Posted by: Erbse | February 4, 2010

Mythic, yet again succeeding in showing what they lack

So, just now the Warhammer servers seem to have crashed.

After I’ve gotten up, grabbed some food, had a nice shower I decided to stomp some destro, right as I made it ingame it kicked me out. Great I thought, I love my 24h disconnects, but that’s not it. Upon disconnecting I was unable to reconnect to the login server / character server. Mythics presence on the Internet has just died, completely. Their web servers cannot be reached, their patch server is dead, their game servers are dead. Knowing Mythic I don’t think we’ll get much more than a possible apology, if even that. Don’t expect compensation of any kind but rather save your $15 all together in the future, as your current $15 obviously do not contribute to an appropriate environment.

On a different note I wanted to pick that’s been happening during the PTS Stress test, the Q&A that occurred afterwards. I wasn’t there myself, but there are a few persons whose judgment and words I trust, one of them being Keedo who has been quite upset with what Mythic has decided to do in their upcoming patch. According to him, and others, it was evident that the Warhammer developers do not see the whole picture, but are very narrow sighted and single problems out trying to see them out of context with their game. Am I really surprised? Not really, as that’s what I noticed to be happening in Warhammer ever since I started playing it, I’ve had a glimpse of hope however, which is now completely gone. The developer team as well as the crowd control team views abilities singled out and isolated, they don’t see what the abilities do in the grant scheme of things, or what impact they have on actual game flow and game / realm balance. I can’t even tell you how terrible that route is as a developer, in fact it makes me question if those devs created Warhammer in the first place other than just replacing the original game creators at some point in time and try doing their work now.

It’s sad it took so long to become evident, and that first another class had to bite the dust in order to make this problem apparent and evident. Keedo has been fighting a lot for his class, which is a Sword Master and he finally starts to realize what boat the Magus and Shadow Warriors been in for like forever. It’s not that Magus and Shadow Warriors are as gimp as they are because Mythic decided to directly hit them with a nerf bat, but because Mythic constantly made changes to the game and game flow disregarding what impact they’d have on specific classes. Half the nerfs Shadow Warriors had to swallow during the time I’m playing this game weren’t changes to the class itself, but its surrounding.

Few examples would be:

  • Client <-> Server synchronization + Melee fudge factor ( cutting my 45′ range into 15-25′ effectively, not practical applicable, yet no adjustments made)
  • Immunity timers and crowd control (a lack of CC to begin with due to a 120CD, and now on top of getting blocked or evaded people can be immune to it)
  • Many classes have root/snare breaker, charge and/or pulls (we have nothing of that sort, period)
  • The root of ranged class being dependent on Strength over Ballistic
  • Off-Hand weapon contributes zero damage (outside of main stats contribution) to our damage (explains the insane DPS gap to Choppas / Slayer / Dual-wielding classes)

As soon as Mythics web presence is back up I’ll make sure to link to Keedos post, I hope everyone sees the problem with their course and will speak out their mind for the greater good of a MMO other than ones own fear of getting the nerfbat.

UPDATE: The servers are finally back online, their web presence anyway. I’ve not yet checked their patch / ingame servers. Regardless of that however, here’s the promised link the problematic I’ve talked about above: click!



  1. I don’t think you can bitch when you’re still paying after playing for over 6 months, despite mythics constant bullshit :S

  2. I can, and I do.

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