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This just in


I’ll also add a few more worthwhile War blogs, be sure to pay them a visit if you don’t already.

UPDATE: There is a small Q&A between Bootae and Andy, those that are interested may read up on it here.

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The promised footage

It’s a total of 27 minutes of faceroll and button smashing, so not much variety to be had. So if anything enjoy it for the lulz and music.  Points of importance have previously be mentioned in the post below. For those not interested in the complete footage, you may want to watch a bit and skip to the end of the video, in case it’s buffered already, as that’s basically why I recorded it in the first place, rather than a display of awesomeness on any level. Tracklist, for those interested, also is found at the end of the video.

Megavideo: Altdorf – Shadow Warrior

Megadownload: Altdorf – Shadow Warrior (due to the filesize of 1.2gb you need a premium account to download)


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Shadow Warriors and the new ES

As always Destro happened to push Altdorf, because what would Warhammer be without a day where no city happens. Anyway, as my Swordmaster was locked out I wanted to grab some Sovereign on my Shadow Warrior, due to only having one complete set. Finally having finished Stage III, I noticed I was opted out. End of the story, no Sovereign for me. Buhu.

Anyway, a few of my party members then switched to alts and I decided to run just another instance to faceroll some further with LA. What I got myself into was nothing I expected. I ended up in an extremely healer / tank heavy instance (Destro), so I could spamm to my hearts content! Well, that’s what I did, for an hour flat. By the time we reached Stage III I already had a good 1.5 million damage packed with approx. +/-40 kb’s and a death. However, the real clue comes now. I wanted to fraps the easy mode and OP fucks SWs turned into with their bombing post 1.3.6, so I threw Fraps on during Stage II. The material I gathered was rather crappy however, Stage III turned out to be a draw! This was just perfect, I got 30 minutes ingame footage of me facerolling my keyboard BW style and killing people.

Many who will watch the video will say that the numbers aren’t impressive, and they are correct with that. When watching the video, keep the following things in mind:

  • Destro was Tank + Heal heavy with hardly any DPS.
  • I ran 7pc defensive Sovereign.
  • I didn’t have No Respite slotted.
  • I was the only Shadow Warrior in the instance.

If I were to run offensive Sovereign against a more balanced Destro setup the numbers would be a lot higher and less appearing as fluff – point being, if I can do that in Defensive Sovereign there must be something broken here, right? That’s what Id like to think anyway. To not bore you with 25 minutes of button smashing however I gave the vid some nice DnB tunes to rock out on, so if not for the video, watch it for the music 😀

Is that guy crazy? Crying about Shadow Warrior’s all the time (or so some people say) but wants them nerfed?! No, I don’t want us nerfed, I want us to be a solid class. Bombing isn’t part of a solid class, bombing is gamebreaking and taking peoples fun, if anything at best. With some mad editing skills (cough) the video is currently encoding and won’t be available for another few hours, last but not least because my upload sucks balls and it’ll take hours to upload. Do not be afraid however, I shall post it as soon as there’s a mirror for it!

Enjoy your afternoon, I sure as hell did 😀

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Pew Pew with Swords and stuff.

I noticed it’s been almost 2 months since the last entry, what a shame! Admittedly though, can’t say much of excitement (to me) happened in that time frame. Kanglish, a loyal follower and reader of my Blog however cared to motivate me to further give informative material. Chances are he’d like to argue that statement, however, it’s not a bad thing to open up occasionally!

So then, a lot of things that may be of interest to you have been covered ShadowWar here, here and here.

Due to Cira having been decked out for ages with the exception of the RR75 bow I decided to jump on my other beloved, gimped child. My Aryan, turquoise headband wearing man in dress. My Swordmaster. I definitely remembered him to be a lot crappier when I first logged on him after the recent patching, that probably was due to resistances being skewed in one way or another, as my ED just wouldn’t go past the 600ish on crits, while now easily going further again, which is what I’m used to. V’los Vel’drin pretty much has met its exodus and there’s pretty much only two representatives left, one being Taylenne the tanker of destro zergs, and I. At least I can now abuse /T4 and banners to my liking. That said, unfortunately Cira is still missing the Range Power Glyph from VL, without an active guild however I don’t see me going there anytime soon – all the more reason to play my SM.

There has been a double renown event last weekend due to Warhammer’s 2 year anniversary, which made me tinker around with AAO effectively for the first time, as my SM can still see purple numbers. I made 50% of my rank (61 at that time) in approx. 1 hour of playing, it’s rather astounding and outright shocking – but I won’t complain. Also, while Warhammer really didn’t do anything big for their 2 year anniversary they introduced the “Double Aegis”, which put quite a smile on my face when I first saw it being dropped, as everyone goes “What does it mean?” the instance it drops. If you don’t get the reference you might want to watch this video.

Another shocker was this. Marauders are now officially OP. Expect to be flamed and hated upon, more than previously for your 150′ pull. There’s hope that BO’s / SM’s may get some love, but I don’t want to hold my breath on it. It’s needed non the less.

Having briefly stated all of that, Warhammer prepares to launch their expansions “soon” (Progression, Power, and something I forgot), however they care a lot to not give an information that matter in anyway but rather build up some hype around it. Knowing Mythic they might just love to set themselves up to be hated upon if their ideas flop. What we do know if a rough outline:

  • Skaven
  • RR Cap will be risen to 100.
  • Revamp of the renown trees.
  • Overhaul of the VP system as we know it.

While it sounds great and/or nice at first glance, it’s all a bubble without any sort of insight information provided and until exactly those information is given it remains hot air that forms nice pictures in everyones heads which are likely to be far away from what reality will look like leaving people disappointed. We certainly are in for change, whether or not it’s a worthwhile one we’re likely to not know until it actually happens. Thin ice Mythic is walking on given the games overall history and development, sometimes people need to learn from the same mistakes repeatedly however, to finally learn.

I’m rather skeptic towards the whole thing, last but not least because the whole stuff will be divided into 3 separate parts, of which certain things are commonly shared (such as RR100 and possible revamps), dependent on individual difference and prices of the packages there’s a chance this whole thing backfires rather quickly though. Time will tell.

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Patchnotes and stuff of greater importance!

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1.3.6 a step backwards rather than forward?

The last day more and more information about 1.3.6 have been announced by the developers in the corresponding forum section.

Not only have game changes as such been announced, but also a few class information were given, as well as a preview of the redesigned Sovereign sets. Hey that sounds good! Practically, yes. Theoretically and more over balance wise, not so much. Why is that? Well, I shall enlighten you shortly.

While there’s obviously good changes, such as the RvR changes or the option to look the way you want I find most other things that been announced mere fan service giving in to the complaining community, negating the effort Mythic tried to make getting this game into balance again.

On one hand there’s the Rune Priest and Zealot mechanic revamp or introduction for that matter with some Magus love, while on the other hand there’s the changes in the Tank department. I can’t comment much on the Zealot and Rune Priest thing, and the Magus love can hardly be considered such, as it frankly won’t change a thing for them as it stands, but you bet that the tank changes are real game changer.

Basically what we’re seeing is the Black Guard becoming an Iron Breaker as of 1.3.6 with some gimmicks attached to it that even surpasses an Iron Breaker. Whoever played Destro probably knows how devastating those pesky Dwarves can be, at times to a point the only thing you can do is shake your head at the games’ balance. Fortunately both realms will soon have walking, obliterating fortresses, means more fun for everyone, aye? At least Iron Breakers get their Armor Debuff slightly nerfed (1280 @ full Grudge / Hate / Spec) before it gets mirrored over to the Black Guard. Some healers might be rejoicing in the fact that Black Guards will lose their massive disorient in the process, personally that’s hardly an issue however because chances are that they’re likely to start walking over you in a matter of seconds not even needing a disorient. Granted, slight exaggeration on my part, it will be painful regardless.

The more amusing thing however, putting the changes announced in the topic together and you’ll notice who the loser of the patch is going to be. Exactly, the BO / SM. SMs arguably were already rock bottom and the free shift ability does absolutely nothing to aid them in any shape or form, while BOs make at least rock solid PvE tanks. While Black Guards raise to the top SMs remain questionable useless alongside the BOs – this most certainly is a good way to make sure that two classes can soon be taken out of the game – this, after all, would make their jobs tremendously easier as currently they evidently seem to be a tad clueless.

The Iron Breakers original 1600 Armor Debuff (Cutting Claw equivalent) will move to the White Lions, ensuring that they will soon cause massive havoc, especially with Pounce. Chances are we soon will see a Pounce nerf, hopefully anyway. A 5s CD seems to be appropriate.

Choppas are losing their spammable Armor Debuff (Can’t Stop da Chop) and get Deep Wounds instead. This means that Choppas won’t hit as hard anymore they do right now, but it by no means means that they become less deadly, as an incoming Heal Debuff is huge on those classes. Having a Slayer I can testify to its importance.

This leaves Sovereign redesign announcements that have been made so far, for Tanks and Healers. The sets look rather great, especially given their Archtypes, until you happen to read the offensive stats, which will make you puke. Those are also the reason I mentioned fan service up above to please the whiners. Lets take a look at the Tanks offensive set.

Str – 232

WS – 134

Wou – 116

Tou – 106

Spi – 294

Cor – 289

Ele – 289

6% melee crit chance

40 melee power

4% parry strikethrough

3 AP/s

2% parry

3 piece – 85 Str

4 piece – 85 WS

5 piece – 5% DPS

6 piece – On Hit: 10% chance to increase melee power by 130 for 10s.

7 piece – On Hit: 10% chance to increase parry/block strikethrough by 10% for 10s.

8 piece – 2m cooldown – Up to 9 allies within a 20 foot radius have their movement speed increased by 60% for 5s.

Well, look at those stats. Now look at them again. Now imagine an Iron Breaker with that gear running towards you, or a soon to be awesome Black Guard. Fun times! Indeed. Chances are they’ll be able to dish out more damage some actual DPS classes do. The 6pc proc pretty much offsets the fact that you’re not double / tripple stacking strength, while all items at the same time provide massively more armor Invader / Anni / Warlord would. Not only will they hit as hard, if not harder they do currently, but they’ll also mitigate more they already do. The 7pc gets even more amusing, to a point I wouldn’t even know what to say about it, but that it shouldn’t be a on a Tanks set, along with the 5pc and 6pc, obviously. 8pc can be a nice gimmick, AoE Odjira that doesn’t break can be used tactically and turn battles around – definitely something I find suiting for a Tank set. Also note that Tanks lose less than DPS classes by wearing the full set, as most Tanks Glyph sets to not yield any kind of Meele Power or Meele crit bonuses.

Lets move to the offensive healing set for Archmages, Shamans, Zealots and Rune Priests

Int – 232

Tou – 134

Wou – 116

Ini – 106

Spi – 294

Cor – 289

Ele – 289

6% magic crit chance

40 magic power

4 AP/s

4% disrupt strikethrough

2% reduced armor penetration

3 piece – 85 Int

4 piece – 85 Wou

5 piece – 5% Magic Crit

6 piece – On Hit: 10% chance to increase magic power by 130 for 10s.

7 piece – On Hit: 10% chance to increase target’s chance to be critically hit by 10% for 10s.

8 piece – 2m cooldown – Increases your critical damage amount by 50% for 10s.

A Rune Priests’ and Zealots’ DPS potential is questionable as it stands, but whoever fought a DPS Archmage and/or Shaman will probably get nightmares after having read through this. 11% crit off the set + 12% from Renown + Liniment = 28% crit without the actual +10% chance to crit having gone off on a target. All this while excluding the enemies original chance to be crit. Archmages tend to melt my toons quite hard across all tiers, and that’s with Conq / Invader gear. Not only will they melt you harder and quicker now, no, they too will get an immense armor bonus from wearing Sovereign rather than lowbie armor sets. The 8pc bonus pretty much is the cherry on top in terms of ridiculousness. I really hope god is with Destro after 1.3.6 as they’ll experience a lot of frustrating ‘healer’ encounters.

Lastly there’s the redesign for meele ‘healers’.

Str – 232

WS – 134

Wou – 116

Tou – 106

Spi – 294

Cor – 289

Ele – 289

6% melee crit chance

40 melee power

20% auto attack speed

3 AP/s

2% parry strikethrough

3 piece – 85 Str

4 piece – 85 WS

5 piece – 5% Melee Crit

6 piece – On Hit: 10% chance to increase melee power by 130 for 10s.

7 piece – On Hit: 10% chance to recover 20 AP.

8 piece – 2m cooldown – Increases your critical damage amount by 50% for 10s.

Hm, 11% crit + 15% crit + Liniment + 12% renown = 43% crit for a Warrior Priest, bottom line. Ouchies! Indeed. 6pc as all the other 6pc bonuses shouldn’t exist on a healer Archtype while the 7pc is nice, admittedly. 8pc is again nothing that should be existing. What is Mythics deal here? More damage = more heals! Yes, you are correct. However, rather than giving them competing for DPS classes how about raising the % healed? Oh sorry, can’t do this. DoKs would certainly be upset if they could not longer take 4 people at once with a realistic chance at beating them.

The disparity between DPS Archtypes and Healing / Tank Archtypes have already been very slim and in some cases Healers even surpass supposedly DPS classes. Due to this I can’t even come up with a DPS Sovereign set that wouldn’t be retardedly broken (probably a insta kill proc?) to maintain a valid existence of the DPS Archtype. DPS Archtype can do nothing but DPS, some less efficient than Healing Archtypes even, that, if desired, can go respec and become Healing gods, or Tanks that become fortresses with 5-6k Armor – I really do not have much else to say about all of this, but that fan service isn’t going to improve the game but only drive it into the sand faster. At least everyone will be pleased right before it happens, right? Right.

So far there haven’t been any announcements in regards to the Shadow Warrior, Marauder or generally RDPS classes. So there’s a tiny little spark of hope they will throw us a bone, though I tend to believe that it’s not going to happen. Everything mentioned above isn’t everything that will be in the patch notes, nor are they set in stone (as good as though, knowing Mythic), but I currently see more of a mess than a clear line that’s trying to help the game back on track.

While many player have the tendency to scream disparity and differences in classes are great they seem to ignore that Mythic makes more and more classes outright obsolete (mainly DPS Archtype classes) as non DPS Archtype classes can fulfill that role just equally well if not better. Having the Shadow Warrior, Magus and Engineer disappear would hardly impact the game in its current state, now would it?

Oh well, there’s enough games coming out that might be worth my time, at least more than Warhammer will be 😛

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MMO’s and 2010.

So then, I took my time sniffing around this years ‘big titles’, which I’d like to look on in this post. Granted, fanboys are likely to provide more accurate in favor of whatever game they decided to like, but I don’t have that amount of time, so I’ll try to do it briefly while on top sharing experiences I had with those kind of games.

Playing Warhammer and hence being mistreated by Mythic for the past year I didn’t get around to hear of ‘their’ next title, while ‘their’ doesn’t refer to Mythic but Bioware. Ever since EA swallowed Mythic there seems to be a lot of confusion going on with many people as to who is actually in charge of what. Overall you can say that EA is usually blamed by the player rather than anyone else, though that is false I can’t say I blame them, as EA really has very questionable company politics. While at it however, might as well wanna bash Ubisoft for the crap it is now.

Star Wars: The old Republic (SWTOR)
Developer: Bioware.
Release: Unknown.
Status: Alpha.

Star Wars is a title I been hearing of repeatedly for almost a year now, lastly due to all the nerds, geeks and other creature MMOs attract. Knowing Bioware it can be said that Star Wars: The old Republic will focus heavily on the game world and its surrounding, story as well as story telling with intriguing characters. Wait, doesn’t that sound like an offline game? It indeed does. So then, what’s their plan? From what I can tell thus far it’s a rather unusual attempt in the history of MMOs to combine what has proven to be superb offline RPG material with MMO elements. There is quite a bit of footage available on the Internet and I’m not a friend of developer trailers as they usually don’t represent what a game looks and feels like, marketing strategies I’m immune against! I’ll keep track to eventually see how they fare with such a concept as far as MMO design goes, lastly because I think it might not turn out to be a MMO by my definition, much like I don’t consider Guild Wars a true MMO. Also, what seems rather weird right now would be long time motivation and endgame in such a game. I can’t really say what their plans are, but they got themselves into one hell of a job. Currently I could only think of constant content patches that continues the story (or multiple stories within the Universe) further and further, even then the e-peen element seems to be a non factor, which is quite a bummer, as that’s what many MMOs live off of. The game will support PvP as it stands, I think there’s actually videos of it on youtube, alternatively try The videos I have seen looked rather meh, but do realize the game is in alpha still. Also, I don’t expect good PvP off of PvE games (outside of Korean grinders) and I’m rather picky in my selection as to what I consider play worthy when it comes to PvP. Lineage II somewhat spoiled me there with mix of mass battles and PvE grind.

Tera Online
Developer: Bluehole Studio.
Release: Winter 2010 ((Open) Beta scheduled for September)
Status: Beta

What do we have here?! One of my favorites. Why you ask? Because I like (!!) Korean grinders. Granted, I didn’t touch Aion, lastly however because I was in PvP mood and spend time in Warhammer since Lineage III has yet to come :P. The game uses the Unreal Engine 3, which too was planned to find its application in Lineage III, unless that was scraped. The game looks visually remarkable and has some nice tweaks when it comes to combat. How they’ll fare is yet to be seen however. The game reminds me to Aion at first glance, while I ultimately think that it indeed looks better and smoother than Aion does. What can we expect? One thing that’s for sure, Men wearing dresses casting elite spells killing the enemy and big bulky dudes wielding swords triple their size. Isn’t that awesome? (and the crow goes: FUCK YES!) So yes, from videos the game runs very smooth, probably not so much however when your rack can’t handle it or there’s actual players on your screen. As some videos gave away casters / ranged classes will have some kind of crossair so that point and click does not longer work as we know it, while meeles seem to generally have a (frontal) cone that somehow relates to the size of their weapon (I’d hope anyway). Seeing how it is a Korean grinder I don’t really think it will do too good in the American / European room, as people gotten way too spoiled by World of Warcraft as far as easiness in a game goes. Enemies seem to share the cone attack behavior, which gives the game some more flair, as you’ll get the opportunity to actually run out of range, or dodge attacks by moving, making you responsible for hits taken, at least when facing slow hitting monsters. The grind is likely to be unbearable for many and I assume that the open beta will be the make of break for a game of such kind in the US / EU region. I’ll probably check it out at very least, eventually anyway. Tera will offer the possibility to PvP, from what I’ve gathered. Much like Lineage II it’ll be open PvP for most part. There’s not too many details given yet, as a general direction I’d point out Lineage II as well as Archlord to get somewhat of an idea what you might be facing. For some reason the game strikes me as a modernized version of Cabal Online, can’t really help it.

Guild Wars II (GW2)
Developer: ArenaNet.
Release: Done when it’s done.
Status: Unknown.

Ah, the good old Guild Wars. NCSoft, who doesn’t love them? They bestowed titles on such as Lineage, Lineage II, Guild Wars, Aion and probably more (not necessarily brought all their titles to the western world). NCSofts motto with the exception of the Guild Wars series: Grind grind grind grind grind MOAR, grind harder GRRRRIIIIIIND and kill whoever whenever you please with possible penalties, which in Lineage II gone to the point of dropping ones gear upon dying a PK death. Browsing the FAQ reveals what to expect rather quickly, as GW 2 will try to stick to what GW already brought us: A heavily instanced game less focused on grinding and competitive gaming. Now, the instancing part is the tricky one, and why I don’t consider GW a true MMO, while GW2 might won’t be either. Guild Wars never had an open world with everyone in it but dozen of instances of the same city to spread the player base between. Lastly, PvE zones where limited to a group of people which had to assembled pre-entering a zone. Inside of your zone you’d never find a soul but NPC mobs to kill, which made the originally title a bit bleh for me. Not saying that it’s bad, but I simply don’t like it and opinions, as we all know, are moot. While Guild Wars II obviously tries to stick with the whole thing, to an extend anyway, there’s always a chance they will overall handle their instancing differently enabling greater interaction between players. Then again, keep in mind that GW2, much like GW1 will not cost any subscription fees. If the PvP will be as good and easy accessible it was GW1 the game will surely find its player base, lastly because there isn’t much competition in that field. GW2 fills a niche for casuals and hardcore gamers to not be bound to any expenses but the box to hop on whenever ones PvP needs arise.

Final Fantasy XIV (FF14)
Developer: Square Enix.
Release: Unknown (2010).
Status: Beta.

Final Fantasy, a game series without much competition out there. Final Fantasy 14 will be the second MMO to carry the Final Fantasy franchise name, with Final Fantasy 11 being the first one. The game looks very promising thus far, for those that can deal with grind and simply love to join a world to forget the real one. Here I see potential to take the PvE crown away from EverQuest II. Final Fantasy 14 is visually stunning but there’s only very little information available at this point, even on the games’ homepage. According to unreliable sources Final Fantasy 14 will be very PvP light, possibly not even allowing PvP of any kind, much like it was in EverQuest II until years later. That’s not a bad thing, dependent on what one looks for in a game. While the PvP e-peen might shrinks in this title the PvE is likely to triple. I never gotten to play Final Fantasy 11 due to having beeng too young and not having had access to a credit card back then, but from what I heard it is and was one hell of game, incredibly hard not even rewarding at times – that combination ensures immense e-peen grow through rare PvE drops and beating certain encounters quicker than others, don’t you think? Besides astounding environmental art the game has to offer I’ve high hopes for its music too, as Enix used to accompany their games with very memorable music which up to today partially has no competition either. Definitely not so much a game for the masses but a game that attracts its very own kind of players that are willing to put effort into a game just to feel rewarded eventually.

That’s about all ‘big’ titles that spontaneously came to mind for 2010. It’s obvious that MMOs are reaching a new level visually, which may or may not means the death of some outdated games at this point in time. The choice will be yours, the options are there. Who knows, maybe we’ll even all stick with Warhammer! Huzzah.

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1.3.5 and the endless confusion

Well, I’m still taking it a bit slow on Warhammer these days and only hop in a hour or two here and there to enjoy myself in some Scenarios, lastly because my real life has picked up recently. Tomorrow I’ll go have my first club chip tune party, fear teh 8-bit soundz!

Anyway, so I downloaded the patch, first impression was of course, that the game yet again ran smoother it used to be! Fuck yes, Engine optimizations! Well, unfortunately people still hit me from 40′ away with meele attacks. Been there, whined about that, pointless repeating it. So, amazed as I was I wanted to respec, since last I played I been to Vulture Lord, and hence lost all my RvR credibility, when it suddenly occurred to me: Warhammer needs a dynamic navigation addon that keeps track of NPCs and their location. NPCs been thrown all over the world map and it took me approximately an hour to sort everything out. I couldn’t quite get what made them do that, but I sure as hell have to suck up the consequences.

I for some reason thought they added another currency backpack, so I was kind of grumpy realizing that my bag was still clusterwaffled by 23k Officer medallion when I remembered: Crests now stack up to 9999 rather than 999 – in a flash this solved all my struggles and I was yet again pleased. A lot of new items were introduced, which is good for upcoming people as the itemization seems to be worlds better, overall however rather useless due to sets still reigning supreme as it is, and always will. So, then there’s the additional bank space, which is great, finally a worth while money sink! Well, not too much really, as I’m still fighting to fill up my first tab due to everything semi worth while keeping is bound to me anyway. Nice feature, rather obsolete at this point though.

A lot of neat stuff has been added for Officer Crests, such as the AP reduc. Talisman for ones Helmet! Note that the reduction is applied onto an ability’s initial AP cost, so in case you already AP reducing tactics (as the common 35% less AP used per ability for the corresponding tree) you make a real bargain. Eagle Eye for instance goes from 49AP to 43AP rather than 44/45. Not really game breaking or world changing I figure, but still something one should be aware of.

The 7th Boss in VL is now official ezmode while the 8th might be soon enough labeled impossible due to the AA nerf – it definitely excludes classes further than the initial encounter already did. Chances are it’ll have to get re attuned, latest when enough people bitch and moan about it. On that note, the next blanket nerf will be done to Hirophants Grace, mark my words, as I only speak truth. It’ll be a justified nerf mind you, the amount of game breaking’ness that proc adds won’t be too obvious until a few more people complete their sets, demonstrating just how game breaking it is. It’ll probably take a few weeks / months, much like it did with the AA problems recently.

Overall I feel like I live longer in combat now, Choppas don’t seem quite as deadly anymore, needless to say they’re still shredding to bits in a respectable short time span.

There of course is the glorious city changes, for those however I recommend you guys to pick of a different Blog, as I had not yet the chance to participate in it. The feedback I’ve gotten is rather superb however. It also appears that the amount of city sieges seem to have diminished in comparison to pre-patch, which is a good thing.

Now, if Mythic could just get a handful of Programmers and Engineers worth their money rather than tinkering around in their source code with they currently have the game could be in a lot better shape within a very short time frame, unfortunately I just don’t see that happen.

Lastly, Mythic gave us a special Dye Vendor that sells special Pink / Purple dye for campaign “Pink for Tink“. The Dyes are available in Altdorf’s Market Square @ 15s each. Quite the bargain! This reminds me. Mythic broke the coloring scheme of Shadow Warriors, making is more hideous than previously if anything. Visual proof attached beneath.

I just don’t understand what they been thinking here. For those that don’t understand what I mean, our skirt is no longer dye-able as of 1.3.5, while in return pre 1.3.5 our sleeves and tights weren’t dye-able. Now, looking at the pictures it’s rather evident which was the better route – fugly grey is tough to mix about any color, in my book anyway.

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Indeed, exhausted! That’s what I am, with Warhammer currently as it is anyway. As many of you know (as if, you do not, let me tell you anyway) I’m originally a PvE whore. Not necessarily World of Warcraft PvE but Korean grinders.

Those games being my roots, and having spent the last year in a PvP heavy game caused me to be in need of fulfilling my long abbadoned PvE needs. Simply put, Warhammer PvE sucks beyond belief, and it just doesn’t deliver. Chances are it never will, either. However, I don’t blame it for that, as it a PvP game, and probably the best at that, looking at this generations MMO’s.

That said, I’ve picked up WoW on the side to mindlessly grind away for now, but my Warhammer account is not, and won’t get cancelled but my time spend in/on Warhammer will take an arguably large hit for the immediate future.

Here I must add how much of a genius I am for making an official MMO Blog rather than a War Blog, I can write shit about WoW now, too! Well, theoretically yes, practically, not so much interest really. Chances however are that I’ll make comparisons of some sort or another at some point, or possibly occasional WoW posts only. Still, I’ll keep track of Warhammers forums as well as announcments and bash them accordingly with all the might god and the Internet has bestowed onto me.

Now, what’s my reason for that step specifically? Simply put, it the narrowness of Warhammer. There’s only a total of ~10 (?) armor sets given the RvR and PvE counterparts as well as dozen of ‘the best’ items with close to non variety. It’s pretty obvious what’s the best route to take and I’ve pretty much reached its end, for now. Considering I used to play mindless grinders it’s obvious I need some sort of progression, as slim it may be, to continue playing. The problem with Warhammer is its constant lockouts, which leave me with nothing to do in between but get bored.

So then, as a quick comparison however, you won’t realize the sad state Warhammer is in polishing wise until you’ve played or tried WoW for that matter. Their handling and fusion of the and WoW accounts was quite genius. Character renames, moves, class changes, gender changes, all can be done instantaneously. Granted, I consider the prices fairly outrageous, but hey, don’t have to use them if you don’t want to.

The complete front- as well as backend Blizzard has created to manage their game is rock solid, while Warhammer’s Realmwar is fairly unspectacular at best.

The most intriguing thing for me however, having partial programming knowledge, is their cross server dungeon queue. You now have the opportunity starting with level 15 to Q up for any instance available for your level range, and once a party been formed, you’ll be ported into the dungeon and can run it. Afterwards you’ll be ported back to where you entered the dungeon from. As DPS Q times usually are the longest, while healer and tanks fly by minutely, if not quicker. The system is rather perfect and genius, as well as complex, though it might looks simple. I’ve hardly ever come across something more genius.

Warhammer struggles providing SC pop with both realms having actual player in it. Sadly.

Save your tears of sorrow as they are not yet needed, tears of rage and hate however you may deliver, been aching to take a sweet bath!

Posted by: Erbse | May 5, 2010

The calm before the storm

Ah yes, the last two weeks, lets review them!

  • Work / School.
  • Run / Race home.
  • Swallow your food without chewing.
  • Log-on Warhammer and game game game!
  • Toilets breaks allowed, no more than 90s / session though.

It was fun, was it not?! Indeed. Well, a lot of new 80’s from what I can tell, my Guild alone got 4 new 80’s this week alone (Caut, Ashraa, Jellyfury and I), I don’t think it’s much different for other Guilds.

With that highly accurate plan of life it’s only natural that by this point people will be burned out due to a War overdosis. But hey, by doubling your playtime with double XP / Renown you effectively quadruple your efficiency! That’s a good deal.

I’d have hoped for 1.3.5 go live right as the events end, but well, it didn’t happen. Personally I’ll hope we’ll see the patch within the next two weeks, to make things interesting again.

Drama development has been a tad lacking to say the least, making board browsing not quite as fun it used to be, I figure people grew immune to obvious traps? But they couldn’t possibly, that’d result in partial death of the Interwebz as I know it.

With the double XP /RR ending my plans have shifted, too. I don’t think I’m cut out to be a healer at all, and I’ve so much LotD than I really don’t want anymore. Instead I figure it’ll be Aryan-looking, cross dressing Elf in the end or my Slayer. Slayer?! Those OP little mofos! I can’t argue that, I laugh every time I play him, cause it’s just so stupid. Why play the OP? Personally, I hope / think the AA nerf will put Slayers into line making them a fun class to play, rather than roaming gods on the field exploding whatever is being only remotely glimpsed at. Those evil Choppas will raise to the best MDPS spot though, I forsee QQ’s causing an incoming 1.3.6 Choppa nerf, I can’t say they wouldn’t deserve it though.

For those that don’t know yet, 1.3.5 will be a major game changer and turn Warhammer upside down from what we know it as, while we have the advantage to have lived through the current turbulent times. Gear’s cost will increased dramatically and crests will no longer convert 1:5 ratio making the RvR gear grind a lot more tedious it currently is. I assume that Mythics plan to motivate people to go to the city and make sure it’s populated, contrary to that I don’t think Mythic intends to lessen the frequency a city happens. Better hope people won’t get bored within a week of a countless city flips and pushes, chances are however that they will.

For Gorfang I actually foresee a swing of the pendulum, I see Destruction to once again turn into the dominating realm, most definitely if Irony decides to stick to their Destro toons while Drakulverne, too, is taking it easier. That of course only applies if many people from Destruction will re-sub, class balance wise however I see the slight advantage being with Destro rather than order. Even if it won’t happen, classes will arguably be very close to each other but a few exceptions. (NREF CHOPPAS!)

As you may have read on other Blogs already, Mythic is planning to enable people to play both realms on the same server for 1.3.6 on a lockout timer. While I appreciate the sentiment, people say the lockout timer in DAoC was merely 24hours (or even less than that) which would destroy Warhammer as it stands, rather than help it. Personally a lockout of 7-14 days seems suiting, as you’ll have to bring dedication onto the table, and feel attached to what you’re doing rather than jumping on the I-Win gear train disregarding any sort of realm pride you may have had initially. We’ll have to wait for further information however, personally, I don’t see 1.3.6 to happen before at least August anyway, and who knows where we’ll be at by that time.

Change isn’t always good, but definitely needed in the current state of the game. Lets hope for an influx of new players as well as Veterans re-rolling and see where it takes us.

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