Posted by: Erbse | March 11, 2010

This and that

To my own salvation I yet again managed to cut lose from the seriousness Warhammer causes inside of me over the time. This isn’t my first mind reset towards the game, and hopefully won’t be my last 😀 Regardless of that however, what was said below, or more precisely what I consider imbalanced / broken in this game remains.

In retrospective this game is still made by its players and community, more than anything else. As tiresome it is permanently to listen to people whining because of their inability to step out of their own little world and see the bigger picture for once, trolling them never gets boring, and hence things remain in a good balance for me. Needless to say that I’m through with any sort of pity trains people trying to ride these days, meaning if I play, as easy going as I will, I will roam the field / SCs merciless and roll any opposition on sight. Since people lost their spirit to fight might as well drive them away for good and get another server merge to restock the disposables :p

My Squiggy is almost 40, I’ve been slacking though. I tried to get into Mortal Online a bit, but hell, trying to get into Mortal Online is nothing compared to being a Shadow Warrior in Warhammer. In fact dropping the soap in jail is less demanding and has less fatality attached to it  than trying to get into that game. Still, I find overly ridiculous things rather amusing. Though I literally can’t accomplish anything at all in that game I happen to repeatedly log in to have a good laugh at my own cluelessness and the buggyness of the game.

Oh, I’ve also just noticed earlier that Mythic fixed the zone flip system. Apparently you’re granted all zone flips in all Scenarios now, so while the zerg zergs on and you grind your Insignias you happen to get phat free lewtz occasionally on top, hoorah for that.

There’s been a few threads giving insight about the planned 1.3.5 DPS changes today, I’m not yet sure what to think of them, or how it’ll turn out. Once I do and once I can get a reasonable opinion and arguments I’ll share my insights. What’s evident so far seems to be that Sorcs will have their Word of Pain nerfed, while Bright Wizard receive said nerfed WoP in exchange for their cooldown increase ability. I still think that chances are rather good for this patch to break the game further, which then takes additional 3-6 months to get back onto track again. Luckily I’m patient.

On a completely unrelated note, PristonTale, a by now 10 years (+) old MMO received an update! An update which seems to be 4-5 years late, but we all know Korean devs hate the western World and couldn’t give less of a damn when we get crap. Some changes seemed rather surprising, ultimately however they all been appreciated as it were buffs across the board, for all classes. I still curse that game for having stolen my youth, though.


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