Posted by: Erbse | April 9, 2010

Salvation, can you believe it ?!

I truly can not. Not yet anyway, and probably won’t until I actually get to see it.

Mythic made an official statement in regards the auto attack stacking issues and acknowledged their math fail in the same run. I cannot say how pleased I am to have read this, and sincerely hope they will follow through.

What does that mean for Warhammer and individual classes?

A lot. Many things will change for the better in this game and the 1-2 shotting will drastically diminish when compared to the current situation.

Currently 50% auto attack speed means that in any selected time frame of your choice the amount of hits is doubled. Wait, doesn’t double the amount of hits in a given time frame equal 100% increase? It indeed does! So, in the future auto attacks will finally take place with correct 50% haste applied onto them. This means that classes that are reliant on auto attack haste will have their damage toned down by quite a chunk, which is a blessing.

What classes are precisely those?

  • Iron Breakers
  • Disciple of Khaines
  • Warrior Priests
  • Witch Hunters
  • Slayers
  • Choppas
  • Blackguards
  • White Lions

Now, looking at that list, what’s there to see? Exactly, a total of 6 classes that either are overpowered, or borderline overpowered with the correct gear and player. Classes that make a huge part of this games population due to obvious disparity between them and alternatives. This is an across the board damage nerf closing the gap between the popular and unpopular classes which is more than welcome and more over needed.

While most people spend their time currently dwelling in self pity and work on strategies how to get back to their current level post nerf, please realize that you aren’t meant to be at the current level as it’s game breaking, to an extend.

Overall this will mean that for dual wielding classes the off-hand swing takes place a lot less often due to the main-hand swinging slower. That in return means that procs, may it be helpful or damaging ones will proc less frequently and hence tone down the complete clockwork by a fair chunk.

Simply put: Warhammer may become enjoyable again.

Lets see how it develops, I’ve hardly been as excited about any patch in MMO career I am about this one. Fix Warhammer, and fix it hard 😉



  1. Yeah, a needed change, although it sucks for the white lions though, it was helping to make them a little more competitive. It was really only those that could get 75% stacking (Slayers, WHs) were it was completely imbalanced.

    • Well, I can’t really agree with that all too much. While White Lions might be slightly subpar again, it’s an across the board nerf, so the class relation between those being affected pretty much remain the same they’re now, while everyone is brought back closer to lets say an SW / SH / Marauder / Witch Elf.

      It is true that no one ever complained about AA haste until Slayer / WH’s started stacking up to 75%, but deep down we all know DoKs dealt way too much damage, and so did the Witch Hunter and possibly the Warrior Priests, especially considering their Archtype and/or mirror. Iron Breakers, too could easily outdamage me, the good ones anyway.

      In the end however, whatever it takes to make Warhammer fun again. A Shadow Warrior now won’t need any damage buffs anymore (outside of Scout), as their DPS in the bigger picture will be fine and acceptable, and possibly competitive. Same for Marauders for that matter. While both classes will still have their struggles they just gained a lot of viability.

      Chances are however, some dungeons (Vulture Lord, hint hint) needs to have the bosses reworked, either less health or a larger enrage timer.

  2. Vulture Lord is a tricky fight, but so it should be – it’s the PvE end game. He goes down easy enough with a decent group, and my party seem to find my SW does enough damage – the BW does the adds whilst I stay on the boss.

    …Anyhow, got a little distracted by your last paragraph. It’s actually reminded me of when I found out there was such a thing as auto-attack. I’m not really sure why my char is doing anything for himself. I suppose you need to reflect faster combat speed somehow, but it doesn’t really make sense to me that my char is hacking away by him self whislt I’m telling him to do other things (maybe they all have 4 hands).

    • I wasn’t to referring to Vulture Lord himself, but the instance as such 😉 Since the 5th behaves differently now more DPS than ever is needed, as it now, too, is a race against the clock.

      With the 4th still being bugged the AA haste nerf could make it literally impossible, of course individual luck still plays a large role in that.

      None the less, the War clockwork will shift rather greatly, and I’m quite excited to see where it will take us.

  3. It will be interesting to see how it ends up now another fairly significant mechanic has been changed.

    What’s changed on 5th? I hadn’t noticed anything. Not had a problem with 4th either, it’s a bit slower becuase of the bug (or is it working as intended now? nobody seems to know), but it’s a really soft time limit.

    The only one in my group who has an AA haste is the WP but his dps will be fairly minor compared to me and the BW. I know when they take a slayer in place of me (with the AA tactic) they can do the 5th in 3 phases on the jar (best with me is having ~5% left for the fouth stage).

    • The 5th had an enrage timer adjustment / change after one of the last patches, after the 5th add goes down and the boss appears for the first time you have ~6 minutes to complete the fight, so if you’re too slow killing the boss and the add every time they come back up he’ll enrage on you even if you kill the Jar in 4 tries.

      The 4th is currently broken, doable but a nuisance – personally, if nothing else helps you can always bug that one out as long as you’ve a RDPS with you, so not too much of a big deal. I rather do things legitimately however.

      So far I take my RvR Skirmish set up in there most of the time, chances are I’ve to get myself a proper close quarter Scout spec eventually and see how that does in comparison.

  4. BG damage is not OP!!!!

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