Posted by: Erbse | April 25, 2010

The interesting developement behind closed curtains

I’m sure everyone already know that 1.3.5 is about to be there, and that it’s gonna be a huge Warhammer changer, to a point many of us might not recognize the game anymore. Still, I happened to stumble about something highly interesting, to spice things up even further in the ‘immediate’  future.

Testpig seems to have found an announcement made by Warhammer Hong Kong / Taiwanese stating that their services will be shut down on June 17th. This means that Asians (aside from the upcoming Korean version ?) will no longer have their own servers, but will be playing together with us, on the US servers. I expect to soon hear news about that made by Mythic themselves to inform their American player base about that move. I assume the merge will take place sometime in early June.

What does that mean however? I certainly do not know if those versions of Warhammer were struggling with a low amount of subscribers, what I do know however, is that Asians live in a complete different timezone from me, and Americans for that matter. Even a semi decent influx of Asians (god hope they’ll be capable of speaking English ;D ) can turn Warhammer up side down, in a good way that is. This would cause Warhammer Online US to be active 24/7, rather than having off hours and peaks, creating a way better environment to play the game in. 24/7 SC pops? Unexpected City pushes while you sleep? Surely an option, and I most definitely love the sole thought of it already. Looking at the current date it’s only 1,5 months away, if even that. Hopefully Gorfang gets their fair share of mergers, it would be an absolute blast!

The official statement can be found here. Naturally it’s written Chinese / Taiwanese.

A translated version was posted by Testpig on the official forums, which can be found here.

I can’t guarantee the correctness of the translation, so things might turn out different ultimately.

“Original source :

Translated excerpt :

“Dear “Warhammer Online” players Hello

To uphold the principles of quality players the game better, “Warhammer Online” in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau will be the agent operation June 17, 2010 termination, and information services, and transfer all the players to “Warhammer Online” North American server. To thank the players for your continued support, we will be open free of charge in the smooth operation of the last month of play, and delivery to the U.S. version of each account the number of days a month free offer. Here is “Warhammer Online” shift to the timetable and related measures of simple instructions:
Transfer services? ?U.S. Edition

Warhammer operations in Taiwan and the EA team will provide Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao jointly role players account information and transfer services to the U.S. version, all who have registered “Warhammer Online” the game account of the players, as long as the 4 / 22 to 5 / 20 period, will transferred to the U.S. version of the role of pre-transfer server – Chinese Temple Mount, the system will be 5 / 20, the role of data automatically transferred to the U.S. version of the server and make an account integration. U.S. version of the new server is expected to open in early July.

Player Notes: U.S. version of “Warhammer Online” game to take all the English interface. For the transfer of players in Taiwan will be the sustainable use of the information server to June 17, free game can continue to use the account during the game. However, Taiwan version of the player’s account information with the role of the lock will be on May 20, the U.S. version of the role of the state after the resumption of account will also be on May 20 shall prevail.
? ?Free game time

Operations team will also 5 / 20 after the stop point deduction to 6 / 16 games during free time, so that all who have registered “Warhammer Online” the game account of the old players free access to the “Warhammer Online” the game.

Player Notes: Free game time, game progress will not be transferred to the U.S. version. Account information and role players will be locked on May 20, restart the server account on the new role of the state after May 20 will also be subject to.
?Schedule? transfer service

* 04/22 open transfer all server roles
* 04/22 Warhammer goods shelves
* 05/06 to stop stored value
* 05/20 stop point deduction
* 05/24 points conversion applications open
* 06/17 All services offline

Finally thank you once again the player to “Warhammer Online” has long been supported also expect to continue in the U.S. version of your journey, thank you!

“Warhammer Online” Sincerely, trading team



  1. I wonder if this is in advance of WAR going live in Korea? Maybe they will be added to their servers? Hard to tell as the translation to English is horrible.

    On another note … I couldn’t find an e-mail contact for you so I’ll plop it here:

    I’ve decided to create my own Warhammer Online blog. In doing so I have taken the time to add you to my Warhammer Blogroll and hope that you will do the same for me. I read your blog often and think it’s cool to see the WAR Blogger Community grow and I hope to add to that.

    My blog is called Krosuss says burn … and is located at:

    Thanks for your consideration!


    • Obviously Google translation was used, no mistake about that, though I give Google the benefit of the doubt in terms of translating U.S correctly as a country indication. Still, time will tell 🙂

      As far as a Blogroll spot goes, I’ll have you added in a second, consider it yours.

  2. Thanks for sharing the news at TW Warhammer, gotta say that its dying but still got 3 wb vs 3wb sometimes and lots of 6v6 SC pops.. anyway made some translation see if that helps

    Chinese Temple Mount = Morhan Temple (The T2 SC name which I forgot the correct spelling.. thats the server name)

    stop point deduction means stop charging from customers

    * 04/22 Allow to tranfer ur character to any servers

    * 04/22 Stop selling all products related to Warhammer Online
    * 05/06 All payment methods stop
    * 05/20 all charging stop
    * 05/24 payment convert starts
    * 06/17 All service stopped

    This is what ive heard so far:

    we can play at any TW server now until 20/5.. so we will move our character to the morhan temple before 20/5.. so we can get our character transfered. Right after 20/5 we can continue to play till mid of june but none of the data will be saved.. after june then we gotta wait till july then we can transfered to a new server (but we may not get new server since lots of TW people are really bad in english and they are thinking of stop playing) or transfered to any 4 servers at US. So far people are thinking about Volkma (my original destruction server) since lots of Asian, Aussies are there.. this is what i know of so far. I tried to msg u at Warhammeralliance but its not working properly

    • Hey hey, no worries about WHA, thanks for the input, appreciate it! So overall I take it as verification as what’s going to happen. Even though you may have dwindling numbers and a possible language barrier, in order to kill each other in a MMO you don’t have to speak the same language 😉

      Point of major interest for me would be whether or not it could cause Warhammer to be alive 24/7 rather than peak / off hours. I always though that merging U.S and EU could be very beneficial for the overall enjoyment of the game, for all ends.

      Anyway, thanks again for taking your time helping me out here, I appreciate it. If not before the merge, I’m certain we’ll encounter each other after the merge on the forums 🙂

      • heya, u r welcome dude..
        well gotta admit that there were lots of players at TW server, they are pretty good at farming RP (lots of play time) Bak to a year ago, the server been released for 1 month they are already RR65 or even RR70+ *0* but sadly people were upset about slow patches and game client lags at the very beginning, so there were like 60 vs 60 nowadays (2 servers left and 1 server = totally pve server now)… I would say 30-50% of the population will move over, and I do agree that would make 1 of the server being active for RvR whole day long.. but they are choosing Volkma or Badlands? This issue Im not 100% sure yet.. since people are worrying about the payment issue and language barrier.. and of cos if merge all servers to US is 100% makes server more alive, but Im not sure if people willing to play with 100+ ping time, as a SW who had been playing at low ping for a year, I do worry about the connection either, hehe..

        Fyi for the quality of the players, I would say the range is pretty huge too, they can be very professional 1 like those Ive encountered b4 at US servers, some of them… emmm pretty noob even they are RR70+ (RR doesnt represent play skill possibly)

        Anyway pls feel free to look for me at WHA if u need any info about TW Warhammer.. 🙂

  3. That’s what I loved about FFXI. I could log on at ANY time and find someone to group with. We may not have understood each other perfectly, but we were able to communicate enough to do what we had to do. Auto-translate helped with that a lot.

    Yeah, there’s lots of Asian and Aussie players on Volkmar, although it gets a little zergy. Destruction needs more numbers during Asian/Oceanic primetime.

    You guys have 6v6 scenarios? Currently all 12v12 on US servers.

    • yea we got like 4 SCs which is 6 v 6 at T4.. if there are no 6 v 6 at US server, then the fight will be way different I guess…

  4. If this is true it will be disasterous. With all the activity since the 100% renown bonus I’ve hardly gotten any sleep as it is. If I can play 24/7, I’ll have even less incentive to exchange the needle for a pillow.

    On a more serious note. From my experience the Asians tend to have a more cooperative playstyle than the individualistic western players. On the old DC server, the most feared six man group was from an Order Japanese guild that completely abused every class synergy to the nth degree. They man-handled even the best destro premades as if they were tiny crying children who crapped themselves after dropping their lollipops. Which of course they were once the Japanese got done with them.

    If this translated announcement is accurate, I hope the Chinese roll destro and can bring a level of pain that will dwarf (no offense beardlings) anything a guild like UO can offer, and put an end to factional balance whining once and for all.

    On a side note: did the Chinese get the same graphical changes that Koreans got? And if so, will we be able to identify Asian players by their teeniebopper bubble gum hairstyles, or will we both see the game as we’ve always seen it, simultaneously different graphical interpretations?

    • nope, graphic wise, Tw warhammer has the same like US 1.. player quality wise has huge difference too, according to my observation (my 2 cents only) there are 3-4 Destruction teams thats are doing well and pretty professional.. For order side, as I recall there are 3 premade teams doing good . Population wise since lots of people playing 2 side with 2 accounts so I cant give u guys a number that is very balancing..

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