Posted by: Erbse | October 8, 2010

Fine, keep your guards!

After 21 pages of which 18 were probably pointless whining of Chosen, IBs and others Andy announced that the changes are to be removed for now, with valid reasoning that is. The decision is rather unfortunate as such, but as he stated they’ll tackle the issue again in the future, which I can only hope for. Until then, keep your guards – but mentally prepare to not get hammered when it’s really your time to make sacrifices for playing outside of your Archtypes role. It shall be a glory day for Warhammer, despite the nerds hammering /unsub into their chats, that is if they could convince themselves to drop the game in first place, rather than boast threat about it on the forums.



  1. Such a pity, even less of a reason for an S&B tank to resub.

    Can the game become more than an endless grind for ever bigger DPS numbers?

    Is Patch 1.4 going to retire 2 archtypes (MDPS/Tank) and just have DPS/Heal?

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