Posted by: Erbse | March 31, 2010

The aftermath!

Naturally, it was just what one would have expected.

What is he talking about?! Nothing too important I figure, but since I been slacking lately in terms of blog activity I’ve to do something amirite? Sometimes it’s more rewarding to simply brabble about (e-)god and the (e-)world instead of fighting the never ending battle of setting people straight. Supply and demand ratio is quite off ;(

Anyway, to move on here, as some of you surely knew, Mythic some time ago started to accept applications from guilds / alliances across all servers for their upcoming city redesign test. The application thread can be found here but please note that the registration is already closed.

After some time Mythic now announced what guilds of what alliance(s) were accepted and will be granted to give feedback for whatever Mythic will have them undergo. For some reason tentacles always jump to mind when I think about surprises. That’s the optimist inside of me! The compiled list of participants can be viewed here.

Needless to say a lot of people didn’t seem too fond with all the choices made, lastly because they rather had their own guild participating while also worrying about ‘saving face’ when a cross-server contest takes place. I figure it’s pointless to mention that it doesn’t matter in the least who wins or performs how well, as the city handling and design should take highest priority to rate – a concept that probably causes people to put on their ‘wtf face’. Anyway, that said I’m pleased to see a nice chunk of Gorfang guilds of which I know they have a lot of experience with the current system. Current hassles and struggles aside (Destro: QQ our King is ezmode, Order: QQ we can’t do a single Warlord PQ), I hope that they will be resolved in a fair manner, and by fair I mean for the casual gamer, and not us you geeks. Though my guild was none of the draws I’m certain the ones that were chosen can give accurate enough feedback to us so we can form our own opinion about the changes. Possibly some people will even record the whole thing and share it afterwards, as far as Mythic will allow to make the changes public that is.

I for one hope that Mythic took a step backwards while taking one forward, while totally not harming their crotch in the progress. I figure that mental somehow worked out. To be precise, I’d like cities to happen a lot less frequently they currently do, while they should also be harder to take. If a Stage II happens however, everyone should have a fair shot on their gear without getting screwed out of rolls, or running out of time. There’s nothing more frustrating than a completely wasted Stage II push, which has been the case for a lot of order during the last 6 months. Word is the Warlord and King encounter were RvR’ealized, I wonder how that’ll work out. Performance improvements aside in the past, I don’t think that new system will work without instancing. Maybe further down the road, you never know.


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