Posted by: Erbse | March 17, 2010

Mythic! Marvelous!

Let me start off with a brilliant quote of a man that had a brilliant idea this morning when he woke up.

Greetings! Throughout the day we will be updating the forums with some exciting changes including the addition of a General Discussion Forum! With this forum we will be consolidating several areas of the forums including crafting, PvE, and others. Additionally to better listen to career feedback we will be consolidating career discussions into archetype discussions making it easier to gather and engage you in your discussions. We’ll have more information about this and the moderation program on the Herald after the changes are complete, thank you!

Yes, no f’ing kidding. They really did remove all class sections making the links in a former post completely useless. THANK YOU MYTHIC, MY TIME SPENT WRITING A BLOG ENTRY GONE TO COMPLETE WASTE. Then again, I still wanna get that petition going.

Now, what do we learn from that? To put it short and nicely; Don’t come up with f’ing smart ass ideas before you had your good ol’ good morning coffee, it just won’t be productive in any manner.

My response to that can be found here, needless to say that I’m on spot yet again.

That being said, enjoy the trolling cave that just been opened, I however won’t and can’t take that section seriously in any possible manner.


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