Posted by: Erbse | February 25, 2010

1.3.4 is there!

As of 24th February 2010 Warhammer runs on version 1.3.4 and the features it brought along. I already linked the official patch notes in a post some time ago, if that’s what you’re interested in.

For those intensely and solely following my Blog to end up being vastly disappointed with my sloppiness concerning to never have actually posted the new RvR weapons, here’s your salvation. Go log on and view them yourselves! You may also make up your own mind about them!

So then, Scenarios been popping a lot, Scout spec makes me face roll my keyboard while getting Killing Blows as reward and the weapons are way too pricey to get them in a timely manner. Well, my Shadow Warrior doesn’t really need them anyway, my Sword Master however would take one or two. Not only that, with the current pricing it feels like I’ll be RR65 by the time I can buy my RR55 weapon, and I just hit RR54 earlier. At least it brought back Scenario pops, I figure that makes most people happy, aside from the pre-made stacking on all ends. Well, at least even the losing team gets their crests, so it’s all dandy, I figure.

On that note, the new Insignia system works as follows:

  • Every scenario you participate in rewards 1-6 Officer Emblems dependent on your teams score and 1 fused Crest of the tier you’re eligible for (currently Conqueror for everyone)
  • Each of the fused crest converts into 1-3 crests, so good ol’ average will be 2.
  • Once you bought a Conqueror level weapon you’ll start gaining Invader Insignias the same way you earned Conquerors.
  • (To be confirmed) Invader Insignias will be down convertable into Conqueror Insignias, as otherwise you could never buy more than one item each tier unless you saved up all the crests needed for them.
  • Officer Emblems are not upconvertable to Conqueror Insignias and Conqueror Insignias are not upconvertable nor downconvertable in any way.

On a slightly unrelated note, Marauders can still pull you from 80′ – 110′ away. I hate you Kafziel.


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