Posted by: Erbse | March 6, 2010

Goin’ all out

The past two weeks I spent majority of my time on my Squiggy on Iron Rock, and am now T4 eligible. In fact I been for a few days already. From my information so far Iron Rock is extremely corrupted, exploitation is a given, cross realming, King exchanges, instance invasion farming, you name it. Now, doesn’t that sound attractive? Not so much if you were to be on that server without the proper support I guess, with a solid guild that has backbone however it’s the ideal thing to mess with people and spoil their exploitation, even if boils to simply prevent a stage II push.

So far I’m not particularly impressed by order premades, as all I ever see if a Witch Hunter galore, possibly guarded on top. The sad part about that though is, that destro still loses. Frequently. I’m sure I haven’t met orders best yet, but still it’s an indication that destro is just worse than the order average, which is quite sad. I would not think that a 2 WH, 2 Tank, 2 Healer setup would do much on Gorfang other than getting stomped majority of the time. Iron Rock seems to be very busy PvE’ing, lastly because the Witch Hunter galore usually wear their incredibly ugly Vulture Lord cloak. Destro has given up or is infiltrated badly by cross realmers, as T4 keeps aren’t being claimed anymore, let alone defended. The order PuG warbands I’ve seen could easily been taken down by a solid 6 man as well. The server is in a very weird shape, I find that highly interesting however.

I’ve made a lot Bright Wizard friends already, that’s what my Dammaz Kron tells me anyway. Weird enough I even outperform most R40 Squiggies I run across, which I find outright terrible. You don’t really realize how much more potent Squig Herders are if you never played one, as a Shadow Warrior anyway but I shall refrain from yet-another-Shadow-Warrior-rant.

Well, I took some screen, simply to underline how much of a superb hulk my lil guy is. Can’t await to get properly geared out to bring hell upon people on this server 🙂

On a more random note, my Squiggy ended up being named Shrink (needless to say I love that name already), I just can’t decide what his last name should be. I’m debating whether or not it should be Fixesyouup or Setsyoustraight ;D

Well, here’s some other epic screens I happened to take.


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