Posted by: Erbse | January 13, 2011

Undusting the black devil

Ah well, truly something only fate could be responsible for! Remember how I mentioned that my life has gotten busier given that I picked up a new hobby, the hobby of interpersonal relationships with the opposite gender? Guess what! Yes, it paid off!

We went out of our way to get Christmas presents for each other and to my surprise I was handed this neat little box of ultimate pleasure, a PS3 copy of “Resonance of Fate”. While not the most personal gift in history of mankind I can’t say I’ve been left dissatisfied one bit. Quite the opposite really, there has hardly been anything as awesome as this game. It definitely had a reason it has been on my ‘must-play’ console gaming list.

The list is long, last but not least because MMO’s used to take majority of my spare time, which admittedly been too much for my own good. The list pretty much consists of Final Fantasy XIII, White Knight Chronicles, Demon’s Souls, Tales of Vesperia, assuming there will be a PS3 release as well as the aforementioned Resonance of Fate along with Shadow of Colossus.

Well, Shadow of Colossus isn’t exactly a PS3 title as it’s a PS2 game but I didn’t buy my PS1/2 compatible PS3 for nothing, now did I? Oh yea, screw you Sony for eventually disabling downgrade-ability for whatever stupid reason.

With Resonance of Fate being off the list now I still have a lot to catch up on, obviously.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, this title made me undust my PS3 which has been in hibernation for a solid 2-3(+) year span and what can I say, removing the chunk of dust was the most worthwhile physical time investment I have done in a very long time. While I literally swallowed the titles as such it still offered me the biggest challenge, fun and feeling of accomplishment I’ve had in a very long time in an offline game. This is also the reason I quit console gaming for most part, due to lack of entertainment value for me.

My first complete run, including Neverland (where all the real bad mofo’s await your arrival just to tear you a new one within a turn) took me solid ~70 hours. I can’t even remember the last time a game that wasn’t as ridiculously non-streamlined such as Oblivion gave me that much things to do. Granted, the Arena grind can be somewhat tedious for some, but with the right Terminals it’s going to be a breeze as well.

The fighting system is in a league of its own and the tactics required can be harsh on the player multiple times in the game. Brute force only gets you so far and if you fail to get a solid grip on the battle system you will never beat the game, as brute force will not carry you farther than actual player skill, though it can be helpful on occasion. The system is unique and most likely was a risky approach in terms of revolutionizing the standard JRPG genre, but it’s nowhere short of brilliant and a complete success in my eyes. Of course there are always things that could be improved, but who knows, maybe we’ll get more Tri-Ace products eventually.

Overall I can only recommend this title to every owner of an 360 or a PS3 that is up for a challenge, the way I see it however is that you either will learn to hate or love the game, there is no space for a middle ground, really.

Now, I only hope that Demon’s Souls will also live up to my expectations, because if it does I’m sure I can kill another 70(+) hours due to absolute awesomeness.


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