Posted by: Erbse | April 12, 2010

Obligatory business!

Well, since I already skipped April 1st as a day of being an idiot trying to deceive people on a random MMO WordPress Blog I now must type the other big thing that’s been going on in Thefthammer: Age of Bank account rape Warhammer: Age of Reckoning.

You probably already guessed it! I’d hope anyway. It’s the billing problem. As plenty of other Bloggers have already reported (much like other gaming sites) Warhammer has driven their last remaining customers into financial ruin. As it became obvious to Mythic that the game wouldn’t die just yet even though they implemented the worst and most annoying bugs/mechanics/math they could come up with they decided to have their players starve, turn homeless and be indebted for a lifetime. Latter was probably due to assumptions that most their player base never been to College / University and shouldn’t get spared by the feeling of epic debt – which I think was an understandable act.

Now, to be fair, to everyone reading this, Mythic, and more over myself I shall take it into a more serious direction from here on with some sort of semi-professionalism!

Mythics vendor (3rd party company) that’s responsible for charing peoples fees on the subscription they’ve selected screwed themselves and Mythic over last week. Many people got charged for dozen of times, the number varies strongly from individual to individual. While lucky ones were only charged ~10 times unlucky ones ended up getting charged up to 50 times if not higher than that. That not being enough however, people got charged for the sum their subscription was set up for – so the real losers were those getting charged 20-30 times for a yearly Warhammer subscription. Word is people that quit Warhammer long were charged as well, partially at least – so better be save than sorry and check your bank account right now, to see if you’re one of them.

This means your bank account didn’t merely get emptied in a flash, but you’re also stuck with the overdraft fees! Generous as banks are those fees are usually ridiculous high – then again, I always found big red numbers more impressive than meh black looking ones, sadly they’re less useful however.

There has been plenty of reports everywhere, including Mythics official forums and the Herald, so better go there and dig yourself through this mess. EA / Mythic offers support and most transfers should already been transfered back to their owner. I also heard of people that got money from Mythic / EA who weren’t hit by the initial multiple charging process, which is rather amusing and underlines the amount of massive cluster fuck this whole thing is.

Fortunately I was spared by this issue thus far, but my subscription fee is due in a few days and I’m trembling in exciting to see where it’ll take me!



  1. It had nothing to due with our due dates. My regular subscription for the month was a week earlier that posted to my account. It was a random act of kindness which smells of foul play, but is being downplayed like nothing happened.

    I just find it odd it happens to two games that are trying to rebound like War, and AoC. I think someone intentionally did it, but we will probably never know the truth.

    • The question remaining would be whether or not the interest will/would cover the long term subscriber loss. Then again, not like they only charged active accounts, but also people that haven’t touched Warhammer for months if not years.

      With the US being a free country and all that good jazz maybe some lawsuits can and will bring the Banhammer down on those evil foes working at those companies.

      Still, I wouldn’t wanna suggest tinfoil hat theories in a public Blogpost, sane people can and will jump to their own conclusions by themselves 😉

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