhammer and the trap it is

I’ve been playing Warhammer for quite a while now, ~4-5 months to be precisely I’d say. After having played countless of MMO’s ever since I started in ~2002 I must say that Warhammer might ranks the worst ‘professional’ MMO out there. I like crappy games however, hence the reason I’ve spent my youth grinding to level 95 in PristonTale and do not regret it.

Now, don’t get this wrong, Warhammer is an actual awesome game, very casual too but the lack of effort put into by the developers drives people with working braincells nuts, eventually anyway. You ever played a MMORPG where you could remove debuffs on yourself by right clicking them? No?! Well, then Warhammer might be your game. I’m sure that bug will be around sometime soon again, just give you guys an idea of how trivial and sloppy programming work can be done. Still, I much rather blame EA, as they’re fairly well known to produce crap after crap and ultimately sitting on a large pile of crap no one wants.

Well, nothing the user can do about that really but simply keep on enjoying ones time while paying 15$ a month for it. Definitely been worth it thus far, lastly due to the awesome people playing this game and trollable forums. I like trolling.

So then, to my own disappointment I got sucked into rolling a Shadow Warrior (it’s a trap, in fact even a worse trap 4-chan refers to as ‘trap’) but hey, I like it challenging. Roll one too if you like a challenge! Warhammer generally suffered a lot from balancing issues, call it developers bias or simply claim developers don’t play the game themselves – both sound like very acceptable and reasonable conclusions after having spent some time in the game. Well, I don’t want to go too deep into detail (yet) as my nerdrage is currently well managed and shall remain inside of me (SCREW YOU PULLING MARAUDERS THOUGH). I don’t think I know of any other MMO’s where classes as gimped (in comparison to others) as the Shadow Warrior existed. Also, I don’t know any other MMO’s were classes as overpowered Chosens and general tanks were. Warhammer handles itself quite awesome. Tanks hit like trucks, Damage classes hit like planes and if a magical class attacks you an atomic bomb is being set off on you. Ranged damage classes however will only remind you to wet tampons being thrown against a brick wall, or be said trucks, planes and/or atomic bombs. Now, that’s quite an insight there as well as my current e-life experience which I do not regret to have made, lastly because it proves that wet tampons are occasionally capable of beating trucks and planes.

If you ever consider playing this awesome game stay away from gimp classes, unless you’re a masochist – the flavor of the month classes come and go, overall however the chance is high by always being on top by not picking a ranged damage class, that’s if you’re somewhat capable of generally performing at least at ‘meh level’ in MMO’s you touch.

I’ll keep on posting about the game’s development as well as my own personal experience in it, may it be good or bad ones. That post perhaps gave you a slight inside of what future content may look like, so I’d hope you enjoy reading random rants. Don’t be fooled however, despite speaking utmost truth 90% of the time things aren’t quite as horrible as I put them, but I simply love doing it.

Oh yes, for those having read the ‘About Me’ and hence noticed I’m German I must add that I’m playing the actual US version of this game. If you do too and / or want after reading this don’t hesitate to catch up with if you’d like – I shall be found trolling on the US Gorfang server forum section or ingame (Gorfang) occasionally listening to the name of Cirashar (DAMN YOU RANDOM NAME GENERATOR).

Have an awesome day / night everyone ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. Ahoy tharr!

    I’ve just read your fine blog latest post to first one (being productive as hell at work again) and – to quote The Stranger in That Movie – I like your style, dude.

    Now that I’ve actually worked my way to the last paragraph in this particular entry here I wonder whether I could be so bold as to ask you for your insights on being a German player on a US server.

    Thing is, I’ve just started dabbling in T1 of Warhammer Online a little and from the outside looking the in US version (and community) of the game look a whole lot more active and suited to my way of playing than the European counterpart.

    So I’m wondering: what are your experiences regarding the time difference and activity? Would I be running around solo on a dead US realm during my usual hours (located somewhere between 18:00h – 02:00 CET) or could I get regular Scenario pops and a bit of PvE on the side, too? All this of course provided you don’t actually live on the other side of the “GroรŸer Teich”. *grins*

    My original intention was rolling a Shadow Warrior, too, by the way but…I don’t know, somehow I sense a tiny seed of doubt in my heart now that I read about your experiences with the class. *coughs*

    Sorry to bother you with this but the opportunity to get a hold of a German playing on a US realm was too good to pass up.

    Thanks for your time and for blogging like you do,


    • Ah yea, work. We all love it ๐Ÿ™‚

      Well, I can’t make appropriate comparisons as I’ve never played Warhammer EU, but I can also say that I don’t regret having not to, lastly cause โ‚ฌ > Dorraw making the game cheaper ๐Ÿ˜›

      I’m playing on Gorfang, that’s where my main toon is anyway. I’m not familiar with CET, but mostly with GMT, hence I’ll use that to give the best insight. Germany (where I’m at) being GMT+1, East Coast GMT -5 (effectively 6 hours) and PST -8 (9 hours).

      Gorfang is rather slow during the ‘day’, and won’t really get active until US primetime but picks up during the afternoon. Gorfang also has a rather mature community, hence people with regular jobs and possibly a family / children. On lucky days Scenarios start picking up at 8-9 in the evening (Germany), on slower days it can be 10-11. Unless you can make sacrifices and stay up until 12 to 1am on a regular basis you might find yourself alone majority of the time.

      PvE dungeons / raids are usually scheduled for weekends however, and hardly ever done with a pick up group, so participating isn’t too much of a problem for a European assuming you can live with pulling all nighters here and there.

      Iron Rock on the contrary seems to get active a lot sooner. I start getting pops at 4pm GMT+1 at times and they last all day long, on the other hand that will also depend on whether or not you chose to play the underdog. The underdog usually always has SC pops at their disposal while the dominating realm has to take what they get. Iron Rock from my experiences is infected, though and rotten to its very core. 4PM can also be an indication that a lot of school kids play there, it definitely contains a lot of (bad) trolls. Overall it’s quite an immature community if compared to Gorfang.

      Tier 1 is probably equally active among all servers, due to being free to play. Twinking developed into a new trend lately partially making T1 more of a drag than fun for a newcomer. T2 varies from server to server I assume, while T3 is likely to be quite dead on all servers. Ultimately however T4 is where you’ll spend most of your time at the end, and should be the most deciding factor when choosing a server.

      Recommendations would be Gorfang, Badlands (though the name seems to be rather fitting, with the exception of endgame SC competitiveness) or Volkmar. Well, simply put, just not Iron Rock ๐Ÿ˜‰

      As far as the Shadow Warrior is concerned, don’t let what I write bother you. It’s not that I was lying with what I say, but I play the class for fun despite the plagues it has to deal with. Warhammer is ran by ~8 classes while all other classes are subpar when compared. I fight for the betterment of that fact while I still enjoy every minute I spend and put into my Shadow Warrior.

      If you master the Shadow Warrior you have mastered Warhammer and are likely to excel on every class you’ll touch afterwards. It’s like the Warhammer bootcamp ๐Ÿ˜‰

      On that note, thanks for the feedback, appreciate it.

  2. Wow, thanks, that’s definitely put the final touch to my decision and I’ll be giving the US server a try for sure. I had already browsed the forums in advance a bit and the overall impression was the it’ll probably come down to either Gorfang or Badlands.

    Since my activity mostly centered on the post 21:00 (GMT+1) time slot it looks like Gorfang is a definite option for my Order toons and any eventual Destros would then land wherever Iron Rock is not.

    Should be interesting to see the difference between EU and US, too. If the post count is any indication of activity the difference to EU is probably significant as Badlands’ forum, for instance, has around eight times as many contributions as Drakenwald (German Core Realm).

    Many thanks for the heads-up. I’ll probably level both a Shadow Warrior and an Ironbreaker to start with since those are the ones I liked best out of the batch I tried on the EU servers. I’m quite clueless how PvP “Tanking” is actually going to work out (my former drug of choice Warcrack doesn’t really support the concept) but I’m already browsing for a few resources and will get my hands dirty and my arse handed to me trying to figure it out. Shadow Warrior is just perfect because I’m madly in love with kiting. I guess I’ll see if I can deal with the gimp aspects.

    Again, many thanks!

    Now to get out of this damn office and in front of that screen…hnngh! *grins*

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