Posted by: Erbse | May 5, 2010

The calm before the storm

Ah yes, the last two weeks, lets review them!

  • Work / School.
  • Run / Race home.
  • Swallow your food without chewing.
  • Log-on Warhammer and game game game!
  • Toilets breaks allowed, no more than 90s / session though.

It was fun, was it not?! Indeed. Well, a lot of new 80’s from what I can tell, my Guild alone got 4 new 80’s this week alone (Caut, Ashraa, Jellyfury and I), I don’t think it’s much different for other Guilds.

With that highly accurate plan of life it’s only natural that by this point people will be burned out due to a War overdosis. But hey, by doubling your playtime with double XP / Renown you effectively quadruple your efficiency! That’s a good deal.

I’d have hoped for 1.3.5 go live right as the events end, but well, it didn’t happen. Personally I’ll hope we’ll see the patch within the next two weeks, to make things interesting again.

Drama development has been a tad lacking to say the least, making board browsing not quite as fun it used to be, I figure people grew immune to obvious traps? But they couldn’t possibly, that’d result in partial death of the Interwebz as I know it.

With the double XP /RR ending my plans have shifted, too. I don’t think I’m cut out to be a healer at all, and I’ve so much LotD than I really don’t want anymore. Instead I figure it’ll be Aryan-looking, cross dressing Elf in the end or my Slayer. Slayer?! Those OP little mofos! I can’t argue that, I laugh every time I play him, cause it’s just so stupid. Why play the OP? Personally, I hope / think the AA nerf will put Slayers into line making them a fun class to play, rather than roaming gods on the field exploding whatever is being only remotely glimpsed at. Those evil Choppas will raise to the best MDPS spot though, I forsee QQ’s causing an incoming 1.3.6 Choppa nerf, I can’t say they wouldn’t deserve it though.

For those that don’t know yet, 1.3.5 will be a major game changer and turn Warhammer upside down from what we know it as, while we have the advantage to have lived through the current turbulent times. Gear’s cost will increased dramatically and crests will no longer convert 1:5 ratio making the RvR gear grind a lot more tedious it currently is. I assume that Mythics plan to motivate people to go to the city and make sure it’s populated, contrary to that I don’t think Mythic intends to lessen the frequency a city happens. Better hope people won’t get bored within a week of a countless city flips and pushes, chances are however that they will.

For Gorfang I actually foresee a swing of the pendulum, I see Destruction to once again turn into the dominating realm, most definitely if Irony decides to stick to their Destro toons while Drakulverne, too, is taking it easier. That of course only applies if many people from Destruction will re-sub, class balance wise however I see the slight advantage being with Destro rather than order. Even if it won’t happen, classes will arguably be very close to each other but a few exceptions. (NREF CHOPPAS!)

As you may have read on other Blogs already, Mythic is planning to enable people to play both realms on the same server for 1.3.6 on a lockout timer. While I appreciate the sentiment, people say the lockout timer in DAoC was merely 24hours (or even less than that) which would destroy Warhammer as it stands, rather than help it. Personally a lockout of 7-14 days seems suiting, as you’ll have to bring dedication onto the table, and feel attached to what you’re doing rather than jumping on the I-Win gear train disregarding any sort of realm pride you may have had initially. We’ll have to wait for further information however, personally, I don’t see 1.3.6 to happen before at least August anyway, and who knows where we’ll be at by that time.

Change isn’t always good, but definitely needed in the current state of the game. Lets hope for an influx of new players as well as Veterans re-rolling and see where it takes us.



  1. Nice post (nerf choppas)

  2. Not sure if you made the Q&A last night, but Carrie said the lockout would be, “…a day or longer.” I gave her crap about it on twitter, and she playfully responded with, “I said ‘Or longer’!”

    I really think six days is the right number for this.

    • As nice as the feature is on paper I worry that they don’t take the system serious enough or realize how game breaking it can be (for the spirit of the game) if implemented poorly. It’s another make or break thing the way I see it, and in the past Mythic had their fair share of miscalls tending to aid the break side rather than the make.

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