Posted by: Erbse | February 25, 2010

V’los Vel’drin extends its impact!

So, with Gorfang being mediocre at best lately with plenty member reaching either RR80 or full Sovereign for that matter many people have been tinkering around with destro toons on another server, while some actually re-rolled destro on Gorfang itself. I’m not gonna sit here and point at people who did exactly that, as I’m sure destro knows it in the first place, possibly even better than us 😉

Anyway, chances are that V’los Vel’drin will expand to Iron Rock in the immediate future to stir things up in the lower tiers for now, while later proceeding to mess with Art Supplies, as that appeared to be a challenge worth being taken by us. No promises however, as it’s a project that was just born and may never happens to an extend we all would have wished it did.  I’ve started to play a lil’ Squiggy who has made it to T3 already, and soon T4, hopefully. V’los Vel’drin itself will take a little longer to make its appearance as we’re waiting to have the original V’los from Phoenix Throne to be transfered over, which according to Mythic can take up to a week if not longer. On that note, no member of V’los Vel’drin is forced to play on Iron Rock and it’s solely going to be a fun project for all of us, everyone will be very welcome to join us however and naturally we’ll still show up for scheduled city pushes and some RvR fun on Gorfang as long as it’s accessible that is.

On that note, consider this also a shutout to the current Gorfang destro community that has gotten tired of the server, I’m sure some of you would be welcomed to play with us as well assuming you could bear rolling another destro main on another server 😉

Peace out!



  1. I swear this game goes in cycles. I remember on Magnus there was a mass exodus to DC similar to what you guys are doing. You either reroll because you are tired of always winning, or you do it because you are tired of always losing.

    It just seems that once people reach rr80, or happy with their gear there is no more incentive to play the game.

    • Well, preferably cycles than breaking the cycle by quitting ;D Personally I found Gorfang to be a very, very stagnant server. It has been for months. People seem to have solely played for their lockouts anymore for the past 2-3 months and the chain SC popping doesn’t really make up for that general mindset either. Mind you I’m not completely excluded from that myself either.

      Overall Gorfang seems to simply be different from the other servers in a few ways, not necessarily bad ones but simply different. There is no zerg Guilds, period, which is kind of weird for a game such as Warhammer. Gorfang has their top guilds, which on both sides consist of ‘many’ small Guild that most of the time cannot fill a complete Warband on their own.

      As far as myself is concerned, as fun my Shadow Warrior is it’s fairly black and white. I can either spec Scout and roll face or Skirmish / Assault and deal with epic frustration at times, no real grey in between, unfortunately. My Sovereign set is pretty horrendous and its only purpose will be to give me my title, which only requires two (technically one) piece(s).

      Nothing is wrong with being out to look for some nasty competition, keeps it entertaining and last but not least might be granting splendid trolling material in a way or another. Oh well, our first active guild representation night is scheduled for Friday night, unless there’ll be a stage II push happening on Gorfang ;D On that note, Iron Rock T2 has been mad fun, Scenarios and oRvR has been a blast almost 24/7.

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