Warhammer Videos

On this page I’ll intend to permanently link Warhammer videos that are either directly linked to me, or remotely, so they can be easily accessible without browsing through my post history. Since I picked up Fraps some while ago I went ahead and took some footage here and there which eventually got released in large bulk videos, going from 15 to 20 minutes typically. Last but not least because I’m too lazy to probably edit them, nor having the knowledge to, even if I desired! Still, there’s also some other stuff, such as movie some (ex) guildies created, naturally I don’t want to deny anyone the option of watching those as well!


The amount of fail physical range DPS classes are

My first video goes several months back, it was to make a point, mainly to demonstrate how less physical ranged DPS classes would profit from the newly introduced Renown weapons. Since by now ranged DPS classes got offhand DPS contribution the topic is long due and hence rendering the video outdated, however, I wub me some NES tunes and so should you!


RvR Happened

The next video was footage I took on Gorfang, when suddenly, while everyone thought Gorfang turned into a waste land the destro zerg suddenly appeared. Due to that actual RvR happened, which is also the title of the video: “RvR Happened”. The video takes place in Eataine and shows our Warband holding off destro to the best of our abilities. Due to my machine not being as good as it is today the video is quite a bit laggy at the beginning. Please do note that none of my videos are meant to demonstrate my ‘skill’ on any level or form, but were made for pure enjoyment, mine as well as possible watchers. Since WordPress doesn’t allow me to embed Megavideo videos you should follow the links beneath.

Megavideo: RvR Happened (Stream)
Megaupload: RvR Happened (Download: 900MB)



The next video was done by Cauterized back in January, who has been guild mate in V’los Vel’drin for over half a year if not longer. It manly shows him doing what Bright Wizards could do best, roll people with lolAoE until they rage quit. A complete success I may add. I can only guess how many people relate to him as their bane of existence.


Altdorf: Shadow Warrior

This video shows me demonstrating how ridiculous Shadow Warriors have become in version 1.3.6 of the game. Finally when the Sorcs / Bright Wizards supreme reign of AoE facerolling ended, that very ability was passed on, rather than taken out of the game completely. This video is around 25 minute long, a recording of a Stage III draw I happened to be in. It shows numbers I’m putting up, as well as how many kills I’ve got in the progress of smashing that single button repeatedly. Further information that may be of interest – Destro was extremely Tank and Healer heavy in that instance and had almost no DPS. Also, my Shadow Warrior is in 7pc defensive Sovereign, merely rocking a 200 damage bonus. Last but not least, I did not have No Respite slotted (+15% damage if withing45′), nor has there been any other bombing Shadow Warrior. More information can be taken from the credit themes of the videos. If not for the video, enjoy it for the music, as I selected a handful of very fine DnB songs to rock out on.

Megavideo: Altdorf: Shadow Warrior (Stream)
Megaupload: Altdorf: Shadow Warrior (Download)


More footage will be added as I deem necessary and/or happen to record it. Newly created footage will of course also be announced on the front page.


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