Posted by: Erbse | October 13, 2010

An interesting read

Apparently an insider of Mythic Entertainment let go of some steam, which is more than worth a read if you played Warhammer for the past years. The post can be found here. How much of it you’re willing to believe will in the end be your choice, it’s needless to say however given how Warhammer as operated in the past and still does to this day in terms of decision making it’s far from far fetched but quite dead on.


  1. […] It could of course be a well orchestrated hoax, your choice. I grabbed this link from Erbse, so thanks to him/her for making this my most interesting drink of coffee for a […]

  2. Thank you for that. It made my day 🙂 I love a bit of gossip !!!

    • Glad to deliver, nothing more delightful than watching some kittens getting it on in a mud bath, or so they say 😀

      Most the comments there make an interesting read as well, the non obvious trolls anyway. Ultimately this either is a true rage post with truth in it, or a brilliant troll, either way I’m supportive.

  3. If it sounds too bad to be true it probably isn’t. Ha!

    But whether it’s true or not, it’s clear that WAR has failed on many many counts. Yet it is still has strong enough kernel of greatness that it’s obvious that some major fuckups must have been steering the game towards each and every iceberg along the way to the bottom of the MMO ocean. So of course, the article rings true whether or not the details are factual or fabricated.

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