Posted by: Erbse | April 6, 2010

V’los Vel’drin hit 40!

Well, that says it all. To however not completely waste space on the Internet let me quote our Guild Leader, Malykhai, as he has nailed it rather nicely 😉

Malykhai wrote:
Finally! 🙂 It was definately a long road (we rolled here in May ’09), but one hell of a ride!

We’ve had lots of members roam our halls, and tons of memories (thankfully mostly good ones!) were created. We’re definitely not done here on the Gorfang server, but sadly those days of everyone watching that guild xp bar creep ever-so-slowly to the next level are over 😦 (Why the HELL did rank 36 take so long anyway?? lol)

So the officers of VV and myself just want to thank all of our current and past members for getting us here; god knows plenty of guilds fell apart before making it, and thanks to the awesome folks that make up VV we got to 40 in one piece 😉 We also want to thank all of our fellow Order guilds for working so well with us, ESPECIALLY our Juggies!!!  Also a big shout out to those awesome Destro crews that have given us some excellent challenges, nothing like recieving a good arse-whipping to make you step up your game.

I have to say that personally it’s an honor and a privilege to lead such a generous  and helpful group of friends through this MMO warfront. Below I’ve posted a couple of links to some memories of VV over the past year, and here’s to many more memories to come!! /toast

Cauterized Trailer

VV Defends Chillwind Manor

Today’s RVR By Cirashar (You will see we love hiding out in Chillwind!)

I’d like to congratulate myself for having been awesome enough to contribute dozen of renown as well as everyone else that made it happen. VV members as well as Destro. I joined VV when I was R34, or maybe 36 and stuck it out until the end. Good players and even greater people is possibly the best description for this Guild 🙂

Now it’s party time!



  1. Good for them 😀

  2. Congratulations – Although you renown contributed won’t of helped – guild XP is down purely to the number of champion (especially 40+) and above level mobs you can kill weighted by number of players.

    We ground our way from 30-37 by taking the guild population down to about 10 and clearing all the trash in Warpblade Tunnels then hitting /partyresetinstance (got tricky when we couldn’t find tanks, but turns out a WH will do just fine). We were getting guild xp ticks of about 1.5million every few minutes. I’m told that the most effective way to gain guild XP is killing warcamp guards, but trickier to organise.

  3. Quickest in theory, aside from the War tract should be a 6 man guild running LV regularly, but I also heard that Mythic has banned / disbanded Guilds powerleveling themselves by using such methods.

    I couldn’t verify the last statement however though.

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