Posted by: Erbse | May 27, 2010

1.3.5 and the endless confusion

Well, I’m still taking it a bit slow on Warhammer these days and only hop in a hour or two here and there to enjoy myself in some Scenarios, lastly because my real life has picked up recently. Tomorrow I’ll go have my first club chip tune party, fear teh 8-bit soundz!

Anyway, so I downloaded the patch, first impression was of course, that the game yet again ran smoother it used to be! Fuck yes, Engine optimizations! Well, unfortunately people still hit me from 40′ away with meele attacks. Been there, whined about that, pointless repeating it. So, amazed as I was I wanted to respec, since last I played I been to Vulture Lord, and hence lost all my RvR credibility, when it suddenly occurred to me: Warhammer needs a dynamic navigation addon that keeps track of NPCs and their location. NPCs been thrown all over the world map and it took me approximately an hour to sort everything out. I couldn’t quite get what made them do that, but I sure as hell have to suck up the consequences.

I for some reason thought they added another currency backpack, so I was kind of grumpy realizing that my bag was still clusterwaffled by 23k Officer medallion when I remembered: Crests now stack up to 9999 rather than 999 – in a flash this solved all my struggles and I was yet again pleased. A lot of new items were introduced, which is good for upcoming people as the itemization seems to be worlds better, overall however rather useless due to sets still reigning supreme as it is, and always will. So, then there’s the additional bank space, which is great, finally a worth while money sink! Well, not too much really, as I’m still fighting to fill up my first tab due to everything semi worth while keeping is bound to me anyway. Nice feature, rather obsolete at this point though.

A lot of neat stuff has been added for Officer Crests, such as the AP reduc. Talisman for ones Helmet! Note that the reduction is applied onto an ability’s initial AP cost, so in case you already AP reducing tactics (as the common 35% less AP used per ability for the corresponding tree) you make a real bargain. Eagle Eye for instance goes from 49AP to 43AP rather than 44/45. Not really game breaking or world changing I figure, but still something one should be aware of.

The 7th Boss in VL is now official ezmode while the 8th might be soon enough labeled impossible due to the AA nerf – it definitely excludes classes further than the initial encounter already did. Chances are it’ll have to get re attuned, latest when enough people bitch and moan about it. On that note, the next blanket nerf will be done to Hirophants Grace, mark my words, as I only speak truth. It’ll be a justified nerf mind you, the amount of game breaking’ness that proc adds won’t be too obvious until a few more people complete their sets, demonstrating just how game breaking it is. It’ll probably take a few weeks / months, much like it did with the AA problems recently.

Overall I feel like I live longer in combat now, Choppas don’t seem quite as deadly anymore, needless to say they’re still shredding to bits in a respectable short time span.

There of course is the glorious city changes, for those however I recommend you guys to pick of a different Blog, as I had not yet the chance to participate in it. The feedback I’ve gotten is rather superb however. It also appears that the amount of city sieges seem to have diminished in comparison to pre-patch, which is a good thing.

Now, if Mythic could just get a handful of Programmers and Engineers worth their money rather than tinkering around in their source code with they currently have the game could be in a lot better shape within a very short time frame, unfortunately I just don’t see that happen.

Lastly, Mythic gave us a special Dye Vendor that sells special Pink / Purple dye for campaign “Pink for Tink“. The Dyes are available in Altdorf’s Market Square @ 15s each. Quite the bargain! This reminds me. Mythic broke the coloring scheme of Shadow Warriors, making is more hideous than previously if anything. Visual proof attached beneath.

I just don’t understand what they been thinking here. For those that don’t understand what I mean, our skirt is no longer dye-able as of 1.3.5, while in return pre 1.3.5 our sleeves and tights weren’t dye-able. Now, looking at the pictures it’s rather evident which was the better route – fugly grey is tough to mix about any color, in my book anyway.



  1. Hope you don’t mind me saying this, but aren’t you talking about 1.3.5? 1.3.6 hasn’t been introduced yet. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Naturally you are correct, all fixed now ;D

  2. Gotta love the giant grey swath we get to sport now.

    Also: I bit the bullet – I went scout for the 1s Eagle Eye. All I ever do on my SW is solo, and it’s just so much safer this way. It kills my soul a little bit every time I shoot that arrow though.

    • Skirmish solo is what gives you thrill, but can end rather badly if you face assist trains or Sorc / Squigs whose purpose in life it is to target you ASAP.

      Usually I run Scout up to middle as off-spec to my Skirmish tree (I consider Assault useless due to EW being that high up and the screen lag we’re experiencing), so all it needs to become a backline pewpew’er are two Closet Goblin (addon) clicks and a tactic slot switch.

      Granted, FtW is a nice bonus, but none I truly need. Overall, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t bring devastation comparable to what my SH does, so I just stuck with what’s the most fun, as everything is inferior to the SH effectivity wise.

      I had some great fun with 5pc Warlord and the crit procs (Bulls Eye + Set Proc + Lini + ~20% base crit + Boost Proc bow = ~70% crit ;D) overall best results are probably gained by mixing DP and Conq until enough Tyrant is available. God knows I hate DP for its really bad itemization.

      Still, can’t dig that whole stationary thing, though EE can be somewhat fired on the run by waiting till the bar has filled up to 50% and then start running again and the shorter range on BHA / SS annoys the crap out of me as well ๐Ÿ˜›

      You might want to watch Larry’s pvp movie some time, it looked really nice. For me it showed how Warhammer could be for us if it wasn’t for the screen lag.
      You can find the vid here.

      • Skirmish solo is what made me shelve my SW. So underwhelming without Charge Forth and Expert Skirmisher, so frustrating with them. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        I guess it’s a completely different story in an organised group tho.

        Korean servers were awesome because they were empty I guess. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Your comment about bank space confuses me. Bound items can be placed in your bank, just not in the guild vault. So I’m not sure where you were going with that.

    • Well, usually one needs space to stash their treasures and shinies away, with Warhammers gear setups being as limited as they are as well as everything that could theoretically be worth crap being BoP I don’t see how anyway could possibly use 1.5 bank tabs. Still struggling to fill up my first and only tab :p

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