Posted by: Erbse | March 12, 2010

Petition to rename Iron Rock

I finally hit 40 on my Squiggy last night, and on top instantaneously found a Blood n Bile run. Not only am I 40 now, but also proud owner of awesome Sentinel Gloves! Go me!~

So then, what’s there to do? Exactly, the good ol’ scenario / renown grind. So be it, I shall be Q’ing, day in, day out, but I will no longer remain quiet concerning the insanity this server reaches in terms of bad gaming and failing at Warhammer. You thought Gorfang PuGs were bad? Hell no, they’re living gods once you’ve put up with what Iron Rock has to offer. I shall name the following list the list of incredible awesomesauce, which surely will be extended as I keep messing around with that server.

  • High RR Sorcs complaining that all order has are tanks.
  • RR79 DoKs out of party healing. (lolwoot)
  • RR79 DoKs out of party with DPS tactics! (He takes the crown)
    • He denies me his epic heals now that I made fun of him. Imagine what mad HoT ticks I’ll be missing out on.
  • T4 Choppas Lotsa Choppin’ away. Everytime you press that button god kills a kitten.
  • Witch Hunters mow the backlines down and do not get focused fired the second they pop.
  • RR80 Witch Hunters trying to gank and failing miserably, on a RR35 Squig Herder.
  • RR80 Bright Wizard that still have not learned how to bomb correctly.
  • I’m dying to Sword and Board tanks. Right next to my groups healer, and order doesn’t even have Ravage.

Things wouldn’t be half as terrible if Iron Rock was full of casuals, but it is not. It’s filled with trolls, idiots, illiterates and all the good stuff. If the trolls were at least half as good their horrid trolling is they would be worlds ahead of their current ‘skill level’.

For possible Iron Rock blog readers, here’s a compilation of what you should do.

  • Black Orcs click here.
  • Squig Herders click here. (or alternatively ask me :P)
  • Shamans click here.
  • Choppas click here.
  • Chosens click here. (but don’t listen to Majorin)
  • Magi click here. (Though Magi been rather outstanding on this server)
  • Marauders click here.
  • Zealots click here.
  • Blackguards click here.
  • DoKs click here.
  • Sorcs click here. (Specifically try to find something about bombs!)
  • Witch Elves click here.

That’s about as much serious help I can offer this server, take it or dwell in the sad existence you’re living on that server.

I hereby demand Iron Rock to be re-named into Rock Bottom for the time being.


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