Posted by: Erbse | October 6, 2010

I don’t even know where to start

Yesterday Mythic went out of their way to enlighten us with further information in regards to 1.4.0 and the RvR Packs. Not only that, but they also activated the PTS, which directly confronted players with changes that had not yet been announced and possibly wouldn’t have been. These are the things I’d quickly like to go over and comment on, lastly because I consider some of them to be so crazy that I wonder where Mythic sees its own game, as it obviously differs quite a nice chunk from the players views.

First I’ll get to speak of the ten ton hammer the devs dropped onto us, merely by announcing not yet existing armor sets. The original post, in case you haven’t see it yet, can be found here. I’m quite surprised there’s only 6 pages at this point, without everyone going completely crazy and demanding more of Warhammers staff to be fired. Granted, this was a tad mean to say, but you should be used to it by now. Lets have a look at this, though.

Doomflayer (Defensive)
Tou – 289
Wou – 182
Init – 170
Str – 141
7% reduced chance to be crit
5% block
80 hit points every 4 seconds
4 AP per second
4% reduced armor penetration
80 fortitude
Set Bonuses
2 piece – On Being Hit: 10% chance to increase Fortitude by 238 for 10 seconds.
4 piece – On Being Hit: 10% chance to Heal yourself for 1030 health over the next 5 seconds.

This is the RR90 defensive tank set. As you can see the sets only consist of 5 pieces anymore rather than 7 to 8 what we got used as we progressed towards sovereign. You also notice that not every set piece gives a bonus, as it’s no longer streamlined, so in this case only 2pc and 4pc will give you a bonus. While stats boosts are missing you get the chance to still take in 2-3 if not more pieces of older sets (e.g Tyrant / Invader) to pad your stats. Here’s the clue however, and I’ll make it as bold as WordPress allows me to. Those 5 pieces have MORE stats on them 8 piece defensive Sovereign has. Yes, you read that correctly. I honestly can’t do much but remain silent about it, as the retardation factor is far beyond what I’m able to take and comment on. The funny thing is however, this is merely the suggested RR90 set – obviously the RR100 set has even more stats on its 5 pieces than the RR90, as shown below.

Warpforged (Defensive)
Tou – 374
Wou – 228
Init – 212
Str – 178
9% reduced chance to be crit
7% block
120 hit points every 4 seconds
5 AP per second
6% reduced armor penetration
120 fortitude
Set Bonuses
2 piece – On Being Hit: 10% chance to increase Fortitude by 308 for 10 seconds.
4 piece – On Being Hit: 10% chance to Heal yourself for 1325 health over the next 5 seconds.
5 piece – 2m cooldown – Your group becomes immune to Stagger, Knockdown, Root and Knockback effects for 5 seconds.

I won’t even bother getting into the offensive sets, as my point should be so incredibly obvious by now that even a blind person could clearly see it. No matter what grind one would have do endure to get his butt to RR90 / 100, or the gear for that matter, it’s absolutely game breaking on a lot of levels. Sovereign was already a huge game changer in favor to those being able to wear it, in fact to a point I already considered Sovereign borderline game breaking. To be fair and helpful here, I’ll spell it out for Mythic, in bold letters even: Warhammer does not need more overpowered stuff to keep people grinding, but it needs its mitigation and stats system checked as well as the gap between newbies and veterans lowered. That said, you shouldn’t waste resources in RR90 / 100 sets that completely turn people into demi gods that would even kick your toons’ butt if they had godmode on, but start redesigning the old PvP sets. Yes, Annihilator,  Conqueror, Invader and Warlord and their PvE counterparts – those are the things that need reworking due to being extremely outdated.

Obviously the new sets aren’t carved in stone yet, the fact that Mythic focuses on the wrong ends and walks into the wrong direction doesn’t change one bit. I do not know what they are thinking, if at all that is – to be honest however, I don’t get the impression they’re playing their own game at all, at least not legitimately.

Well, lets move on to something else here. Some of you may have noticed the new stat: Fortitude. Much like Meele Power is additional Strength Fortitude is additional Toughness, Toughness Power so to speak. While the idea is nice in itself, Meele / Range / Magic / Healing power was introduced to move beyond the soft caps (1050) in the first place, while also offering offense which cannot be debuffed or altered. However, how realistic is this even? Toughness for a non tank class is the most pointless stat in Warhammer. Reason being the damage it mitigates has close to 0 impact unless to have the armor, initiative and resists to back it up. Toughness also has no secondary effect on it. As a personal protip: Maybe make toughness lower the crit damage reduction as secondary effect, that definitely would make it very worthwhile – possibly overpowered on tanks though. Here’s the real thing however. As stated Powerstats exist to push beyond the softcap while not really pushing beyond it, at least without penalties applying. Who in this game is toughness capped and/or would do so given what you lose in terms of damage or other survivability stats? The scaling is completely off. The only tanks to realistically reach the toughness softcap with ease are likely to be the Blackguard, KotBS and Chosen – I don’t ever see a Swordmaster pushing the Toughness softcap, even if he tried. So while the idea itself is nice it leads me back to a comment I made above, I don’t think Mythic plays their own game at all.

Lets get to the last game changer I wanted to speak about. Guard has been altered on the PTS and now needs a shield in order to be used, which means that 2H Tanks can no longer guard people. All in all I’m supportive of this change, as Tanks are pretty crazy in this game as far as damage goes, especially if considering their damage tied to the utility / CC they bring. Exception to that is the Swordmaster somewhat, especially having an ability such as Wall of the Darting Steel the class was definitely designed to be tankish with a 2H on. Forcing a SM (or BO) in their current state (utility + CC wise) will kill the classes completely, as they’re already bad enough as it is. However, there’s been hints and remarks on BO’s getting some love, so I’ve hope there might be something in it for SMs as well. What remains unknown is whether or not some abilities will lose their 2H requirement, for example Cave-In, the IBs bread and butter.

On the bright side they added new, faster mounts. While their look can be argued I won’t complain, but at least pray that Mythic eventually fixes the mount sync issues. It’s kind of disappointing that even two years into the game everyone runs with the same speed but eventually either teleports further ahead or behind dependent on whether or not they have a faster / slower mount.



  1. One thing that people seem to forget is that melee/magic power completely IGNORES toughness.

    Toughness only serves to balance strength/intelligence/ballistic skill. Melee/magic/range power bypasses all this. It’s not just a matter of padding stats beyond the soft-cap.

    You can have a player with a million toughness and an enemy with 100 melee power will still do 100 melee power worth of damage.

    Swordmasters (the bubble tanks) in particular felt the effects of this, since the only stat that improved the effectiveness of bubbles was toughness. Add even a small amount of melee/magic/range power and bubbles might as well not be there.

    • You are correct, haven’t even thought about that as I went with “toughness = flat DPS reduction while the Power stats is nothing more than DPS to the same extend their big brother is (e.g Strength). Formula wise however only Ballistic / Strength / Int seem to be affected by toughness reduction (1:1 ratio), I don’t think the Power stats have any variable in there, at least not in those I’ve seen in the past.

      Though, that’s not the only reason bubbles turned useless, while it certainly had an impact I think the biggest blow was of bubbles no longer stacking and only kicking in after toughness mitigation rather than total mitigation (armor + toughness) as I remember that being the way it was. Think that was around 1.3.0.

      It doesn’t make Fortitude any more useful though, as it’s just another stat, rather than including the Power stats in the already existing toughness mitigation formula. The fact that toughness is bleh and absolutely not worth the sacrifices you make for it while it’s still borderline uncapable remains.

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