About Me


My ‘name’ is Erbse, which is the short version of full nickname which suddenly came to mind when I played Counter Strike in LAN with my brother in early 2002 or so. As far as pronunciation goes the word ‘herbs’ comes quite close. My full nickname would be Erbsenbrei, which stands for pea pulp, impressive, ain’t it? Very much so. Damn me and my young mind. Considering that Erbse is the short version of it you might have figured out that the translation of Erbse would be pea. I like peas. Erbse has been my nick throughout the years and shall remain for the rest of my e-life. My toons in various games will not carry that name, or a version of it, as I like to name my toons randomly and possibly stupid – Erbse however, at all times, at least when it comes down to serious business such as forum trolling will be my Forum nickname.

What can I say, I prefer MMO’s over RL and most of the time my time invested in those is usually better spent than with RL friends. On that note I’ll keep on doing what I’ve always been doing, rolling your face. Physically ingame or with class, verbally on forums. At times even together with you 😉

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