Posted by: Erbse | October 13, 2010

Full retard #2

A while back I commented on the Sovereign changes as well as the upcoming 1.3.6 changes. Now Mythic went out of their way to actually suggest this for the RvR Packs. The only question that pops in my mind is, whether or not we are allowed to phone Mythics hotline and file complaints about Sean B. for absolutely having no clue what he’s doing and destroying the game. I won’t even go anywhere discussing anything in regards to the defensive versions, as they’re just a lot more retarded defensive Sovereign is. Apparently Mythic still didn’t get the memo: Defensive Sovereign on MDPS classes is already stupidly broken and game breaking. That said, I’m quite amazed by the amount of ignorance and idioticy that’s being publicly displayed here by announcing such ridiculous changes. They may be subject to change still, the sole fact that this is a serious rough template however is beyond outright bad and sad, especially given the copy pasta involved in all of it.


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