Posted by: Erbse | April 22, 2010

1.3.5 Patchnotes are Online!

As stated, the 1.3.5 Patchnotes have been published.

A lot of things have changed, a few gems for overall balance and nice haves shall be mentioned by me though.

  • Bag space is now buyable.
  • Additional Bank space is now buyable.
  • Exhaustive Strikes removes AP over time, without re-procing on itself.
  • Chosens got their Morale 3 reworked.
  • Iron Breakers Gromril Plating is now self only.
  • The Bright Wizard / Sorc changes went through.
  • Double Armor (de-)buff problems with Shadow Warriors and Squig Herders are fixed.
  • Auto Haste changes went through.
  • Guild Heraldy and Tactics become resetable.

That’s my personal highlights. Of course the city changes are listed there, too. I suggest everyone to read them, and look forward to an improves Warhammer in a hopefully imidiate future.



  1. Don’t forget about the nice cosmetic changes that made it in there too. We now have:

    – a do-over option on guild heraldry
    – rvr weapon graphic redesign
    – a vastly improved dye mechanic which now includes dye removal
    – new hair and head options for 4 races

    There has also been one key change to the economy:

    T4 pq bags will now feature non-career specific BoE gear. This is a boon for all those folks that have a desired set piece that they can’t grind for whatever reason. If they expand this to LV and Tomb gear, this game will pick up massively. I also see a huge opportunity to include rvr elements to this gear grinding that could possibly reinvigorate many unused elements in the game.

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