Posted by: Erbse | May 2, 2010

The beginning an end is

Well, this morning I finally gotten Cirashar to 80. ‘Bout damn time, I know right?! Oh well, it was a fun trip the past days, aside from that however I had my fair share of a guilt trip, too, for stomping some people as badly as I had to in order to move forward. I went +20 on some individuals on a matter of a day or two, do not frown however, my quest of smashing your face in on purpose has come to an end, for a little while anyway, so consider future deaths as an accident at best, and this passage an apology for possible rage caused! While a Shadow Warrior is fun to play, being 80 and full Sovereign makes it more of a waste of time to play than a MMO all by itself. Guess I’ll pick up Vulture Lord after 1.3.5 and replace my 3 Invader with 3 Tyrant to finally complete my min-max’ing stats wise.

Still, that doesn’t mean I’d be quitting by any means, but shifting my focus. Been thinking about exploring the Healing world a bit further, but not on my Warrior Priest mind you, they’re way too brain numbing for me. My Swordmaster is 59, but that’s more than plenty for a cross-dressing, Aryan looking male Elf I find, so I’ll try out a Rune Priest for a while. If not pleased by the results chances are I’ll make an Engineer and become yet another toothpick in peoples eyes!

Least I can look damn sexy in Altdorf now, naturally I took some pictures for you, too.

Anyway, I hope I made no one explode like Reac usually does with his emotes, I couldn’t bear the thought of being responsible for mass RL suicide (just kidding, you could never guilt me into that. Be an idiot and kill yourself for all I care). Much thanks to all the pre-mades and PuGs alike that fought tooth and nail in the lakes and Scenarios lately, especially those that kept me on my toes. I wonder if there’s a title such as ‘Choppa Chew Machine’, as that’d probably be more accurate than ‘The Snob’, gosh, I love you little fluffy Orcs, but I’m certain you figured that out by now, much like I recognized the increasing number of Axe wielding hugs. It’s been a year almost and though I did not really start to play somewhat competitively until my early 60’s I must say I’m happy with the turnout overall, needless to say however that future toons undoubtedly will do a lot better 😉

Since this post is all about me, my ego and awesomeness (which I wouldn’t have thought to fit on the Internet) here’s something to live up to for other Shadow Warriors. Needless to say it’s been done in 45 – 65′ Skirmish while Expert Skirmisher is always slotted, so even if you copy it by going Scout I’ll still sit there and lecture you, just because I can! Personally, I’d have hoped to push a 32 – 35 K/D Ratio, but given it’s double Renown it wasn’t really possible whatsoever. Deathblows could have been higher, I wish they were, but Shadow Warrior take a lot of time and only recent gear / patches made us able to truly gather up some kills ourselves. To do it Norgoth-style however, GTFO Son, I’m listed in the All-Time Shadow Warrior Top-10, bite me, I’m awesome, you’re not. Oh and I’m right of course, with what I say that is. If I was not I could hardly claim superiority with a sane mind, now could I?! ;D

Possible haters can just watch this video, and you’ll now what you’ll be dealing with.

All in all however, a big thank you to V’los Vel’drin as a whole as well as a few specific individuals I met along the way, who are, but not limited to:

Cauterized, Greenkirk, Bangrund, Carielle, Cootz, Attaper, Himmlisch, Sloshed, Malykhai, Paperchamp, Tabletop, Thorzoar, Arthemiss, Tyraell, Umbrus, Mendeleve, Alariul, Decapin, Alunadra, Aegus, Mistia, Gigasistic, Yix, Finroir, Vadius, Zanetos, Nomizak as well as many others and of course my destro friends foes. Chances are you can take your DK score on me and invert it, resulting in how much I value every single on of you!

It’s been a great year, lets make it another great one.



  1. Grats Cira! I also love the video you included. I loved that movie when I was younger lol.

  2. Congratulations man, I don’t see you out in the field as much as I’d like to.

    • That would be more related to my timezone rather than a lack of interest. The recent RvR increase most of the time takes place late (9-12 EST) unless I’m mistaken, which is 3-6am for me while I’ve to get up at 7 for class since I’m not on break right now. However I was glad to hear that RvR on Gorfang is back it where it’s used to be, first weekend in months no King kills happened, Order didn’t even make it to Stage II. All hail to those that play the game.

      Granted though, unless it’s massive Zerg vs. Zerg battles occurring I usually preferred scenarios over RvR, especially since I consider the Bullseye on my toons back larger than the average Bullseye 😉 I can’t do Wait / Doorhammer, it’s like a phobia.

  3. If you’re interested in playing a challenging healer class, you might want to rethink the WP. I used to think they were boring, but going 2H Grace spec for Vamp heals keeps you on your toes more than any other healer in the game. It’s quite possibly on par with skirmish SW. There’s a reason why they streamlined the WP abilities. Vamp healing in Melee range is alot to keep track of. Of course if you only heal yourself, then it gets alot simpler.

    Grats on 80 btw!

    • I’ve a Warrior Priest, but it’s bleh. Given that healing a group in Meele spec sounds challenging I consider it impossible in the same run, lastly due to a lack of itemization in a Warrior Priests DPS department. By DPS I don’t mean threatening DPS that kills things, but that would return a desirable, let alone viable amount of healing, especially with all that Choppas running around two shotting whatever is moving.

      I’m not too happy with RP either however, I don’t think I’m cut out do be a healer and should stick to the DPS / Tank section, for the time being anyway. I overall always was dissatisfied with most Order classes, figures I’d love to try out a CQ Magus, but I guess an Engi will suffice as well 😉

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