Posted by: Erbse | March 3, 2010

Epic Fail!

Today Mythic patched  items in to the RvR weapon vendors, tokens, or more precisely trophies. Those trophies were meant to cost less than weapons and their sole purpose was to have people advance for slightly less costs, instead of buying disposable weapons. So far so good, aye? Well no. When those trophies were first patched in they didn’t cost a thing, meaning everyone could grab them for free on their Character and advance to becoming Royal Insignia eligible. That fiasco took approximately 10-15 minutes to be fixed and I guess many people are thanking god for the awesome crew Mythic has working there.

I wonder if there was an earthquake earlier somewhere, as the supervisors mega facepalm surely could have triggered such an event. I do not know if there’s any emergency plans in regards to take care of that mess, knowing Mythic however a rollback seems unlikely, as I would not believe they had a recent backup, very much less so considering it was a live patch without any downtime attached to it.

I’m more than thrilled to see the outcome of this hilarious mess. As soon as I know more I’ll update this post. If worse comes to worse (or good to even better?) and they won’t do anything. Sucks for those that haven’t been there, but surely is awesome for those that were.

UPDATE: The first step Mythic took after the mess was to remove the merchants that offered those trophies. Already bought trophies were removed along with the Tome of Knowledge unlocks. Temporarily SCs only rewarded Conqueror Insignias for everyone, despite what they were eligible for (legitimately or exploited). All earned Royal Insignias have been removed or been downgraded to Conqueror ones; on that note, some people that earned their Conqueror Weapon legitimately are still receiving Conqueror Insignias. It’s advisable to contact CSRs if you’re one of them 😉



  1. Just so you know, they hotfixed it. The trophies are corrupted something-or-others now, and the achievements in the Tome of Knowledge are gone. And apparently, they took away people’s ill-gotten royal insignias as well, but not the warlord ones. I don’t ever understand Mythic.

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