Posted by: Erbse | April 14, 2010

Planned 1.3.5 City changes

can be found and cried about here.

On an unrelated note, as some may or may not have noticed yet, I’m working on an overall correct tome tactic unlock page, which will slowly progress as I find the time / motivation to further work on it.



  1. Couple of obsivations on the undead tome tactic (I got it up to 12 fragments a month or two ago, so it’s fairly fresh for me):
    Spirit Hosts do not contribute a fragment at 1000 kills – I’m not sure about some of the others you list too, espeically Banshees and Wights. I know bone giants do, but who can be bothered with that 🙂
    Other 1000 kills that do:
    Living Armour (Isle of the Dead- destro side)
    Scarab bone constructs (LotD),
    Giant Scarab (LotD),
    Tomb Swarm (LotD esp. VL)
    100 kills on Preserved dead (TotVL PQ before boss 3)
    A tip for Wraiths – Marshes of Madness is the best spot I found for order, destro can farm in Norsica.

    • Thanks, I’ll keep that mind and update things accordingly in the near future. For future reference, go onto the Tome Unlock page itself and post your comments in regards to (mis)information up there – makes it easier for me as well as other possible readers 😉

      Wights do give an unlock, I grinded them out myself. Banshees I don’t really know about myself, I don’t think I’m even remotely close to 1.000 of them on top of it 😀

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