Posted by: Erbse | September 25, 2010

Shadow Warriors and the new ES

As always Destro happened to push Altdorf, because what would Warhammer be without a day where no city happens. Anyway, as my Swordmaster was locked out I wanted to grab some Sovereign on my Shadow Warrior, due to only having one complete set. Finally having finished Stage III, I noticed I was opted out. End of the story, no Sovereign for me. Buhu.

Anyway, a few of my party members then switched to alts and I decided to run just another instance to faceroll some further with LA. What I got myself into was nothing I expected. I ended up in an extremely healer / tank heavy instance (Destro), so I could spamm to my hearts content! Well, that’s what I did, for an hour flat. By the time we reached Stage III I already had a good 1.5 million damage packed with approx. +/-40 kb’s and a death. However, the real clue comes now. I wanted to fraps the easy mode and OP fucks SWs turned into with their bombing post 1.3.6, so I threw Fraps on during Stage II. The material I gathered was rather crappy however, Stage III turned out to be a draw! This was just perfect, I got 30 minutes ingame footage of me facerolling my keyboard BW style and killing people.

Many who will watch the video will say that the numbers aren’t impressive, and they are correct with that. When watching the video, keep the following things in mind:

  • Destro was Tank + Heal heavy with hardly any DPS.
  • I ran 7pc defensive Sovereign.
  • I didn’t have No Respite slotted.
  • I was the only Shadow Warrior in the instance.

If I were to run offensive Sovereign against a more balanced Destro setup the numbers would be a lot higher and less appearing as fluff – point being, if I can do that in Defensive Sovereign there must be something broken here, right? That’s what Id like to think anyway. To not bore you with 25 minutes of button smashing however I gave the vid some nice DnB tunes to rock out on, so if not for the video, watch it for the music 😀

Is that guy crazy? Crying about Shadow Warrior’s all the time (or so some people say) but wants them nerfed?! No, I don’t want us nerfed, I want us to be a solid class. Bombing isn’t part of a solid class, bombing is gamebreaking and taking peoples fun, if anything at best. With some mad editing skills (cough) the video is currently encoding and won’t be available for another few hours, last but not least because my upload sucks balls and it’ll take hours to upload. Do not be afraid however, I shall post it as soon as there’s a mirror for it!

Enjoy your afternoon, I sure as hell did 😀


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