Posted by: Erbse | March 14, 2010

Cirashar: The Sovereign.

Well, as usual both realms proceeded to get their weekly king kills. I was fairly unlucky the past weeks and got nothing but my 6 Royals, over and over 😦 (Buhu, right?). Today I finally gotten my boots which only left me without the Chest which I promptly bought from the vendor to earn the most e-peenerish title this game possesses: The Sovereign. To make it short, I BEAT WARHAMMER. Well no, I have not. I can’t wear half the shit. Then again, I don’t want to to begin with. Time to push for set redesigns. I also get the benefit bragging rights of for being Gorfangs first Shadow Warrior to have completed the set, to my knowledge anyway ;D

On a more serious note I’d like to thank all the Destruction and Order that’s helped me getting to the point I am. Arsenal, Mourne, Utter Annihilation and Opprimo Umbra come to mind spontaneously, as well as the alliance I’m part of on my side. My first Royal actually came from Hallu right after the server merges, and it was a pain ‘getting up there’. With the Warlord PQs being as broken as they are for our side I found myself to buy 4/6 Warlord Pieces through Warlord tokens of which Zero resulted from the King Instance Royals. I can’t remember who dropped all of them, but I’m glad some destro brought the fight in the way they did, and still bring it the way they do. Respect needs to be given where it’s due. On that note I’d also like to congratulate all the other people that have finished their Sovereign sets, most of us fought tooth and nails for it, in one way or another. Undoubtedly the hard times in Warhammer are over however, seeing how newcomers get their RR up like 5 times quicker I did. Special thanks of course belongs to V’los Vel’drin for having the balls to invite Shadow Warriors into their Guild, what a silly bunch of people they are.

If I ever hit RR80 I at least can make it good looking, that’s quite the bonus! Not in a rush however, for now 😉



  1. Grats man, you are full of WIN!

  2. Congrats on the completing the sovereign set! Great SS! I am personally 3 pieces away (Helm, Chest, Shoulders) however, I am not especially keen on getting/equipping them.

    I thoroughly enjoy reading what you have to say — keep it up.

    Very few know how to play the SW, and am glad that you have stuck with it through thick and thin.

    I love your personality on the forums…it cracks me up how sarcastic and right you are 99% of the time. Shut up those trolls with your trollery 🙂

    I’m glad you’re playing the otherside of the equation. SH is beast. Bad Gas is such a underused tool, and I hope you are making some use out of it.

    See ya on the battlefield 🙂


    • Oh, how I loved coincidently running into you in the middle of nowhere just to have my eyes pecked out by your bird ❤

      A long time ago I said we should enforce a rule that all new applicants must play a SW to their RR50's and 60's to make it through the VV bootcamp, afterwards they could re-roll whatever they liked. Awesome way to create an army of superb players.

      Sadly it wasn't approved of 😦

      • …. belated grats on getting full Sov. Now if they only make the set relevant to the current game! Such a shame, cause it reaaly is a great looking set.

        I agree on that SW boot camp idea. It made me a much better BW and AM. But I guess that route isn’t for everyone…

        Excellent blog btw. Always enjoy your insightful commentary.

      • Thanks for the props ;>

        The set itself isn’t too bad, probably gonna try to min / max my stats with 3 Invader / 3 Sovereign and see how high I can get my WS, hopefully close to the 500 mark in Skirmish stance.

        Other than that however, I gotta work towards the Tyrant now, undoubtedly.

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