Posted by: Erbse | February 3, 2010

What a morning!

So, though class began only at 3:45pm GMT+1 (6 hours ahead of east coast) I decided to get up early as I still had to finish my English Powerpoint presentation. As I finished it I decided to log on once more to check my ingame mail, and to my surprise, we pushed IC to stage II. I was immediately requested to join the warband to kill the king, and hence made my way there as fast as I could. At that time it was 2:30pm for me (I had to leave at 3pm), when I arrived, on top of everything Mythic spouted a maintenance message, servers to be brought down at 9am EST. So we were stuck having 30 minutes to down the King.

I missed the first attempt due to dying to IC warcamp guards, it was futile however. On my arrival we started the second attempt, we beat the King down to 1% and wiped. No kidding. No choice but to retry, we wiped two more times and upon running back to restart the fight the “5 minutes till maint” window popped. Everyone was like fuck it and just do it, and so we did. The King died with approx. 60 seconds left for the server to go down. With 30 seconds left everyone had received their loot. I immediately scrolled out and as I spawned in Sigmar’s Hammer the servers shut down.

To my own fortune, upon logging back, nothing was rolled back or lost. Hence I managed to get 2 Royals and my Sov. Cloak from that encounter, which I cannot yet show off visually due to the lack of 4 RRs 😛 On that note I want to congratulate everyone that has gotten a piece of loot. I know that Mendeleve gotten something, Tyraell got his shoulders and helmet as well as others. I had no time to check on other people as I had to quit war immediately and make a run to catch my bus to be still in time for class. With inflated lungs I barely made it in time, it was a glorious victory in every way possible.

Again, congratulations to everyone that has helped, and everyone that has gotten a piece of their gear! Can’t await my lockout running out, till then I shall be busy getting RRs ;D


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