Warhammer Tome Tactics

Lets move on to something helpful and create an archive of knowledge, forgotten knowledge as well as under-documented secrets, which even today have not been completed by many of the remaining souls in the game if any at all.

What could I possibly be referring to?! Of Course! The Tome Tactics and their requirements. (For those that couldn’t draw this conclusion from reading this pages headline)

So then, I’m sure many of you are aware that in Warhammer there are Tome Tactics available to you. In order to unlock such a tactic you need to unlock fragments of the tactic, whose numbers can greatly vary dependent on the type you’re aiming for. I didn’t find too many resources regarding  this topic myself, hence I decided to create a pool of viable information for myself as well as everyone else. Some of the unlocks seem to still be unknown, while some are falsely documented.

This pages goal is to enable everyone to grasp a solid overview as to what has been done in order to unlock certain fragments. So then, lets get rolling here.

Tome Unlocks:

General Information: The order of task completion is irrelevant and the game recognizes what part of a tactic you just became eligible for by completing any of them, meaning killing a certain mob ensures a fragment unlock at all times, but that fragment unlock doesn’t automatically result in an actual tactic unlock. Also, to avoid confusing, all benefits listed by following tactics are additive, meaning when upgrading the tome tactic you will keep the bonuses from the initial tactic while being granted another bonus on top of it.

While you browse through the unlocks you will notice that some unlocks are distinguished between Order and Destro. It may be that the differing is not needed and you c.n choose between doing either of the task and/or possibly both. This is mere theorycrafting though, as I’ve not yet tried.

Also, some unlocks are listed multiple times. While a fragment unlock is guaranteed when completing the task it may not necessarily contribute to the tactic it’s listed in, due to false documentation. If you happen spot these entries feel free to comment on them so I can update them.

On a last note, please be aware that some of the tactics may be bugged or broken. I can’t gurrantee any of them working as suggested through descriptions, everyone has to see for themselves.



The Skaven tactic is one of the easiest to obtain and doesn’t take too long while providing some nifty benefits to those that find themselves running WBT in the future.

Cunning Evasion (1 fragment): Cunning Evasion increases your chance to defend against attacks made by Skaven monsters by 5%.

Cunning Assault (2 fragments): Increases your chance to critically hit Skaven monsters by 5%.

Cunning Stratagem (3 fragments): Increases XP gained by Skaven monsters by x %.

Each of the tactics only requires 1 fragment in this case, meaning 1 tactic becomes available per unlock making this one extremely easy and quick to get.

  • Head to the Horned Tower in Talabecland (~30k,60k), and touch the banner located at the top floor of the tower (outside)
  • Kill Master Moulder Vitchek  (19 Hero) found in Altdorf (~ 24k, 25k). If he is not standing on the stairway already go into the house and take out the monsters, that should spawn him right outside the door. (possible internal spawn cooldown).
  • Kill 1.000 Rat Ogres. (Unconfirmed)

The latter can be done by repeatedly doing the Sewers in Altdorf, if one truly wanted to. Other than that I do not know of any spawns that have a lot of Rat Ogres on them.



This is another one that’s fairly easy to combine, while also being an extreme powerful one. In order to unlock all 3 Tactics a total of 12 fragments are need, 4 per actual Tactic unlock. After the introduction of Land of the Dead there’s a total of fragments that apparently succeed 12 enabling you to pick and choose to your own liking.

Benediction of Morr (4 fragments): You deal 5% more damage to all undead monsters.

Benediction of Winters (8 fragments): You take 5% less damage from undead monsters.

Benediction of the Dead (12 fragments): When dealing with undead monster all your abilities will cooldown 2s faster.

This tactic set proves its worth in Warhammer endgame PvE content, as most monsters in Tomb of the Vulture Lord are flagged as undead monsters.

  • Kill Halmann Meusman in Ostland (~50k, 118k).
  • Kill either Boneshard Minions or Skeletal Gebauers in Ostland inside of a tomb in Ostland (30.7k, 18.4k) until they drop a ‘Faded Scroll’. Right Click the Scroll in order to unlock a fragment.
  • Kill the Spolfinkr Family (15.6k, 57.5k) located in Chaos Wastes (Order: Make sure to take the correct route from Praag).
  • Kill Vilesoul (38 Champion) in Chaos Wastes (40k, 57k).
  • Kill Wulgrig, to be found in Cinderfall (43k, 3k) near a pile of stones. Note that the coordinates point at the inside of a cave. Spawning him can be tricky at time if he’s not up when you arrive.
  • Head to Raven Landing in Reikland and talk to the waiting NPC on the shore. She should turn into a Spirit Host, killing her provides the unlock. It is said she’s only around during night time.
  • Kill 1.000 Carrions (Land of the Dead)
  • Kill 1.000 Asp Bone Constructions (Land of the Dead)
  • Kill 100 Ushabti (Land of the Dead)
  • Kill 1.000 Wights (Shadowlands, Broken Dunes PQ up north)
  • Kill 1.000 Banshees.
  • Kill 1.000 Spirit Hosts.
  • Kill 1.000 Bone Giants.
  • Kill 1.000 Wraiths.
  • Kill 1.000 Liches.
  • Kill 1.000 Zombies.



Possibly the hardest obtainable tactics of them, as there’s plenty ridiculous, almost maddening requirements for plenty of the fragments. Dungeons that benefit from this would be the good ol’ Bastion Stairs and parts of Lost Vale.

Aethyric Pandemonium: Increase damage dealt to Daemonic monsters by 5%.

Aethyric Ward: 5% less damage taken from Daemonic monsters.

Aethyric Insight: You gain morale 25% faster when battling Daemonic type monsters.

Now to the fun part ;D

  • Kill Golmir (23 Champ) in a cave in Avelorn (62k, 14k).
  • Kill Blight Spew (29 Champ) in Talabecland (36k, 51k).
  • Kill Corpulent Nurglings until you have gathered 20 Nurgling Ooze Samples (found in CW, coordinates to follow).
  • Kill Mysterious Horrors until you pick up ‘An odd Doll’, right clicking grants the unlock. Mobs can be find in Thunder Mountain @ 16k, 16k.
  • Kill Vlasli Ipatiev (40 Hero) in Kadrin Valley (40k, 25k) on a cliff.
  • Click on a Festering Corpse in Troll Country (55k, 27k).
  • Kill 1.000 Bloodletters of Khorne.
  • Kill 1.000 Daemonic Bloodvine.
  • Kill 1.000 Chaos Furies.
  • Kill 1.000 Chaos Spawn.
  • Kill 1.000 Slimebeasts / hounds.
  • Kill 1.000 Flamer of Tzeentch.
  • Kill 1.000 Screamers of Tzeentch.
  • Kill 1.000 Firewyrm of Tzeentch.
  • Kill 1.000 Flesh Hounds of Khorne.
  • Kill 1.000 Daemonettes of Slanesh.
  • Kill 1.000 Watchers.



This tactic set makes it easier to deal with Beastmen and their kind. Only useful application that comes to mind would Lost Vale – First wing.

Favour the Daemonic: Increases chance to defend against attacks made by Beastmen by 5%.

Favour of the Gods: Decreases damage taken by Beastmen by 5%.

Favour of the Mad: Reduces cooldowns by 2s when dealing with Beastmen type of monsters.

  • Right click on a Grisly Necklace in your Inventory.
    • Order: Kill Blackthorn Bestigors in Talabecland until a Necklace drops (48k, 39k).
    • Destro: Talk to Blackhorn Beastico, found at the same location as above mentioned mobs.
  • Kill Blackthorn Ungors until you pick an Ungor Talisman. Proceed and sell the Talisman to the NPC in the Talabecland Warcamp (Flightmaster camp) to get the unlock. The Ungors can be found at aboves mentioned location as well.
  • Kill Riptusk (33 Champ) in Eataine (14k, 10k).
  • Talk to a specific NPC in Norsca
    • Order: Sister Rafaella.
    • Destro: Mathis Rittenhouse.
  • Kill a Bloodtalon Harpy in Charce, near the Tower.
  • Kill 50 – 60 Bestigors in Ostland and get your Kill Collector reward.
    • Order: Gashthron Gor or Blackthorn Gor. When done talk to Droki Greybeard
    • Destro: Darkthorn Gor, afterwards talk to Gottfried Holz.
  • Kill a specific monster.
    • Order: Kill Yarrgan the Fiendish in Kadrin Valley (25k, 24k).
    • Destro: Kill Drahamesh (40 Hero) in Praag (7k, 18k).
  • Kill Gurrvek Shorthorns (25 Champ) in Highpass (44k, 48k).
  • Kill Plague Feaster (19 Champ) in Ostland (47k, 34k).
  • Order: Grind out the Kill Collector Harald Nacht in Chaos Wastes by killing 50-60 Dreadhorn Gorhorn (56k, 20k).
  • Find and right click a book in Highland Pass. One spawn location is 14k, 42k on a mountain while other can be found at 28k, 30k in the middle of 3 trees near Yhettis and a Horn.
  • Kill Khaligar Bloodwing (31 Champ, possibly flying in the air) in Eataine (36k, 13k).
  • Kill Vlasli Ipatiev (40 Hero) in Kadrin Valley (40k, 25k) on a cliff. (Note that this was already listed for the Aethyric fragment, will have to verify and update)
  • Kill 1.000 Flayerkins.
  • Kill 1.000 Maggots.
  • Kill 1.000 Doombulls.
  • Kill 1.000 Beastmen / Bray Shamans.
  • Kill 1.000 Chaos Mutants.
  • Kill 1.000 Dragon Ogres.



I can’t think of too many of these monsters, Unicorns, Walking trees, Sprites, all around pretty much Lost Vale and its second Wing.

Apotheosis of Flesh: You deal 5% more damage to Mythical type of monsters.

Apotheosis of Spirit: Reduces AP costs when dealing with Mythical type monsters by 10%.

Apotheosis of Mind: Reduces the cooldown of abilites by 2s when dealing with Mythical type monsters.

  • Kill Elorian in Trollcountry (9k, 46k).
  • Kill Oldbark (roaming) in Avelorn (31k, 40k).
  • Kill 1.000 Imps.
  • Kill 1.000 Cockatrice.
  • Kill 1.000 Manticores.
  • Kill 1.000 Wyverns.
  • Kill 1.000 Hydras.
  • Kill 1.000 Tree kin.
  • Kill 1.000 Unicorns.
  • Kill Tainted Grove Sprite (7 Hero) in Mount Bloodhorn (9k, 61k) until it drops a Tainted Spite Essence. Respawn timer is approx. 10 -15 minutes, a drop is not guaranteed.
    • Order: Take the essence to Hammerstriker Hasher in Mount Bloodhorn (7k, 25k).
    • Destro: Take the essence to Bloody Sun Burner in Mount Bloodhorn (3k, 26k).



Only a few monsters come to mind, dungeon wise, again Lost Vale middle wing.

Sky Titan’s Bulwark: Increases chance to defend against attacks made by Giants by 5%.

Sky Titan’s Favor: Increases chance to critically hit Giants by 5%.

Sky Titan’s Strength: Increase Morale gain by 25% when fighting Giants.

  • Kill Cold Snap (20 Champ) in Troll Country (9k, 5k). Killing blow is needed for the unlock.
  • Kill Marl the Maneater (23 Champ, roaming) located in High Pass (8k, 42k).
  • Kill Brackmaw in Troll Country (56k, 44k). You need to get the perfume from a nerby Goblin Camp first.
  • Kill Stonegullet Trolls in Black Crag (10k, 55k and 5k, 25k) until you pick up some Troll Flesh.
  • Scout the Brokenmaw Impaler / Tracker Camp in High Pass (4.5k, 35k).
  • Kill Rockmaw (31 Champ) in Black Crag in the Despair Pits cave (2k, 27k).
  • Kill Spiders at the south end in aboves mentioned cave for Poison Glands.
  • Kill Ufgor (40 Champ) in Black Crag (37k, 54k).
  • Walk to a spot in Troll Country (?) (57k, 35.5k)
  • Loot River Troll Droppings in Troll Country (50k, 50k) and then head to Brenard the Alchemist (26k, 82k) as Order or Voxanna the Transmuter as Destro.
  • Kill 1.000 Ogre Tyrants.
  • Kill 1.000 Chaos Giants.
  • Kill 1.000 Chaos Trolls.
  • Kill 1.000 Gorger.
  • Kill 1.000 Griffons.
  • Kill 1.000 Yhetees.
  • Kill Vragi the Brute in Kadrin Valley (33k, 27k) until he drops a Giant Nosering.

-To be continued-

Ressourced used:

This and that.



  1. I’ve heard of some bug where one of these has PvP implications? I can’t remember if that’s accurate or not. Do you recall anything like this?

    • The Skaven Tactic (Cunning Assault) has a crit multiplier attached to it, a rather small one mind you. Chances are your crit on your paperdoll will increase by 1-2%, but word is that’s merely a visual bug.

      Other than that, the tactics that reduce your aggro range towards certain monster types (not on the list yet) work on NPC guards in Scenario, making you less likely to aggro them upon a punt. Fun to tinker around with, at times.

      Lastly, I do not know if any of the +Morale gain / CD reduction works in PvP, I don’t know how players are flagged internally, race wise, if at all that is.

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