Posted by: Erbse | December 22, 2010

If you haven’t guessed yet…

Yes, I have quit Warhammer right before 1.4.0 hit. There’s numerous of reasons, some of you may care and I shall not disappoint you.

First and foremost it’s due to the shadiness that happened with the release of 1.4.0, specifically the stat diminishing as you proceed past RR81 to keep things balanced. While there are apparently have been some sheets that show how it all may bounces at in the end they couldn’t exactly get the enthusiastic end of me. Actually it was the opposite. While it states that additional bonus damage at RR100 outweighs the loss ArPen ever so slightly I don’t feel like grinding just to remain where I am because frankly, that isn’t what I call progression.

Granted, it’s my own vault for having stuck to the Shadow Warrior career this long when it’s long been evident that non physical classes are vastly superior, ultimately however I just didn’t feel like paying $15 bucks a month for something I have already completed.

Well, you could have played and alt, or level another toon up, especially since RR and what not got boosted for sub 80’s! Perhaps you are correct. While the Swordmaster strikes me as a certainly better choice than my Shadow Warrior he’s just the same. The epitome of useless in its archtype if put into comparison.

Inevitably it was just one idioticy too much by Mythic, even though I should have seen it coming.

There are other reasons however, one being that I got a life as of late (if I knew that girls only came in combination of having a life I perhaps would have reconsidered my actions) while on the other hand this years energy bill made me drop my jar yet again.

The first thing being completely manageable I decided on working effectively on the latter. This means I’m spending most my time on my Netbook, which is not capable of running anything semi modern due to an Intel GPU chipset. My desktop PC only gets turned on these days as the need arises, which practically is close to zero.

Another thing is my friend and I decided to revive our old project. As were quite successful with it in the past I do believe we can pull it off again. Feel free to drop by and participate. Since babysitting is hard and draining the project will of course take quite a chunk of time in my normal schedule, which effectively would reduce my MMO playtime.

To underline my concern however, this underlines my point further. Last but not least because the requests there are a lot more likely to be granted than paying a shred of attention to physical (R)DPS classes with no solid armor bypasses.

In the same run I want to apologize to my probably ex guild Midnight for not informing you earlier, though I trust in you guys’ common sense and I’m sure I was not disappointed by doing so.

On that note I also want to thank everyone that came here to read the crap I spewed or even commented on it. As long as there’s been some liking it it has been well worth my time. The Blog itself will not disappear but I may decide to move it away from Warhammer Online to something I’ll be playing in the future. I will also leave the Blogroll active, so I suggest everyone that would like to read something about Warhammer to check the Blogs on the list, as they’re likely to satisfy your needs.

It’s been a decent run, or so I’d like to think myself, on that note I wish everyone to find fulfillment in whichever paths they will decide to take.

So long.


  1. Mreh. I understand, though it sucks to see more people leaving. Thanks for the posting, when you did! It’s always nice to hear voices of dissent in addition to the usuals.

    Good luck!

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