Posted by: Erbse | March 23, 2010

The back and forth Warhammer is

So then, yesterday I’ve made an appearance on Gorfang again, simply to see whether or not my view of the state of the server is still justified. Sadly it was, however, I wanted something challenging again, and nothing appears to be as much fun and challenging as excelling on a Shadow Warrior. My Squiggy in return is so easy it’s not even funny. He’s almost RR50. Though Iron Rock has chain pops almost all day the player skill is rock bottom, on both realms in the grander scheme of things. While on Gorfang player definitely play on a higher level the population and interest declining is rather apparent, as Scenarios popped at best every 10 minutes, when solo Q’ing.

Maybe choosing Iron Rock was a bad idea in the first place, it definitely looked great in theory, with all the high RR order running around there. That’s when it struck me though, everyone can get RR80 if they play long enough, it has nothing to do with whether or not they’re any good. I’ve seen things on Iron Rock Gorfang never even came remotely close to, it was and is mind boggling. Though, even then it’s good to have a semi viable destro toon for possible future transfers.

The reason I somewhat regained interest to play Cira isn’t only the fun to play her though, but also the realization that I should ditch my 3pc Warlord for 3pc Sovereign which requires me to be RR77 while I’m still only almost 76. The Sovereign belt is way too sexy to not wear. I figure it’s gonna be the gloves, shoulders and belt I’ll be wearing.

Despite the ‘zomg expansion’ news you see popping everywhere I’m still rather disheartened due to some recent comment I’ve had to read, which can be found here. I feel this game needs changes sooner than later, and sadly we all know when to expect them.


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