Posted by: Erbse | September 23, 2010

Pew Pew with Swords and stuff.

I noticed it’s been almost 2 months since the last entry, what a shame! Admittedly though, can’t say much of excitement (to me) happened in that time frame. Kanglish, a loyal follower and reader of my Blog however cared to motivate me to further give informative material. Chances are he’d like to argue that statement, however, it’s not a bad thing to open up occasionally!

So then, a lot of things that may be of interest to you have been covered ShadowWar here, here and here.

Due to Cira having been decked out for ages with the exception of the RR75 bow I decided to jump on my other beloved, gimped child. My Aryan, turquoise headband wearing man in dress. My Swordmaster. I definitely remembered him to be a lot crappier when I first logged on him after the recent patching, that probably was due to resistances being skewed in one way or another, as my ED just wouldn’t go past the 600ish on crits, while now easily going further again, which is what I’m used to. V’los Vel’drin pretty much has met its exodus and there’s pretty much only two representatives left, one being Taylenne the tanker of destro zergs, and I. At least I can now abuse /T4 and banners to my liking. That said, unfortunately Cira is still missing the Range Power Glyph from VL, without an active guild however I don’t see me going there anytime soon – all the more reason to play my SM.

There has been a double renown event last weekend due to Warhammer’s 2 year anniversary, which made me tinker around with AAO effectively for the first time, as my SM can still see purple numbers. I made 50% of my rank (61 at that time) in approx. 1 hour of playing, it’s rather astounding and outright shocking – but I won’t complain. Also, while Warhammer really didn’t do anything big for their 2 year anniversary they introduced the “Double Aegis”, which put quite a smile on my face when I first saw it being dropped, as everyone goes “What does it mean?” the instance it drops. If you don’t get the reference you might want to watch this video.

Another shocker was this. Marauders are now officially OP. Expect to be flamed and hated upon, more than previously for your 150′ pull. There’s hope that BO’s / SM’s may get some love, but I don’t want to hold my breath on it. It’s needed non the less.

Having briefly stated all of that, Warhammer prepares to launch their expansions “soon” (Progression, Power, and something I forgot), however they care a lot to not give an information that matter in anyway but rather build up some hype around it. Knowing Mythic they might just love to set themselves up to be hated upon if their ideas flop. What we do know if a rough outline:

  • Skaven
  • RR Cap will be risen to 100.
  • Revamp of the renown trees.
  • Overhaul of the VP system as we know it.

While it sounds great and/or nice at first glance, it’s all a bubble without any sort of insight information provided and until exactly those information is given it remains hot air that forms nice pictures in everyones heads which are likely to be far away from what reality will look like leaving people disappointed. We certainly are in for change, whether or not it’s a worthwhile one we’re likely to not know until it actually happens. Thin ice Mythic is walking on given the games overall history and development, sometimes people need to learn from the same mistakes repeatedly however, to finally learn.

I’m rather skeptic towards the whole thing, last but not least because the whole stuff will be divided into 3 separate parts, of which certain things are commonly shared (such as RR100 and possible revamps), dependent on individual difference and prices of the packages there’s a chance this whole thing backfires rather quickly though. Time will tell.



  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere. 🙂

    • Thanks, though it’s rather tricky to currently find something worth brabbling about ;D

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