Posted by: Erbse | May 17, 2010


Indeed, exhausted! That’s what I am, with Warhammer currently as it is anyway. As many of you know (as if, you do not, let me tell you anyway) I’m originally a PvE whore. Not necessarily World of Warcraft PvE but Korean grinders.

Those games being my roots, and having spent the last year in a PvP heavy game caused me to be in need of fulfilling my long abbadoned PvE needs. Simply put, Warhammer PvE sucks beyond belief, and it just doesn’t deliver. Chances are it never will, either. However, I don’t blame it for that, as it a PvP game, and probably the best at that, looking at this generations MMO’s.

That said, I’ve picked up WoW on the side to mindlessly grind away for now, but my Warhammer account is not, and won’t get cancelled but my time spend in/on Warhammer will take an arguably large hit for the immediate future.

Here I must add how much of a genius I am for making an official MMO Blog rather than a War Blog, I can write shit about WoW now, too! Well, theoretically yes, practically, not so much interest really. Chances however are that I’ll make comparisons of some sort or another at some point, or possibly occasional WoW posts only. Still, I’ll keep track of Warhammers forums as well as announcments and bash them accordingly with all the might god and the Internet has bestowed onto me.

Now, what’s my reason for that step specifically? Simply put, it the narrowness of Warhammer. There’s only a total of ~10 (?) armor sets given the RvR and PvE counterparts as well as dozen of ‘the best’ items with close to non variety. It’s pretty obvious what’s the best route to take and I’ve pretty much reached its end, for now. Considering I used to play mindless grinders it’s obvious I need some sort of progression, as slim it may be, to continue playing. The problem with Warhammer is its constant lockouts, which leave me with nothing to do in between but get bored.

So then, as a quick comparison however, you won’t realize the sad state Warhammer is in polishing wise until you’ve played or tried WoW for that matter. Their handling and fusion of the and WoW accounts was quite genius. Character renames, moves, class changes, gender changes, all can be done instantaneously. Granted, I consider the prices fairly outrageous, but hey, don’t have to use them if you don’t want to.

The complete front- as well as backend Blizzard has created to manage their game is rock solid, while Warhammer’s Realmwar is fairly unspectacular at best.

The most intriguing thing for me however, having partial programming knowledge, is their cross server dungeon queue. You now have the opportunity starting with level 15 to Q up for any instance available for your level range, and once a party been formed, you’ll be ported into the dungeon and can run it. Afterwards you’ll be ported back to where you entered the dungeon from. As DPS Q times usually are the longest, while healer and tanks fly by minutely, if not quicker. The system is rather perfect and genius, as well as complex, though it might looks simple. I’ve hardly ever come across something more genius.

Warhammer struggles providing SC pop with both realms having actual player in it. Sadly.

Save your tears of sorrow as they are not yet needed, tears of rage and hate however you may deliver, been aching to take a sweet bath!



  1. I cancelled my wow account a couple of weeks ago until the expansion. The dungeon finder was totaly awesome, I wish they would do that for sc’s in Warhammer. I started playing Age of Conan yesterday, it’s better than I thought. I also bought the expansion, hopefully these will tide me over till Cataclysm and then on to Star Wars or Guild wars 2.

    • AoC, I completely forgot about that one. Back in the day my rack wasn’t able to provide any sort of playability, but that should be taken care of by now. Ever since the game officially failed a few months after its released I’ve only heard good things about it, and that it made a fairly solid comeback.

      I might check it out sometime, maybe it turned into another diamond in the rough, rather than the piece of coal Warhammer is while Mythic either doesn’t want it to shine or simply doesn’t have the man power / skills / knowledge to make it work.

      I’ve got to give them credit for the city redesign though, so far I’ve only heard of good feedback and that it’ll be a blast. Not only is it overdue however, it also, unfortunately, doesn’t address plenty of the other existent core problems the game suffers from right now 😦

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