Posted by: Erbse | April 19, 2010

The Game

Ah, the game. The game, wait, the game?! What’s the game?

That seems to be precisely the mental confusion most people in this game seem to face. No need to frown however, I’m here to help you out with my motivational speech of the year.

Excited yet?! I’m not.

The latest trend in Warhammer, besides waiting for 1.3.5 to go live, is for people to PvE it up while whining, moaning about the unfairness of it all while coming up with excuses as to why they don’t have to play the game during their lockouts. Great aye?! Indeed, it’s marvelous.

So, we all know that order players are ezmode kids, fags, haxX0rs, cheetahs and all the other good stuff, that’s if you listen to the tinfoil hat wearing destros anyway.

The bottom line of Warhammer is that the develops offered us a world in which we are to determine what’s going to happen. We are to create our own battles. We’re to slay our foes and be slain by them! Figured it out yet?! Probably not, despite the obvious having been stated already.

Warhammer is made by its community. Your game experience varies upon what >>you<< bring to the game. If you don’t bring squat and hide in PvE instances while remaining offline for the following 3-5 days it’s only natural it’s boring, lastly because you’re not contributing crap nor try to help yourself.

On Gorfang the RvR lakes are dead empty, the order PuG pushes the IC 1-2 times a day easily, and Destros brilliant idea to counter that is to increase the timer on the Underdog points to 72 hours instead of 24! Are you serious? How about you start playing the game for a change instead of dwelling in self pity?

Why do you need rewards for everything this game offers. Do you not have fun by killing and dying? If not, newsflash for you: You’re playing the >>wrong<< game.

On Gorfang most semi reliable guilds worth their names don’t even go into the lakes anymore knowing it’s empty, which only leaves the puggiest PuGs to do the work. With great success one may add. Yes, your city is gonna burn if you don’t try to help it. If a realm can rally up 70 – 80 people (3 (!!) Warbands) at 5 -8 am on a Saturday / Sunday morning then yes, you can also field the numbers in the afternoon or during primetime and possibly even more than stated 70 – 80 people but you simply choose not to. That’s not orders fault, that’s not the developers fault but your own.

In fact, I hereby call Gorfangs Destro Guilds out. Show me (us) Screenshot of ‘the order zerg’ that pushes to IC 1-2 times a day (keep numbers will suffice), because I damn well know it’s likely to not be more than 2 Warbands of the puggiest PuG (a.k.a 48 people maximum) – Scheduled Stage II weekend pushes do not count here.

It’s a simple request, amirite? Do not be afraid and show order how large their un-over-come-able zerg is, that’s if you don’t mind admitting to yourself that you fail at this game by not being able to compete with 2-3 pug Warbands during primetime or alternatively admit that you simply don’t show up to play the game.

Dark Promise, nor Tyrant or Sovereign mean squat, as many people farmed it by now, they still die and don’t perform any better. Now, you’ve better gear yet don’t perform better, what’s the world coming to? I know! It’s class imbalances and badass order synergy! I won’t argue that order possibly has the better synergy, but stop fooling yourselves for a second, there have not been any significant balance changes during the last months, so how can have thing gotten this bad so quick? Right, it’s all in your head. Just do yourselves a favor and quit this game instead of ruining it for others out of your own grief and misery. The tinfoil hats looks rather good on you, though.

WoW is a gear hunting game, a game which will give you carrots over and over and over, but that’s not a system that’ll work in Warhammer, since in Warhammer there’s no such thing as unlimited character growth, as it’d inevitable kill the PvP due to imbalances (aside from possibly formula fails on Mythics end).

I can’t support to the rewards / incentive train, not any longer anyway. You wanted RvR weapons, you got them. In fact you’re currently wearing them. You have beat ToVL and got your 3-6pc Tyrant. You killed the King, possibly having full Sovereign by now already, too. You killed the World Boss and grabbed a page of the Libre Mortis. So why is it that hard to start playing the game now that you already have everything? Ultimately it’s mere proof that gear overall doesn’t take you far in Warhammer, while Renown ranks themselves surely do make a difference. A larger one that gear ever could anyway.

Think about it, assuming such wall-o-texts are able to make their way through very thick tinfoil hats. If not, I had fun typing this regardless, so waffle yourselves ;D



  1. I strongly dislike the incentive train. People don’t play the game to kill other people anymore. They just want their frenown and free king gear. Rewards are killing this game IMHO. They made the scenarios seem less fun and more like a grind.

  2. We were talking about this in vent a couple weeks back. It should be well known by now, that Blitz stays the hell out of the ORvR lakes for the most part. We avoid them like a rectal examination. It’s for a couple reasons. Firstly, it inevitably falls to attacking keeps (boring!) instead of defending keeps (super fun!). Secondly, it will kill the server.

    Destro REALLY REALLY doesn’t want the top guilds out there. Think what would happen if all of us actually started roaming the lakes. Destro would never get anywhere. They would die horrible horrible deaths repeatedly.

    I don’t know about VV, FotF, Irony, Drak, or whoever, but Blitz doesn’t really schedule any city pushes. We show up, take a gander and wait to see if the city is going to get pushed. If it looks like it might go to stage 2, and we’re off lockout, we’ll help. If we ARE locked-out, we’re just as likely to dip out and leave the city to try and save our next three hours for some PvP/Scenario fun.

    • I consider the weekly Friday / Saturday evening / night push(es) as a more or less scheduled one as that’s when usually most people are around and have the time for it, that’s usually when our alliance numbers peak anyway.

      As stated however, I don’t think there’s more than 2 Warbands out in the lakes most of the time, and Drakulverne, V’los and Irony do not bother even going into the lakes either as far as my intel goes (aside from a few individuals that may choose to, but no 6 – 12 mans, let alone warbands).

      Fact however is, Saturday morning when we happened to try to defend the city at 5 – 8am PST / EST there were ~80 Destro online and out in the lakes, if you can field that many that early on a weekend, you can field more than that in the afternoon. There’s no excuse for such behavior, or at least spare me (us) with the hypocrisy Destro tries to give us afterwards.

  3. On Volkmar, we tend to take turns. Destro pushes hard on Thursday, and Order pushes hard on Saturday. It’s not a big secret. When one side pushes, there’s little the other can do to stop them because of the sheer numbers advantage that each realm naturally possesses on these days.

    Hopefully, the patch will get more people to show up for defense. Or heck, even show up when attacking and it’s not Thursday or Saturday. Often the side that pushes to the city will just go do something else once opening the city when it’s not a scheduled push.

    • On Gorfang it’s typically order pushing IC and killing the King on Friday / Saturday while Destro does their weekly early am weekend counter push on Saturday / Sunday. The only upsetting thing however is the non stop ‘bu-huhing’ when they can rally 80 people at such times in the early morning on a weekend but then not be in the lakes for another 7 days.

      I can’t and won’t blame order for not defending at those times, those that are online try to occasionally stop the push and succeeded every so often, but usually don’t stand much of a chance.

      Stopping pushes is a fairly easy thing to do as long as your realm has enough numbers online to fill instances up above the first or second, unfortunately that’s usually not the case for us most of the time. I find it rather saddening that both realms only care about their individual lockouts though, if I’m locked out of their King, might as well not defend Altdorf, because why would I? Well, great way of thinking, but more game damaging than anything else.

      I don’t quite understand what’s going on in peoples’ heads, but I do know their way of thinking equals backstabbing themselves at the end of the day without them even realizing.

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