Posted by: Erbse | February 19, 2010

Crouchin’ is my pace


Well, I just hit RR75 recently even though I’ve been slacking quite a bit lately, lastly due to how it stands for Gorfang these days. Now, what’s there to do? I surely mellowed out a bit concerning my War time and take sleep a tad more seriously these days while also digging out old 8-bit NES OSTs to dwell myself in. Nerdy? Perhaps. I still love it however. Knowing my class will never get the attention it deserves, not now, not in the future I was wondering what to roll next. I’m no friend of FOTM classes but I’ve lost faith in Mythic to the point that a currently gimped class will never see light at the end of the tunnel. My Slayer is RR45 or so, but way too easy to play and way too devastating making it quite boring and lame fast. My Sword Master is fun, admittedly, but the nerf bat is in sight, which is disheartening as a Sword Master was never really was all too threatening to begin with. I’ll make sure to make him a good 2H Maintank though, eventually.

It seems I’m out of classes, my Warrior Priest never made it past RR33 as I prefer to hit more than 4 buttons, my White Lion isn’t 40, yet seems to be the most viable option. I probably should just jump onto the Ravage train and make a destro toon on some server and feel all good about the game, myself and how ez mode order is. For some reason I can’t stop playing my Shadow Warrior for too long however, as it’s too much fun despite the frustration, it’s like cutting my wrists with a plastic fork, not enough to kill myself and yet enjoyable when forking a spot that’s terrible itchy. Makes sense, no?

RR80 doesn’t yield much for me, other than getting my Dammaz Kron to perfection so that someday when I reach the peak of e-peenery I can e-ejaculate all over my screen and obtain utmost satisfaction – well, I’m in no rush regardless, it shall happen as time passes. On that note, I’m also 7/8 Sovereign already making even the ‘endgame’ almost come to an end for me. I curse that Vulture Lord however for being stingy on my Glyphs!

For now I hope that 1.3.4 will come live on Tuesday the 23rd of February to spice things up yet again, even though I won’t need any of the RR75 shinies on my Shadow Warrior. Unfortunately for you guys I’m very lazy and still didn’t bother taking pictures of the new RR weapons available on the PTS, but I’ve seen various other Warhammer Blogs reporting about them, so feel free to hit those up.

For those that weren’t at the last few PTS Mass tests I got some minutes that are quite interesting (going by statements made by friends):
– Performance seems to have vastly improved on a lot of levels, meaning destros ‘I crash yer zone inb4 city flip’ will no longer be valid (Huzzah!)

Other than that there are threads on the forums which sum up what’s been said / asked during the Q&A’s, such as this.

Oh well, Gorfang has been losing a bit lately. I hope that Destro wipes the floor with the Zerglings soon enough again so there’s an actual purpose of me logging on, I don’t mind losing or dying (though I try to avoid it by all means necessary πŸ˜› ) but I do mind not having any Scenarios and/or competition whatsoever outside of trying to overcome game breaking PvE bugs.

Oh well, enough random talk. Have a good day.



  1. Your plastic fork analogy is awesome πŸ˜€ I think to some degree it’s true of pretty much the entire game. If it makes you feel any better I get no glyph love from the Vulture Lord either 😦

    oh and Zealots are a fun class to play…… nudge nudge wink wink

  2. I could totally do a DPS Zealot, but having so many 40’s (I think it’s 5 or so by now) I can’t do leveling in Warhammer anymore, even powerleveling seems lame, aside from the fact that it in fact is boring as crap. Just give me the ability to create R40 toons. Since I suck at healing chances are I wouldn’t have too many friends aside from my Harbringer though πŸ˜€

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