Posted by: Erbse | April 5, 2010

RvR happened, 4/5/2010

Yes, you wouldn’t believe it!

Today, for the first time in months, for me anyway, I got to experience the fineness of Warhammers RvR again. Huge massive zerg vs. zerg with no skill involved but tons of fun, kills, zerging, deaths and AoE!

Sounds awesome, aye? It indeed was.

I took a total of 20 minute footage in Eataine earlier today when we prevent destro from locking the zone down. The video is approx. 900mb in size and currently being uploaded. The video itself will end up on Megaupload, while the streaming version goes to Veoh. Youtube and various other hoster do not seem to be fond of hosting videos exceeding the 10 minute mark, which is why I chose Veoh. If anyone knows of great stream hosting sites (in case they’re better than Veoh), feel free to inform me.

The video will be titled “RvR Happened”, and is a sole creation of my own recordings made today.

Once all the uploads are done I shall update this post and include all necessary links. I’d like to thank V’los Vel’drin for having taken the initiative to defend Eataine as much as I’d like to thank the PuG that listened to our instructions. Destro gets my thanks, too, naturally.

If not for the footage itself, consider it a 20 minute music video 😉

Stay tuned everyone. Huzzah!

UPDATE: First mirror is available, Megaupload (900 mb)

Streams are to follow sometime later.


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